Bow-Wow Factor: Top Dog Themed Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

dog lover gifts

Dogs are man’s best friend. They are really loyal and protective. I can attest to that we also have our ever-loving dog at home; even my kids love him so much.

There are people who are so in love with their dogs that even their stuff need to be something that has a dog on it. Mugs with dog’s photo on it or their shirt with their dog’s name printed in front. This only shows how passionate they are taking care of their pet dogs.

These gift suggestions are perfect presents for dog lovers. They will absolutely love these gift ideas. Come and take a look at these wonderful gift ideas for dog lovers and a good pick for dog themed parties.

Pug Face Zip Purse

This is such a cutie. I personally like this purse because it is so cute and funny in a way. This is also a useful a practical gift idea. It can be a small pouch for your little stuff so they won’t scatter inside your bag or a coin purse so you won’t be looking for some change in your big wallet. This is where you can neatly store your daily essentials. It has good quality and durable chrome zipper pull with nylon lining this is a smart gift idea to give because it is so usable.

I Love My Pit Bull License Plate Frame

This frame is made from premium quality stainless steel. This is a wonderful gift for a pet lover specially dog lovers. This displays your pet’s personality and even how much your love your dog. This is something you can show off. It is a gift idea that will showcase how much you care for your pet. This can be given on any type of occasion. Great choice of gift item for a dog lover.

Pug Dog Phone Holder Plush

This lovely gift idea will make sure that your favorite gadget is safe and secure. Anyone will love to have this adorable pug dog phone holder. This cute phone holder has a soft plush base with a slot at the top part for your mobile phone. This will keep your gadget standing upright without the fear of crushing your phone. Since this is a soft plush this assures you that your phone’s interior will stay unscratched while in this dog plush phone holder. This is absolutely a wonderful gift idea for a dog and gadget lover!

Whimsical Watches – Women’s Poodle Watch

A pink leather watch is a nice gift idea for a friend who loves dogs. They will be delightful to receive this wrist watch with a playful design. It has this lovely pink leather with contrasting stitches added glamour on this cute watch. Its round gold-tone steel bezel also complement with the strap perfectly. Not to mention its beautiful centerpiece dial that features a black poodle with a purple bow. This is a must have for a dog lover friend. She will absolutely fall in love with this gift idea.

Dog Rules Pillow

A throw pillow gift made from 70% polyester and 30% cotton. This is a special gift for a dog lover or for a dog themed party. This decorative woven throw pillow is such a sentimental gift to give. It measures about 12 ½-inch wide and 8 ½ -inch tall. This is a funny gift too for someone whose dog rules their house. You couldn’t help yourself; you will be laughing a lot with this gift idea. This is a funny, cute, artistic and durable gift item to share.

Game of Thrones Hound’s Helmet

It is really a great gift item for a dog lover friend. This vicious hound’s helmet is from the fabulous show that conquered the television world. This gift idea is a wearable helm from Game of Thrones series. Its jaws really open, it will really freak you out! It has a fiberglass construction with a wooden display base. This vicious looking helm fits most adult heads. Just makes sure that this gift item won’t give you a fright at night. This is such a wonderful gift idea.

“Puppy Love” Charm Bracelet

This is one trendy charm bracelet that can be given as a gift on any type of occasion. This chunky charm bracelet made even lovelier with different styles of charms such as Scottie dog, pink bone, blue heart and dangling crystals. This bracelet is adjustable for comfortable and convenient fit. It is made from lead and nickel safe free and silver plated metal. This is such a cute and sweet gift idea for a dog lover.

Exclusive Doctor Who K-9 Figure

How about a little robot dog friend for a gift? This gift idea is a Doctor Who inspired gift item. This robot dog friend is actually the Doctor’s robot doggie friend in this famous Doctor Who show. Bring this K-9 robot home. If you can’t have your own TARDIS then bring this doggie into your place. This is a cool gift idea to give a dog lover friend. A futuristic dog pet as a gift is a great gift to have. Imagine having a pet that takes care of itself? No need to feed and give it a bath. It is an Interesting gift to give a dog lover friend.

Adventure Time Mens’ Tank Top

Jake from Adventure Time is one of the coolest and cutest dogs for me besides Snoopy. For me this is a cool gift idea for a dog lover. Jake can stretch his arms, grow really big and eats a lot, but one thing he doesn’t like to do is to wear shirts! This gift idea is made from 100% cotton white tank with Jake’s face on it. If you are looking for a gift for a dog lover or attending a dog themed party this is a simple but cool gift to wrap.

Willow Tree Angel of Friendship

Dogs and their masters share a unique friendship. Dogs take care of their master very well. They value their masters and serve them with all their loyalty. This gift idea symbolizes the spirit of friendship and loyalty a dog and its master has. This figurine displays an intimate spirit of friendship. This gift idea comes in a gift box, perfect for giving it as a gift.

These gift ideas are recommended for dog lovers and for dog themed events. You will not regret giving this gift items to your friend or loved ones. These are gifts that are practical and are made of good quality. Dogs value their masters and this is why pet lovers prefers dog over other domestic animals. Whatever gift item you pick from this list, it will surely be appreciated and loved.

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