Cute and Funny Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

cute valentines gifts for women

As a woman, I enjoy receiving cute and adorable gifts. Cute and funny gifts on Valentine’s Day are a fresh gift idea that your loved one may appreciate and prefer over the usual traditional gifts. If you want to try something different try out these cute and funny gift suggestions.

Check out our list of cute and funny Valentine’s Day gifts only for her. These gift items will make her feel loved and pampered.

Tech Love Circuit Board Jewelry

This heart-shaped red circuit board necklace makes a unique and cute Valentine gift for your loved one. She will love this cute idea of turning a circuit board into a lovely piece of jewelry.

If your girlfriend or wife is a bit on the geeky side and loves technology then this makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her. Some say love is chemical reaction. Others think it’s a circuit that runs from your brain to your heart. There are a whole lot of other theories about love but who cares? You love her, she loves you and that should be enough. No other explanation needed.

Plush Unicorn Bouquet

This is the cutest bouquet ever! Roses may wither in just few days but this bouquet will never wither. It will stay lovely and cute forever, just like your love for her.

It may be a little cheesy but anyone with a great sense of humor will love this. Those cute little unicorn plushies makes a lovely bouquet just right for this special occasion. You get 11 unicorns plushies in one bouquet; they are detachable and can be used as decor or whatever she likes.

This cute bouquet is wrapped in pretty white and purple paper with a light blue bow that tops it off nicely. It comes in a box that prevents this cute bouquet from being crushed. She will love this for sure.

If she loves coffee, you can’t go wrong with this. What is there not to love? Its a practical gift with a cute message that is quite “punny” as well. It is like telling her that you love her a lot every single day without saying a single word.

This lovely mug is made from ceramic. She will enjoy drinking her her favorite coffee on this special mug, because it came from you. What a simple way to show her how much love you have for her.

“You Light My Fire” Paperweight

This handcrafted pewter paperweight makes a perfect Valentine gift for your significant other. It is made from fine solid pewter with a red enamel tip. Let her know that she is the only one that lights up your fire. It is also a way to tell her she is really hot.

This is cute and a little corny at the same time. Instead of the usual gifts like roses and chocolates on Valentine’s Day, try this cute and funny gift idea. There’s nothing wrong in being cute and funny. You might just get lucky for being so original.

Webkinz Plush Love Monkey

This is no ordinary plush toy. This cute little plush comes with an activation code for online games that both of you will enjoy playing. Like the classic “Tamagotchi” toy, this toy has a virtual version where she can pick a name for her monkey pet and also decide if she wants a boy or a girl monkey.

She can adopt this cute little plush and its virtual version can have its very own virtual room, clothes, furniture and all the necessities it needs to live. She then needs to take nurture and take good care of the newly adopted pet.

BoldLoft “Say I Love You” Couple Pillowcases

Say you love her even while sleeping. This cute Valentine’s Day gift is a romantic way to end the day.

It is made from a comfortable cotton and polyester mixed fabric. Its design features a male stick figures whispering sweet nothings to his blushing female stick figure. Let this pillow talk on your behalf. Whether you are with her or away this pillow will remind her you love her no matter how far apart the both of you may be.

Itty Bitty Boo Plush

Give her the cutest dog in the whole wide world! She deserves the best and only the best. This gift idea is so adorable and irresistibly cute. This “World’s Greatest Dog” is all dressed up and it is so huggable and cute. This soft plush makes a perfect gift for you special loved one on Valentine’s Day.

Kissing Mickey and Minnie – Salt and Pepper Shakers

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are such a wonderful couple. They look so cute together and this couple have been together for as long as I can remember. Not many couples have a history of love this long.

This is a pretty accessory for the kitchen and a functional gift as well. There is a magnet on each shaker that keeps the two shakers connected to each other all the time. How adorable!

Schnauzer Dog Slippers

This pair of slippers are really cute and make a nice gift for any occasion. This is a cute Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one. This will make sure her feet are stay warm and comfortable when it gets cold. This is a fabulous novelty item that she will surely love to have.

They are made from soft plush fabric, keeping her feet comfortable. They also have rubber multi-grip soles to prevent slipping. A lovely Valentine’s Day gift that she will definitely like.

Polar Bear Plush With Valentine Balloon

A bear holding a small Valentine balloon is a fantastic Valentine gift for her. She will get both a soft and cuddly bear and a cute little balloon. It is a gift that will remind her of a lovely and romantic Valentine’s Day she has with you.

This will make a lasting impression on how romantic and thoughtful you are. This looks so adorable. Imagine her beautiful smile when she sees this gift. I believe a hug and kiss are waiting for the gift giver.

Make this Valentine’s Day memorable for her. Give her cute and adorable things that make a lasting impression of your romantic side. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Women love cute things. Be cute and funny this Valentine’s Day and you will surely make her happy and love you more.

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