Delicious Edible Christmas Gifts: The Top List!

Edible Christmas Giveaways

Christmas is a season that everyone is excited to celebrate. Everyone is busy checking their list and buying gifts. But have you think of doing it a little different. Have you thought of giving your love ones and friends an edible gift to enjoy?

Take a look at this list of edible Christmas treat that you can share this coming Holiday! Help yourself and enjoy and add them on your list.

Christmas Lollipops, Pack of 8

It feels great to give and receive these cute Christmas themed lollipops. They are so cute and yummy. These delicious lollipops are hand decorated. The pack offers eight cute lollies in four cool shapes and two yummy flavors. You get tree and snowflakes shapes in cherry flavor, Santa and Snowman shapes in green apple flavor. Everyone who will receive these yummy treats will surely be delighted.

Christmas Edible Ornament Gift Box

These delicious Christmas ornaments are made of 100% USA certified organic ingredients. These do not have preservatives, additives, food coloring chemicals and other genetically modified organisms. These are great gifts to give because for sure they are yummy and safe for everyone to eat. It comes in an elegant gift box in 12 assorted edible ornaments in colorful and festive designs. This is really a perfect Christmas gift for everyone.

Create-a-treat Gingerbread House Kit

This edible gift idea comes with everything you need to set up a perfect Christmas Gingerbread house. You can construct it easily before you give it to someone special to you, or you can give this as gift and they can make and construct together. It is such a wonderful presentation for a Christmas gift. You don’t need a gift wrap. It has everything you need from the pre-baked gingerbread up to icings and small details like candies and sprinkles. It is easy to make and to assemble. For sure this gift idea will be the coolest edible gift yet!

Skittles Extravaganza Candy Gift Basket

Anyone who will receive this Christmas treat definitely love it! They will surely enjoy these Skittles treats. This skittles comes with 7 Skittles in full size in variety of Original Fruit Skittles and Tropical Skittles. It is a beautiful and colorful gift basket for your love ones, friends or even your colleagues. It also includes free gift message so you can add a personal touch on this Christmas gift idea. It looks so wonderful and delicious Christmas basket.

Chocolate Gaming Dice Set

Winner takes it all…including the dice! This is an out of the box Christmas gift idea for anyone and especially for chocolate lovers. One full set of luscious chocolate gaming dice completes this gift idea. It is made of delicious Ghirardelli chocolate delicately poured by hand into its custom molds. This chocolate treat is made of 60% cacao. It is a tasty and unique Christmas gift.

Candy Cane Shot Glasses

You get three Christmas candy cane shot glasses in a gift box! This is really an exciting Christmas treat to give. It is a unique way to celebrate Christmas parties or even New Year celebration. Each glass is individually wrapped. It looks so festive and delicious too. These candy cane shot glasses turns a little sticky after few shots but who cares since you can snack on it after enjoying few shots. It makes anyone’s party exciting and fun!

Milk Straws Variety Pack

It looks magical but it is not! This straw can transform boring milk into flavored milk. This is a nice edible Christmas gift you can place inside these colorful Christmas stockings. In each pack have 48 straws in 8 flavors. This is a perfect gift for someone who doesn’t like milk. It is safe for anyone to use because it is made of natural ingredients, no artificial flavors, no artificial coloring or preservatives. It is gluten free, lactose free, fat free and low in sugar! Nice edible gift idea for Christmas.

Chocolate Candy Vanilla Cupcake – Pack of 6

This gift idea is hand frosted and decorated by hand. It comes in a designers maroon keepsake box with a silver ribbon. It is perfect for gift giving. Everyone will love to have a moist vanilla cake topped with a creamy butter cream and topped with tasty M7M chocolate candy. It has a wonderful look and delicious taste. It is made of all natural ingredients, no preservatives and artificial coloring. Besides its luscious and flavorful taste it also has a tempting looks. This is truly a mouthwatering Christmas gift idea.

Chef’s Edible Herbs Basket

This Christmas gift idea really a unique one. It has four edible herbs planted and growing in a basket. This is a great Christmas gift for someone who loves to cook, plant or doing both. It has rosemary, thyme, oregano and sage. It is like bringing in a garden of herbs inside the kitchen. For sure this gift will be appreciated a lot. It is so practical gift to give and in fact it is really useable and it will surely last long. This is a Christmas gift that will last for several seasons.

Gourmet Chile Sea Salt Set

If you are thinking that Christmas gift should be a Christmas themed gift. Actually it is not a protocol. You can give something that is also usable and something the recipients love to have or to do. This Gourmet Chile sea salt set is another unique Christmas gift to give. It is edible and it makes the food taste good too! It has 6 of the best tasting and rare salts in the globe. It is presented in Pyrex test tubes with cork stoppers as its cap and wooden base as its case. This is a perfect Christmas gift for food lovers, chef and fan of gourmet foods.

Whatever you pick to give your friends and love ones they will surely appreciate it. Christmas is the season of giving and love. It is the season we show our care and share our blessings like how Christ shows his love to everyone.

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