Five Easy St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Children

Little painter

St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching.  Have you prepared activities for the kids for your St. Patrick’s Day party?  Don’t worry; we have compiled six easy, breezy projects for the kiddos that will not only entertain your kids but will also help them learn while having fun.  In addition, the materials needed are readily available at home, so you need not to spend much on these activities.  Your children then can gift these to their friends or to adults. How cute!


Little Shamrock Men

st paddys crafts shamrock men

Shamrock is known as the popular symbol of Ireland.  This young sprig of clover usually has three to four leaves and is used by St. Patrick to explain the significance of the Holy Trinity.  Making little shamrock men is easy breezy, without fuzz of following a tedious procedure.  This activity would only use few materials that are usually found in every common household.  Materials for this craft are the following: toilet paper roll or the cardboard from it, construction papers, glue, shamrock template, paint brush, foam, scissors and some markers and crayons.  To add some personality to our little shamrock men, add some googly eyes.  The kids would be entertained in gluing the parts together as these little shamrock men comes to completion.  For more details on the procedure on how to make the shamrock men, check out Sweet and Lovely Crafts.


St. Patrick’s Shamrock Bracelet

st paddys crafts shamrock bracelets

Green everywhere, is the mark of St. Patrick’s Day.  Irish and Irish people by heart unite to commemorate this festive holiday.  Parties and any gatherings may also include children.  Children do easily get bored and whine a lot.  So to keep them busy and to help them unleash their artsy side, give them some art materials and guide them accordingly.

For the young girls who love to wear bracelets, this craft is the best idea for them.  Feeling lucky on St. Patrick’s Day?  Put on these green shamrock bracelets to be lucky and fashionable at the same time.  The materials needed for this project are only few.  They are the following: paper towel tube, scissors, paint, glue, and tape.  To help you out on the steps, check out scrumdilly-do! and find also other uses of the shamrock bracelet on St. Paddy’s Day.


Yarn Decoupage Vase

st paddys crafts green vase

Do you want to do a project with the kids that you could also use in the home?  This craft idea from Madigan Made  would be a very fun activity for the kids on St. Patrick’s Day and would also produce the vase for your flowers on the spring.  You can have a refreshing look on your living room as this green lucky vase embrace the area.  This yarn decoupage vase can be used for all seasons even if St. Patrick’s Day is already finished.  Its organic design would give a warm, cozy atmosphere where ever it may be placed.  The flowers on it would be enhanced, more noticeable and much appreciated because of the striking green design of the vase.


Green Carnation Boutonniere

It has been passed on by tradition and word of mouth, that during St. Paddy’s day anyone of Irish origin who is not proud of wearing green would be pinched.  Other folklores also suggested that the leprechauns started the pinching tradition.

To avoid being pinched on St. Patrick’s Day, you need to wear or put on something with the green color.

The green carnation boutonniere is easy to make and the supplies are readily available at home like muffin or cupcake liner or cups for the flower, paint or watercolor, some ribbon preferably green and some safety pins.  For the step by step procedure, please do check out Q-made Blog.  You must be lucky!  You’ll not be pinched on St. Patrick’s Day.


Leprechaun Spoon Puppets

Leprechauns are small creatures that are popularly known in Irish folklores.  They look like old men in shoemaker clothes or are dressed in red or green coats.  These tiny fellows are known for being playful and enjoy partaking in mischief.  The leprechauns are always busy making shoes and keep their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Legends say that leprechauns grant three wishes in exchange of their freedom.

To make your very own leprechaun puppets, you need to gather these materials, such as plastic spoons, green felt paper, orange yarn and black markers.  You need to glue the orange yarn on the bottom part of the spoon to serve as the beard of our leprechaun puppet.  Cut out the green felt paper into small and big rectangles for the leprechaun’s hat.  Glue one small horizontal rectangle to a big vertical rectangle to make the hat.  Design it with the marker as you like. Lastly, put two dots on the face of the spoon using your black marker to serve as the eyes of the leprechaun.  You may add googly eyes for better results.  You can check out Preschool Daze to enhance your leprechaun spoon puppet and to learn how to make the pot of gold as the leprechaun’s treasure for finishing touches.

Who said that St. Patrick’s Day is only for adults?  Kids could also enjoy this green and festive activity with these five, easy and inexpensive craft ideas.  To spend quality time with your children while helping them in their crafting activities is one of the perks of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.


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