Cute Handmade Mother’s Day Cards You Can Give Mom

Mom and Daughter

Mother’s Day is coming really soon, have you prepared a little something for Mom?  If you are on a tight budget or if you want to make something special for Mom, a Handmade Mother’s Day Card is a great idea.  We have gathered the top ten great ideas for a handmade mother’s day card. Feel free to check out the list below as you please.


Tissue Flower Card

Tissue Mothers Day Cards

If you have few materials at home and would want to make a Mother’s Day Card for Mom, you can make a Mother’s Day Tissue Flower Card.   Materials are readily available at home like tissue paper, glue, some paint, set of tweezers and some card.  The steps on how to make this card is just easy breezy and even the kids can do it.  Follow the step by step guide on Martha Stewart’s Blog for more information.


Bouquet Card

3d Flowers Card

Flowers are Mom’s favorite and you would love to give her some on Mother’s Day but unluckily, of all the days, you got broke today.  What to do?  You have few materials at home, so the next best thing to do is to make your very own bouquet.  Make it pretty and say sweet words of appreciation for Mom.  Celebrations did a great job in putting the detailed procedure on the blog; you just need to check it out.


Ladybug Card

Lady Bug Card
Writing a poem is a good way to relay feelings and on Mother’s Day, exercise your writing skills and create a poem for Mom.  You can include this poem in Mom’s homemade card to give more meaning to your card.  You can hide it inside this ladybug’s wings as a surprise.  Check out My Happy Crazy Life for more details.


Dress on a Hanger Card

If Mom is always pretty and in tip top shape especially in the fashion world sense, then the perfect card for her would be a dress in a hanger card.  Mom would definitely love this cute mini her in your card.  Curious on how to make this card, check out All about you to see the detailed description of this card.


Pop Up Card

Pop Up Mothers Day Card

Mom has always been our go to person whenever we need it the most.  If you want to give something to Mom on Mother’s Day why not make a card that is Hallmark worthy for a change.  Simply saying I love you and Happy Mother’s Day can be presented in a highlighted way through a pop up card.  You need to see Black Oak Studios for the detailed procedure on how to make this wonderful Mother’s Day pop up card.


Heart in My Hands Card

Heartfelt Card

There’s no better way to show Mom how much we love her but to show our heart in our hands, maybe not literally but a bit close to that through this one of a kind card.  It’s so easy to make and for sure you’ll never find anything like it in the stores.  You can give Mom this card along with your gift or just hand it over as it is.  This is a truly a heartfelt card that Mom would appreciate on Mother’s Day.  Please see Krokotak for more details.


I Love You This Much

i love you hand cards

When we were kids, we used to show Mom a gesture on how much we love her.  On Mother’s Day, you can re-live this all time favorite gesture of Mom through your handmade 3D card showing how much you love her.  An adorable 3D card with pop out hands stating the language of love, everything is clearly detailed at A Day in My Life do check it out.


10 Things I Love About You

10 things

How often do you tell Mom you love her?  We do get busy most of the time and it may be hard to remember to slow down and tell her how we feel.  Sum it up on Mother’s Day and show her how much you are grateful for her through this one of a kind idea.  The Creative Place is to be seen for the procedure on how to make this Mother’s Day card and keepsake in one.


I Love You to Pieces Card

Pieces Card

We just love Mom so much that we want to tell her that we love her to pieces.  This homemade Mother’s Day card is great for kids of all ages and relatively low on the messy scale. Kids and the kids at heart can easily do this brilliantly designed Mother’s Day Card.  You just got to see Brilliant Beginnings for the step by step guide to help you out on this project.


Tip of Toes Card

Hand and Foot Print Card

We love Mom so much that we should tell her every day.  We love her from the moon and back, from the bottom of our hearts to the tip of our toes.  Show her how much you love and adore her by making her a sweet card which expresses your affection and records even your hand and foot prints.  If you want to make it cuter and more adorable, why not ask your little cousins to help you out and get their prints for a change.  I found this great idea from Tons of Fun and I’m sure you’ll be marveled too.  Please do see it for your reference and be guided on the procedure to make this wonderful card.


Mom is a special lady who has helped not only in shaping us into a person that we are today but she also helped us through the most difficult times of our lives.  She deserves to be hailed even just for a day.  Giving her a handmade Mother’s Day card is thinking outside of the box.  Yes you can easily buy a pre-made card at the stores but a card that is made from love and brought together by your time and effort is priceless.  Mom loves you but she will definitely love you more because you took time from your busy schedule to make her a handmade card that is as awesome as her.  Crafts such as these are not only for kids but also of all ages and the more time and thinking you have put into it the more special it will be.  Do keep in mind that Moms are special creatures who deserve equally special gifts.






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