These Five Very Crafty Valentines Gifts Will Make Your Guy Feel like A Stud

handmade valentines gifts for him

Assure him that he is the only one in your life and he is irreplaceable. Give him something extra special this Valentine’s day. Handmade gifts are the best Valentine gift you can give him. Your personal touch adds more love and value to your gift.

52 Reasons Why I Love You

52 reasons

Tell him all the reasons why you love him. He will feel loved and flattered with this lovely surprise. It is more special because it is handmade. Handmade gifts add value to your gift. It is so easy to make, just be resourceful. It will be easier if you list the reasons why you love him, the more reasons you have the more loved he feels. Add cheeky, funny images to add personality! Check out the steps and more ideas how create a masterpiece like this at The Little Gray Fox.

Arrow Valentines Day Card for Him

Handmade Valentine's Day Card with Heart Arrow

What I liked about this gift item is its color and the 3D arrow effect. Just get some cardboards, colorful papers and follow the instructions at Notable Nest. Create a neat and simple design. Add a romantic message for him and don’t forget to assure him that you will stay in love with him no matter what.

Handmade Sheet Music Heart Decoration (and a Song!)

020411 paper heart garland 009

Fill his room with this lovely heart decoration (Use music sheets for an awesome touch) and prepare a song for him. Serenade you man with a romantic music on Valentine’s Day. He will be impressed on how artistic and romantic you are. This decoration is so easy to make. Beautiful and simple handmade paper decoration. No need for you to spend a fortune on this handmade item. Look at the tutorial at Minnesota Mom Blog.

Remember I Love You

remember i love you

A jar filled of heart is like a representation of your overflowing love for him and this makes a lasting impression of your romantic side. All you have to do is procure small hearts with the note, “Remember I Love You” and hide it randomly on his belongings. Give him a jar to collect these hearts in and watch him fill that container slowly as he finds those puffy hearts! Get more ideas and impress him more by visiting The Dating Divas.

All About You Basket

all about you
Show him how much you know him. This is a perfect gift idea for husbands and boyfriends. This tests how much you know your loved one. This is such a meaningful gift for your loved one on Valentine’s day without spending a lot. Fill it with all his favorite snacks and stuff. Simple idea but is really a romantic one. Find out how to get more romantic ideas at Tasteful Space.

Valentine’s day is a special day for those who are in love. Let your loved one know how much love you have for him. Make your gifts special. Simple handmade ideas can be a grand and romantic gift without spending a fortune. It is not how much it cost it is how much love you sprinkled on your gift.


  1. Such neat Valentin’s gift ideas! The small, puffy hearts would be so fun to hide around the house. Thanks for featuring my Valentine’s Day card.

  2. I love all of these ideas! The 3D arrow heart card looks like the perfect way to send a thoughtful message. Thank you for the ideas! 🙂

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