Top 7: Funny and Geeky Gifts for Moms

Lauging Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, have you prepared your gift for Mom? Moms have different personalities and you can’t generalize gifts as you see them. Some moms like cute gifts, some like weird gifts but some moms are funny and they are our target for this article. To give mom some well deserved laugh or giggles, we need to figure out what makes her happy. Mother’s Day only comes once a year, so this our best shot to make her feel loved and happy. Check out the items below to give you an insight on what to give Mom. These are not only for Mother’s day but also for Christmas or even her birthday!

Cupcake Bath Bombs

Does Mom have a sweet tooth and loves to indulge on anything with sugar especially with more sugar? But although she loves sweet stuffs she knows that she needs to diet and tone up a bit, so instead of giving her something to munch on that will go straight to her hips and thighs, why not give her some Cupcake Bath Bombs for a change? These cupcakes look and smell like cupcakes but they are calorie free and when you bite, you would totally regret it! These sweet little things are cupcake like but their right place is in the tub and not in your mouth. These are used to relax and rejuvenate Mom’s skin. She’s always tired of running after you to clean your room so give her some relaxation on Mother’s Day in the form of her favorite treats.

Family Conversations Table Topics

She may be nosy sometimes and we hate her for that but on her special day give her the right to be nosy and give her the gift of conversation table topics. This would be a fun way to know things that are left unknown by family members and let Mom navigate and take charge. For sure she’ll enjoy it because this game would be her passes to ask thought provoking questions to each family member.

Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug

Mom loves coffee too much. She drinks one upon waking up, in the afternoon and even after dinner. But she’s always using boring mugs as she gulps on her caffeine fix. On Mother’s Day give Mom a touching gift that she could enjoy. Tell her that your heart belongs to her and to show her how your heart beats for her by pouring coffee into this mug. As the hot beverage goes in, the heart turns red. If the mug is empty then the heart would be sad and turn black just like what happens to your heart when Mom is not around.

So Lazy Pusheen Shirt

If Mom hates going to the gym, you can give her this ultra cute Pusheen Babydoll Shirt and tell her that it’s a great workout shirt for her. Pusheen here is so lazy that she can’t get up or move. Make mom wear her gym statement on this very comfortable shirt. Even Moms get tired too so let her conserve her energy and set aside gym time or any activity for a while. Maybe you could also use one too. Let’s all put our paws up and lay around like Pusheen.

Wonder Woman Hoodie

Moms are very talented human beings. They can multitask and do complex things without complaining, solve problems, helps us out in our home works as she does chores or even goes to work. Have you ever thought that she could be Wonder Woman? On Mother’s Day, give Mom a Wonder Woman Hoodie to show her how she means to you. For being a very strong woman who can do it all, she is our natural super hero to depend on. Make Mom strut her pose as she wears this Wonder Woman Hoodie and be the super heroine she is!

Maternal Happiness Gift Pack

Happiness is what we feel when Mom cooks our favorite dinner or when she serves our favorite dessert. But how often do you make Mom happy? If you have come to realize that you seldom make Mom happy then why not make it up to her on Mother’s Day and shower her with gifts that will give her maternal happiness. This Maternal Happiness Gift Pack contains various gifts that would make Mom smile and make her heart skip a beat because for once in your life you have become thoughtful! This gift pack contains the Plush Unicorn Slippers that are very comfortable when worn. Mom can relax and sit back as she stares at these smiling unicorn heads on her feet. It also contains the 3D unicorn mug that she could use to sip her coffee or tea and start her day magically. Moms love flowers but sadly they don’t bloom and stay pretty forever. Good thing this maternal happiness gift pack has an 8 bit flower bouquet included that will bloom forever just like your love for Mom! And lastly, it has unicorn earrings that would make Mom look fabulous on Mother’s Day and even during the days after it.

Big Bang Theory Mom

Bazinga! Mom is a Big Bang Theory fanatic. What do you think would she appreciate most on Mother’s Day? Of course, she would not want anything to do would any other show and you know that the best gift idea for her is to give her stuffs that would remind her of her favorite show. The Big Bang Theory Gift Pack contains a Soft Kitty Plush, Rutherford Bohr Model Atom necklace and a Rock, paper, scissors, lizard and spock mug. The Soft Kitty Plush is just like mom, very tender and loves to sing us lullabies. Give Mom a break and let her singing voice sign off on Mother’s Day as this Soft Kitty Plush sing on her behalf. The Rutherford Bohr Model Atom necklace is what Mom can wear to accentuate her beautiful neck plus it also looks smart just like her. And lastly, the Rock, paper, scissors lizard mug would definitely remind her of one of the funniest episodes of the Big Bang Theory. So we thought it was only Rock, Paper, Scissors before, but in this show it included lizard and spock. Let Mom enjoy her cup of coffee with the RPSSL hand signals tattooed on her mug to remind her of how funny and inventive Sheldon is in the Big Bang Theory.

On Mother’s Day, a simple gift from us would make mom feel overwhelmed and loved. We need not to forget to add some warm hugs and tons of kisses to seal our surprise. Lastly, let’s not forget to thank her for everything. Bringing out a tough cookie like you in this world is already a gazillion amount of sacrifice in equivalent. So, let’s all vow to make Mom happy on Mother’s Day.

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