The Coolest Gag Gifts for Men

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By nature, men are really funny and playful. They love adventure, thrills and most of all playful things for gag. Most of them play jokes on their friends and family. If you know someone who loves to play joke on someone or who just love to gag around then it is a good idea to share some of these cool stuff as a gift. These can be given on any type of occasion and for sure he will love it. It is time to play gag on him or maybe give him an addition to his collection. Have fun looking at this list of funny and cool gift suggestions.

Big Mouth Toys Fist Drink Kooler

Everybody who sees this will really get a good laugh. Imagine walking into a party with a cold beer in this big fist, for sure all eyes will be on your gigantic fist and not on you. Anyone who has this will really be the talk of the part. You can keep you beer cool and make everybody laugh. You can hit someone without hurting them but of course make sure it is just a joke and you don’t mean it. It is made of durable foam, reusable and so easy to clean, has a flesh color to easily blend with your arm’s complexion and it can hold a standard size can. It is a perfect gag gift.

Mega Stomp Panic

Try this goodie! You will definitely be dying to try this toy that will bring you back to those TV advertisements in the 80’s. This is an awesome creation from ThinkGeek that showcases Audio Reality Experience. Mega Stomp Panic makes a reality sound experience that almost feels real. It is synchronized to your steps and stomps. Your movements trigger it to create realistic sound effects. Just clip it to your pants, switch it on and choose what sound effect you like and just step or stump and your good to go!

Big Mouth Toys Toilet Mug

This is a fun gag gift. Anyone who will receive this will really have a good laugh the moment they open it. This is really a hilarious gift idea. Imagine drinking your coffee from this toilet mug. I wonder if you will dare to. This toilet mug is made of ceramic. It is dishwasher safe. You can use it as a pen holder if you can’t really find the guts to drink your coffee or tea from it. This is really a great gag gift to gift.

Farting Coin Drop Bank

How will you react if you hear a farting sound near you? You might be disgusted and find out who really farted. But with this great gag gift you will laugh for sure! This coin drop bank makes a loud digital fart sound whenever coins are inserted. It is really a funny gift to give someone one any occasion especially you are already clueless what to give him. No need for you to crack it like your old piggy bank because it has a sliding top that can be easily removed whenever you need to take out the coins. This is a cool and practical gag gift you can give.

Big Boobs Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

This is such a hot and sexy gag gift to give. It looks like a hot woman but this is really a salt and pepper shaker. Each side of this busty bombshell is a container for salt and pepper. If you are looking for an unusual gift this is a good pick. It is made of ceramic and this is easily refillable. Just make sure that the boobies are placed on their correct spots so the magnet won’t repel.

Remote Controlled Fart Machine

Why don’t you spread the fun and laughter by giving this funny gift? This farting machine makes a wonderful gag gift on birthdays or Christmas. It creates a vibrant and natural farting sound. It will really play a good joke on someone. Fun and laughs can be brought by just pressing a button. It is remotely controlled and its speaker can be hidden without giving the victim even a single clue. Try this out and I bet you and your gang will have a lot of fun with this farting machine!

Ninja Remote Stealth Television Gadget and IR Jammer

It is a good joke to switch the channel when someone is watching and you are hiding from afar. That person will be terrified to see the channel changes without someone controlling the television. Ok, maybe terrified is too much to describe it, let me say curios first. This Ninja Remote can control any Television while hiding from afar 400 feet away. It has a Jam mode that wreaks the IR of any television. It is a digital way to do pranks these days. Get one and give it as a gift. It can be given on any type of occasion.

Talking Toilet Paper Roll Holder

You will surely love this gift item. It is highly recommended to anyone who loves to play prank jokes. You will have lot of laughs with this gift idea. All you have to do is record whatever you wanted. It works pretty good and easy to record what you wanted to say. Whenever the paper is pulled it plays the recorded voice and it will really freak the person because he or she will think that someone is talking outside. What makes it cool and funny is what you are going to record.

Phantom Keystroker v2

This will really make someone insane. This USB stick makes random mouse movements and it changes the fonts or confuses the keyboard. These things will really annoy someone who uses any computer you plug this USB device into. But of course any prank jokes must be done only to have fun and not to ruin someone’s job. If you wanted a gag gift then this is what you have to give as a present and make sure you won’t be his first victim.

Corn Poop Shaped Hand Bar Soap

This is the only poop that smells good! Try to leave it in the sink whenever there is someone coming to visit, for sure you will hear someone scream or slam the door and run out of the bathroom. It’s fun to play joke like this to some friends or even family members. Just make sure you’re holding the poop soap and not the real one!

With these fun gifts, there is surely be hysterical laughing for a few days. Enjoy!

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