Top Fifth Wedding Anniversary Gifts That Will Make Her Swoon

Great job! Not all marriages last that long and you are one of the lucky couples who survived the trials you had for the last 5 years and that for sure made your bond stronger and better.

You guys really have to celebrate this great achievement. It is another milestone of your marriage. Wood is the traditional symbol for 5th anniversaries; it symbolizes the strength of your bond. Give her something that symbolizes the strength of your bond and love for each other.

Take look at these gift and anniversary ideas that will definitely make your special day romantic, memorable and fabulous!

Lulu Frost (5) Number Ring in a Cherry Wood Box

Surprise her with this gift. If wood is a symbol for a 5th anniversary celebration then let it be! Give her this Lulu “Code” Number ring. Made of 14k yellow gold with a number 5 code design, perfect for symbolizing your 5th wedding anniversary.

Enhance the look of your gift with .

This is such a romantic and symbolic gift to give your wife.

Wooden Jewelry Box

Look at this lovely piece of art. Handcrafted solid wood in an espresso finish and complete with a cream velvet interior lining. It also has multiple compartments for rings, necklaces and bracelets. She will love this because it has ring rolls and necklace hooks to organize her jewelry and most importantly, it has a key and lock for security. To make it special and romantic, you can put a ring inside, give her the key and ask her to open the compartment where you hid your surprise. I think she will love that.

Day Spa for Two

Spend quality time together. Women love to be pampered. And she would love spending a day being pampered at a spa with you. Have a relaxing day with your wife at La Belle Day Spa. They know how to make this day perfect for both of you. The couple of you will be rejuvenated at this wonderful body spa. Turn up the heat with a warm stone massage package for two. Follow this with her favorite facial session and end the day with a make-up and hair styling session for her and a manly pedicure for you.

Remember to file in your vacation ahead of your anniversary and cancel all your appointments!

Morgan Avery Spa Wood Caddy Gift Set

Give her an every day spa experience at home. This gift set has a complete set for a wonderful spa experience at home. It comes in a wooden caddy. It is like putting a spa experience in a box. Your wife will love to have fabulous spa essentials that will leave her skin soft and radiant. This benefits you as well because she will look radiant and beautiful not just on your anniversary but every single day.

Marc Jacobs Daisy EAU So Fresh

Leave this on her desk or dresser together with a note telling her how much you love her. This is just a simple act but it means a lot for her. Daisy is actually the symbolic flower for 5th anniversaries – it represents loyal love and purity. A 5 year relationship goes through a lot of trials and temptations but you wouldn’t be celebrating your 5th anniversary if you both didn’t stay loyal and loving to each other.

Sapphire Necklace & Earrings Set

Sapphire is the gemstone for a 5th anniversary. It is said that sapphires stand for success in love. It somehow shows what the wearer feels. It is also said that it keeps its color when the affection is strong and fades if the affection fades. This gift is not just accessories she wears but a reminder of how much you love her and a celebration of 5 wonderful years together.

Be Happy Bouquet and a Breakfast in Bed

Prepare a wonderful breakfast for your wife and add refreshing fresh daisies beside her bed. This will definitely brighten up her day. This is such a romantic way to start your anniversary. Daisy doesn’t just brighten up her day but it also symbolizes the innocence and loyalty of your love for each other. Don’t just do this on your anniversary but surprise her anytime. Do not let even a single day pass by without you showing her how much you love and value her.

Home Date Wearing 5th Anniversary T-shirts

Wear identical T-shirts on your anniversary. Spend a simple day at home. Watch a movie. Enjoy each other’s company on your anniversary. This will mean a lot for her. You can look at your photos together, cook together and do things together. However, if you really want to make this simple gift special, you can cap the night with a dinner at home prepared by a personal chef.

Personal Chef for a Night

Dinner Cruise for Two

Treat your wife to a lovely dinner cruise. This is a simple and romantic way to surprise her. Pretend that you don’t have plans for the day but don’t upset her that much. You can just greet her and don’t give a clue that you will take her on a cruise. This dinner cruise has a magical ambiance that will make the night memorable not just for her but for you as well. Get a romantic view while enjoying a special dinner for two.

Sapphire Ring

This sapphire ring is made of sterling silver with a 2.75 carats sapphire gem. The saphire has a brilliant sparkle with a bluish color and an exceptional design. This is a perfect 5th anniversary gift as sapphire is a gemstone for 5th anniversaries. Add to the romance and surprise by using a as a ring holder. Give her a dozen white roses and a red rose where the ring is tied or inserted. That will really be a lovely idea.

These suggestions are really romantic and your wife will surely love whatever gift idea you pick from this list. But keep in mind that YOU are the most important gift she wants on your anniversary. I wish the both of you a harmonious relationship and I hope that you have a love that lasts forever.

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