Experience Gifts for You and Your Lover This Valentine’s Day

Elderly couple on a cruise. (An elderly couple on vacation on the SS Constitution cruise ship. Auau channel, near Maui, Hawaii.)

Are you tired of setting up surprises that are so predictable? Well good thing you are on the right web page! Make your lover be really surprised on Valentine’s Day. It is a remarkable idea to make this day special and unique. Giving gifts in boxes are already expected, these things are so predictable.

Why don’t you try new things in surprising your special someone this Valentine’s Day? Skip giving common gifts and surprises this Valentine’s Day. Instead spend quality times with your special someone on this romantic day. You can spend a day in a spa or a mini tour riding a helicopter. These things will definitely hype up both of you on this wonderful day leaving you both a memory that will last forever.

Check out my personal pick of top three services you can give your special someone this Valentine’s Day.


A Day at a Spa with Someone You Love


A day at a spa is something you and your lover will surely love to have. Why don’t you and your lover rejuvenate yourselves with a relaxing massage and skin treatment? Indulge yourselves in a luxurious day and enjoy a day of removing the stress out of your system.

In this way you both can spend quality time together. There are spa packages that are for lovers especially on Valentine’s Day. Surprise your loved one with this unique gift idea. This will make both of you enjoy a relaxing Valentine’s day together.

You and your loved one can enjoy these relaxing hot stone massage, rejuvenating hydrotherapy sessions, pampering manicure and pedicure experience and enjoy a cup of aromatic cup of tea or you can have all of these in a package.


A Gift of Adventure – Sky Diving, Zip Lining, Bungee Jumping


For me a relationship that is dull and boring will lead a relationship into nothing. It looks like an empty and boring love life. A relationship with humor, thrill and adventure adds excitement to your relationship. It makes you both recharged and you have something new to talk about and experience. This gift idea will somehow add color to your Valentine’s Day. I find it romantic because when you are done with your sky diving, zip lining, bungee jumping it feels great that your love one is there and both of you are hugging each other after a wonderful and exciting experience.

Spending special moments like this with someone you love will leave a memory that will surely last forever.


Romantic Food and Wine Experience with Your Loved One


A couple that have fun together, stays forever. Treat your loved one with a cozy and romantic dinner this Valentines day. There are dinner tours and wine tasting packages available online. Your choice: romantic dinner cruises, a guided tour to a winery or you can even stay at home and have a personal chef to cook food for your romantic dinner for you two.

There are several ideas that your loved one will make him or her special on Valentine’s Day. Let your love for each other blossom everyday, just like how a bottle of wine gets better through the years.


Experience Flying With Someone Special

Isn’t romantic to see how Aladdin flies with Jasmine on his magical carpet? It the most romantic date I ever seen, though it is a bit magical but it can also be done in real life (not in a flying carpet though.) Make this Valentine’s Day as romantic as Aladdin and Jasmine’s date. You do not have a magic carpet or a genie with you but you can rent a helicopter, ride a hot air balloon or a thrilling paragliding experience with your loved one. You can even learn to fly an aircraft together!

There are several exciting packages that will surely make you and your special someone happy and thrilled. An aerial date is something he or she will never think about. So if you really want to impress your loved one this should be on your list.


Spending quality time with someone you love is something memorable but making this quality time the best quality time you can spend with your lover is something he or she can treasure forever. There is nothing wrong giving all the best to someone you love so dear. Spend the most romantic day with your one and only love.

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