The Best First Mother’s Day Gifts

1st Mothers Day

The first time Mom although she’s just new, her life is already filled with love and joy because of her new bundle of happiness. She may still be recuperating and adjusting to this new milestone in life that she has achieved but one thing is certain, she has a new name now and that’s “Mom”. You want to surprise her on Mother’s Day but you are still puzzled on what gift to give to her. Check out the list that we have prepared to help you out.

The Baby Owner’s Manual

The new baby is such a doll, it’s so cute and is such a darling but life after the baby is not all good times. First time Moms are still clueless and sometimes it’s already nerve wrecking. If only the baby came with a manual, right? This book is entitled Baby Owner’s Manual; it gives scenarios and what to do as presented in a light manner. This is a way to tell our first time Mommies that everything will be okay in time.

Yoga Gift Basket

Our first time Mom will be clueless of what to expect on her new born and her mind maybe full of questions all the time but when she visits the doctor for a regular check up, she may seem to forget her bucket of questions due to exhaustion and stress. Luckily, you can give her extra set of hands by gifting a wonderful book entitled: Caring for Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5. This book is written by a Pediatrician so you are confident that she will not be misguided and that her questions will be answered rightfully based on a medical approach. Tracing a baby’s milestone will be great especially if there’s a guide for the newbie mom. This will be a great gift for the new mother who needs answers to her child caring questions 24/7.

Baby Care Timer

Having a baby is quite difficult especially for the first time Mom. There are a lot of things to do and keeping track of all these tasks maybe hard to figure out. This Baby Care Timer is like a pocket nanny who keeps track of the baby’s activity to help the first time Mom and not to keep her wondering all the time. She’ll get some well deserved sleep and rest after knowing a common pattern like the baby’s feeding time, diaper change and sleeping hours. First time Moms don’t need everything on day one but the Baby Care Timer is what she needs.

Swaddle Pack

Babies may tend to cry most of the time since this is their only way of communication but sometimes they cry just because and our new Mom is already running out of things to do. Swaddling is known and proven to calm even the most difficult baby to please. This coming Mother’s Day, give a new Mom her very first Swaddle Pack. She can envelope her new bundle of joy in these very comfortable swaddle. This Swaddle Pack is made from 100% cotton bamboo muslin and gets softer with each wash. Aside from swaddling, this can also be used as nursing cover, burp cloth, changing pad cover, tummy time blanket and a lot more.

To My Mommy On Our First Mother’s Day

Since our first time Mom is so engrossed with the new baby, her world seem to revolve around it. Giving her a keepsake to make her first Mother’s Day special would be greatly appreciated. The Poem Photo Frame is a 5 by 7 inch gold metallic frame with an open letter in a poem manner which aims to describe how the baby feels about her. Add a wonderful photo of the baby to make it even more special. She may be moved to tears as she sees this gift.

Deluxe Baby Keepsake Kit

The new baby is so adorable and the new Mom’s world has revolved around this bundle of joy. On Mother’s Day, a Baby Keepsake Kit would be a great hit for our first time Mom. This Baby Keepsake Kit bears the charming baby’s photo along with a set of hand print or foot prints. Babies don’t stay forever on that stage but this Baby Keepsake Kit would.

Revive & Restore Spa Package

The first time Mom is already sleep deprived and her body seems exhausted too. Our first time mother badly needs some R and R. Gift her Revive and Restore Package to let her body relax and let her gain the energy that she needs. The Revive and Restore Package includes a 60-minute Swedish massage, a 60-minute true facial, a pure manicure and pedicure. A little me time would be highly appreciated by our first time Mom plus she will feel revitalized and refreshed by this relaxing package since it has the top to toe approach of treatment. Moms can have fun too despite of their very hectic schedule.

Motherhood is such a wonderful milestone in every woman’s life. She will learn a lot of things and see life in a different perspective because of this. Caring for a newborn maybe difficult sometimes but everything gets easier if there are supportive friends and family around the newbie mom. On Mother’s Day, let’s give our first time Mom some love and support and make her feel extra special on this day.

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