Funny St. Patty’s Day Greeting Cards You Can Buy

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day that you could mail and show your love to the special people in your life. You can also show them and send some greeting cards even on Saint Patrick’s Day. Hallmark approximately sells anywhere between eight to fifteen million St. Patrick’s Day themed cards annually which makes you not a weirdo to send a greeting card on this day. Just like in Valentine’s Day or any other holiday, some Saint Patty’s Day cards might have redundant messages or overrated sayings and quotations. We know that you want to be unique and not be mainstreamed so we have extensively researched the strange yet hilarious cards that you can buy for Saint Patrick’s Day. You can now lively spread cheers, fun and laughter on Saint Patrick’s Day. Feel free to check out the items below.

I’m So Irish

Saint Patrick’s Day became a global phenomenon especially for the Irish communities. We celebrate St. Patty’s Day even if we are just Irish by heart. We paint our beer, whiskey and food with green coloring and we put shamrocks everywhere. You can send your friends and loved ones some Irish greetings and paint smiles on their faces on Saint Patrick’s Day with this customized I’m So Irish Card. It comes with different sizes to choose from and you can customize all parts of the card for free. The card is printed on ultra heavy weight card stock and has a glossy finish. Each card comes with a white envelope so you need not to buy one and it’s ready to be mailed once you’re done. Good thing is that there are no minimum orders required.

Get Shitfaced

Downing pints of green whiskey, green beer, Guinness and other green tinted liquor became one of the traditions every Saint Patrick’s Day. Too much drinking often results to being wasted. We all laugh and goof around our wasted friends and mock them once they’re sober. Good times never seem to end on Saint Patrick’s Day. Spread the love and humour on Saint Patty’s Day with this straightforward greeting card. You’ll definitely not be mainstreamed with this greeting card. Aside from the unique design, this card is made from high quality card stock. It comes in various sizes such as in Greeting Card, Note Card and Big Greeting Card. It is five inches by seven in portrait and seven inches by five in landscape orientation. The inside and out as well as the front and back can be personalized for free! You can buy a piece or as many as you want because there is no minimum order required.

Kiss Me Blarney Stone

The Blarney Stone is known to bring luck to anyone who kisses it. It is reportedly kissed by as much as 400,000 people in a year. We could therefore conclude that aside from luck these people would likely catch more than that from this Irish landmark. On the other hand, leprechauns are popular for being mischievous and sometimes naughty. With this funny greeting card you can send your recipients some Irish spirit and cheer. The colourful comic art is humorously presented on ultra heavy weight card stock with a gloss finish. All parts of the card can be customized for no fee at all. You can also get to choose the size of the card you want to send because it comes in different sizes.

Feeling Lucky

Are you feeling lucky on St. Patty’s Day? Lure your friends and loved ones with this one of a kind post card. You can add an image you like to an empty post card or state your message with a pre-existing design. It comes in 4.25” by 5.6” in portrait mode or 5.6” by 4.25” in landscape orientation. You can send your Saint Patrick’s Day greetings on this post card and save paper because you have not wasted an envelope. Just add stamps and it’s good to go. You can also get custom stamps to match your sexy and lucky post card. The printing would look exactly as it is on the screen. You can personalize your post card according to your liking.

You Don’t Drink All Day

Drinking has been part of the celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day since the earliest times. You can see plenty of people on pub hopping and everyone seems to drown their selves in Guinness, green whiskey and a lot more alcohol. Just like what this card states, you can’t drink all day unless you start in the morning! Saint Patrick’s Day comes just once every year. Why not make the most out of it? Although it’s not a declared holiday in America, most Americans imbibe the Irish culture and tradition and have embraced this dear holiday well. Drinking like there’s no tomorrow is quite a common sight on St. Patty’s Day. Why not send some laughs and motivation to enjoy this occasion to the fullest with this greeting card. This card is printed on high quality card stock and the image is of superb quality too. The card can be personalized in all sides and there are sizes to choose from. Celebrate St. Patty’s Day with a green beer and a green card that motivates you to drink more.

I Swear to Drunk I’m Not God!

Saint Patrick’s Day is a very lively and widely celebrated holiday all over the globe. Everyone becomes Irish on this very day. Drinking and rejoicing marks this special holiday and spreading good cheers are highly appreciated. Celebrations come with heavy drinking for most and what comes after this? Being drunk of course! Once a person gets drunk, all the inhibitions in the body are released. The meek becomes talkative and secrets are revealed. Some are already pros and can still keep their composure but some are also in denial just like the printing on this greeting card. This greeting card is printed on a 120 lb ultra heavy weight card stock with a gloss finish. Each card comes with an envelope and the size of the card is five by seven in portrait and seven by five in landscape. You can customize all parts of the card. You can also choose the size of the card from the usual greeting card size to a note card and an exaggerated big greeting card; the choice is yours. Plus there are no minimum orders required so you need not to worry to be forced to buy in bulk. Send your drinking buddies this greeting card and put the grin on their faces. Saint Patty’s Day is full of merriment and activities. Green beer, green food, green clothes and green is seen everywhere. High spirits are unleashed and being wasted would be a cliché.

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