Cute and Funny Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

cute and funny valentines gifts for him

You can be cute and funny on Valentine’s Day. Some men don’t like it to be too mushy. Try to be different and try out new Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Cute and funny gift ideas for your loved one is something that will melt his heart.

Check out this list of ten cute funny gift suggestions for him this coming Valentine’s Day. He will surely have fun with these gift ideas and will definitely love them too!

Good Morning Handsome Mug

Make him feel like it’s Valentine’s Day every morning! This gift idea will make his morning beautiful and set a wonderful day ahead. This is a gift that will make him smile every time he sees it. He will always be reminded how much you love him and how handsome you think he is whenever he takes a sip from this cute mug. Imagine how he feels when he is greeted with a “Good Morning Handsome” every morning.

If you looking for a cheesy gift, this is it! The cartoon looks funny but the thing is what it is trying to imply. In a way it is saying that you won’t be complete without him. He complements you well and is the perfect match for you.

This cute card is a simple way to tell him how much you love him and how important he is for you. You can also personalize the greeting card by writing a sweet message for the only guy in your heart. You can be cheesy, funny, and romantic or be whatever you wanted to be as long as you will be able to let him know you love him.

Chocolate Ammo DIY Kit

The most popular gift on Valentine’s Day are chocolates. The reason why chocolates are popular gifts because chocolates are generally a “safe” gift. If you want to give him chocolates this Valentine’s Day, add a little “danger” to the gift with the Chocolate Ammo DIY kit.

There is something about this gift that screams macho and manly and yet sweet at the same time. Add a short note with this gift saying something cheesy like you will fight for his love! It is also a romantic gift because of the idea of you not giving up for your loved one. The ideal gift for the man who is not too keen on mushy romantic gifts.

Gifts & Decor - Love You Frog Prince

The Frog Prince. The timeless story of true love between a beautiful princess and an amphibian. We learn that even ugly toads can find true love and get kisses from princesses.

Remind him that although he is ugly like a toad, he is lucky that you still love him and give him kisses on Valentine’s Day. Okay, maybe that is not the message you want to get across but this is a funny and yet romantic gift that signifies true love.

This gift item is a nice decorative piece for the home. It is made from Polyresin and metal. This is a romantic and playful reminder of your affection for him. Perfect gift for the only frog prince in your life.

This Guy Loves His Wife T-Shirt

There is no way out for him! Guilt trap him with this funny shirt. Make him wear his heart on his sleeve or in this case, a T-Shirt. I liked this shirt the first time I saw it and so did my husband.

This lovely shirt is made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton. The graphic is professionally screen printed and is designed to last. It has a casual design that is perfect for everyday use. It is a cute and funny Valentine’s Day gift for your husband. He has no choice but to like it!

Meg Kissing Couple’s Cup

I am already seeing a lot of couples mug on the net nowadays but but not that easy to find cute and romantic ones. However, I really like these because they show that each mug will not be whole without its other half.

Just like in a relationship, each one needs each other’s love. These mugs looks so perfect for each other and make a perfect pair. Just like you and him, just right for each other. What really attracts me is the idea of kissing mugs! These mugs are perfect for this special occasion!

“Beauty & Beast” Couple’s Pillowcases

This is yet another fairy tales inspired gift. I like this because they are really cute and funny gift. You can be the “Beauty” while he plays the “Beast” every night. If he is the metrosexual type, you can tease him by making him the “Beauty” instead.

The “Beauty” and “Beast” graphics are printed on high quality satin fabric. Thepillowcases are machine washable. Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Pepe Le Pew and Penelope – Salt and Pepper Shakers Set

Sometimes love stinks but not for Pepe and Penelope and hopefully not for you either! This is the cutest pair of salt and pepper shakers I’ve ever seen. It is a perfect gift on Valentine’s Day and a great addition to his collection.

They function really good and make cute decorative pieces. They have nice details and this is a hard to find just like finding your true love. Each shaker has a magnet that binds them together, just like true love.

Big Red Angry Bird – Boxer

Hear him laugh once he lays eyes on these! Funny with just a hint of naughtiness. Inside jokes are cool and often the best.

The boxers are made from 100% cotton, machine washable and durable. These make a great Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one.

Big Chubs 38″ Plush Bear

A big plushie bear for a guy? It may sound strange but it gives him something to hug when he misses you. This adorable soft bear plush has both high quality and durability to make sure it survives a lot of man hugs. It is the perfect companion when he misses you. So soft and very comforting. Surprise him with this irresistibly soft and cuddly Big Chubs plush bear! And if he doesn’t like it, you can keep it for yourself.

Valentine’s Day need not to be too serious. Chill out and have fun. Be happy and romantic on Valentine’s Day. Try new things and think out of the box. Surprise him with a cute a funny gift on Valentine’s Day.

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