The Funniest Christmas Gifts for Your Friends

woman laughing at gift

We give gifts to our friends and love ones because we love to see them happy. Giving those funny Christmas gifts don’t just make them happy on Christmas day but each day of the every year.

Take a look at this list of funny Christmas gift suggestions that will really add humor on their daily activities.

Ultimate Wine Glass

This is one good gift item to give this Christmas. It has a unique design, good quality and it has a thick glass. I must say this is a great wine glass. It is perfect for small parties if you want to play gag on someone. This wine bottle glass can hold a 750ml full bottle of wine. It is good to have a glass of wine every night but I recommend not to use this glass for that! I suggest washing it by hand because just like other wine glasses it is also fragile. This is a wine glass that wouldn’t need for you to refill it several times.

The Toilet Mug

Everybody will be laughing full blast once they see this gift item. A toilet mug is really a funny gift idea. Imagine drinking your favorite hot cocoa drink from this toilet mug! It is disgusting at first but you will get by after few days. This is a great gift if you wanted to play gag on a friend or someone you know. Imagine how they will react to see what your gift is. Wait until you see their face! It is really a funny Christmas gift. You can also mix it with other funny shirt or their favorite chocolate drink. You can’t wait to see their reaction will be. What a very merry Christmas!

Farting Coin Bank

Save those coins left in your drawers, pockets and bags. This gift idea will inspire you to save or let me say drive you to keep dropping in your spare coins. Why? Because every time you drop a coin in it creates a digital farting sound, and it really sound funny. It is actually a funny Christmas gift that everyone will enjoy, kids and adults will really love it. This is a practical and entertaining gift to give. Just make sure no one is around when you drop a coin, they might think it is really you who made that noise!

Mathematics Pop Quiz Clock

A clock that looks so complicated will make you not to worry looking at the time at all. This gift idea is a funny gift to give someone who is really struggling with Math or someone who loves numbers. Each hour is marked with seemly an easy math problem with a matte black powder coated metal design. It is powered by 1 AA battery and has 11-1/2” diameter in size. You will have fun to see how challenged they will be with this Christmas gift idea.

Funny Garden Gnome

Change your old and boring garden into a cool and chill garden. This gift idea can be given to those who love gardening and loves cool garden ornaments such as this funny garden gnome. You will definitely get 100% satisfaction with this garden gnome. It is made of high quality Polyresin statue. An outdoor quality paint is used to hand paint its colorful design, so you are sure its color will really last long. Collect all designs! Add this funny garden gnome on their collection.

Polly the Insulting Parrot

You will love to have this pet! He swears he is rude; he is a funny talking parrot! This can be given to friends who can’t have pets in their flats or those who do not have time to take care of pets but really wanted to have one. They will definitely have too much fun with this gift item. It will surely hit any parties. You can place it on a table or hang it from a hook. This is really a funny gift to share. Have fun with it for hours and get tired of laughing hard. This is absolutely a good pick!

Dead Fred Pen Holder

Dead Fred pen holder is like a murder scene with humor. This gift idea is made of silicone rubber and with a very cool design of dead Fred stabbed down by a giant pen. It makes you forget stress and frustration. Dead Fred is ready to absorb all that frustration and stress. It is a cool pen holder and a good conversation starter. This will be a hit Christmas gift for cool people you know. They will definitely love to have this gift idea.

Talking Toilet Paper Spindle

This gift item allows you to record a personal message that will greet anyone who uses the toilet paper in your toilet room! You can change the recording anytime you want. This will really surprise everyone who uses it. Whenever you pull out the toilet paper from the spindle it triggers the motion sensor that plays your personalize message. Record a funny message and surprise your visitor and family members. This is also a perfect gift idea for those who love playing nice jokes. You can also try having this in your own bathroom!

Ninja Remote Stealth Television Gadget and IR Jammer

This gift idea is perfect for those who love playing gags on friends and others. Using this cool television gadget anyone can control any Television brand while hiding 400 feet away unnoticed. It has jam mode feature that gives full control on any television from power on and off to channel switch and volumes! It even works with digital cameras. This device looks like a normal but it really a smart television controller. Have fun playing little pranks at home or with friends. It is really funny to see your friends get frantic with the television, not knowing who’s behind it!

Supply Station Desk Accessory Holder

This is a playful Christmas gift idea for your friends and family that spend most of their time in the office or the desk. Amuse your friends with this useful desk organizer. It is like a replica of a busy employee that can’t get off his desk because he is loaded with things to do. It adds humor to your daily job. This Butt Station is multifunctional, it can hold a roll of adhesive tape and has a tape cutter built in, it can also be a notepad holder, you can stack business cards on it, clasp a pen in its mouth, put some paper clips at the rear part that has magnet on it. This gift adds humor and is really functional. This is really a quality and funny gift.

Holidays are days for use to have fun and enjoy. Let us savor these wonderful moments with our friends and love ones. Make them happy this coming Christmas.

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