Father’s Day Facts and Figures, Gift Ideas (Infographics)

Fathhr's Day Fact & Figures + Infographics

Father’s Day is coming really soon. It is a celebration of dad’s significance in our lives. Fatherhood, paternal bonds, and their influence in the society are celebrated on this very day. Do you know when and where it all started? Here’s a brief history on it. After the success of Mother’s Day in the US through the efforts of Anna Jarvis, some wanted to make similar holidays for other members of the family as well and Father’s Day came in next. After Sonora Dodd heard a sermon about Jarvis’ Mother’s Day in 1909, she told her pastor that fathers should have a similar holiday in their honor. She was inspired by her loving father who is a Civil War veteran. William Jackson Smart, who was a single parent who raised his six children.

She initially suggested June 5 being the celebration of Father’s Day because it’s her father’s birthday but the pastors declined because they did not have enough time to prepare their sermons, and the celebration was then moved to the third Sunday of June. Father’s day was officiated in 1972, 58 years after President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day official. By the mid-1980s the Father’s Council wrote that Father’s Day has become a Second Christmas for all the men’s gift-oriented industries.

There are about 70 million fathers in the USA alone. Around 16% of single parents are men. Raising a child alone is equally as hard whether you’re a mom or a dad after all but single dads are often than not least credited and far from being honored.

Whether single or married, dads are being honored each year on this special holiday. Their children would certainly rush into stores to get something for dad. Imagine the sprout of sales of the merchants who mostly benefit from this commercial holiday.

In 2013, Father’s Day spending totaled 13.2 billion dollars. Special outings, electronics and clothing were the top grosser and this leads us to the next best question.


Fathers day infographic

What Should You Give Dad?

Have you made up your mind on what to give your big daddy-o on Father’s Day? There are plenty of options in the market but picking the perfect gift for dad maybe a bit tricky. If your dad is easy to please then giving him any present would bring such joy to him but if he is a bit tough to please then you need to choose wisely. First of all, you need to classify dad to what type of father he is so that you’ll get to pick the perfect one for him.
Stylish Dad. If your dad loves to dress up because of his nature of work or merely just because then the great gift idea for him would be something that he could wear. The top six great finds for this category would be the following: tie, dress shirt, watch, cufflinks, cologne and coach wallets. These stuffs would make him look more prestigious and credible at work and even when he’s just hanging out. Giving dad something that he could use is also convenient too. Plus he would be reminded of your thoughtfulness every time he wears them. Choose dad’s favorite brand and style so that he could enjoy your gift and not be sacked in the closet.

Geek Dad. Dad is not a digital baby but he enjoys technology so much. This type of dad would enjoy gadgets or anything that would make use of technology. For the geek dad the top five gift ideas for him would be a tablet, mobile phone, video games, geek wearable and RC toys. He loves to stay connected with the World Wide Web so on Father’s Day, let him enjoy technology more with your gift. Be sure to get dad something that he doesn’t own yet. It would be great to gift him a gadget or a game that he wishes to buy for a long time but just doesn’t have the time to get one or for some other reasons. If he is specific with certain specifications, you have to be posted on these and bear that in mind as you shop for dad’s gift on Father’s day.
Automotive Dad
He loves his car so much that he pimps it often. If your dad falls under this classification ensure that you get him something for his car or any car related item because that would interest him more. Top picks for the automotive dad are car accessories, car magazines and multi tools. These stuffs are very beneficial for him. Actually if you have more stash to spare then get him a new ride! If that is far from being possible then revert back to our top picks to please dad on Father’s Day.

Sports Dad. If dad is fond of sports, whether he loves playing some sports or adores sports from watching it from the Tele then he would be under this category. Sporty dads would be happier if they are given anything that would remind them of their favorite team player. He may also be a sport enthusiast so gifting him new equipment would be much appreciated by him. Top picks for the sports dad would be sports equipments, mountain bike, stop watch and athletic wear. Another great idea for this kind of dad would be to play or watch the game with him on Father’s Day and bond.

Mr. Fix It. When you break something, who do you call often? It’s dad of course! If dad loves to fix broken things around the house and seem to be the go to guy in the family in terms of fixing then he would fall under this type. Dad may be too hands on and gets exhausted from all these but he enjoys the fulfillment of giving new life to creaky objects. On Father’s Day, gift dad additional items that would enhance his fixing capabilities. The top choices for the Mr. Fix It dad would be a tool set, electric drill and how to books. It would be great if you would hand over dad a gift for his fixing stuff and ask him to teach you some of his tricks too. That would be a great interaction with dad and it would be nice if you could try to practice that not only on Father’s Day to make dad happy every day.

Dad is our hero so on Father’s Day make him feel special. Show your gratitude by remembering him and paying respect. Let’s enjoy dad’s company while we still can because we can’t freeze time and not let him grow old. Make some time for dad not only on Father’s Day but in any day as well.

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