Gift Guide for the Pokemon Go Fan

Pokemon Go

Do you know someone who is a fan of Pokemon Go? Unless you have been living in a cave for the past few months, you no doubt know of someone who has been bitten by the Pokemon bug. The Pokemon phenomenon has taken the world by storm as gamers roam the real world hunting for the virtual monsters.

If you looking for a gift for a loved one who happens to be a fan of the game, we have got you covered. This gift list covers gifts for the Pokemon Go fan both young and old so no one will be left out.

Nintendo Pokemon Go Plus

The Nintendo Pokemon Go Plus is the ultimate accessory for Pokemon Go players. This official Pokemon Go accessory is released by Nintendo themselves. With the Pokemon Go Plus, players can catch Pokemons without needing to look at their phones.

It will vibrate if a wild Pokemon is found and users can attempt to catch it with just the press of a button. Players can also collect items from Pokestops again without looking at their phones.

Pokeball 10000mAh Travel Portable Charger

The biggest problem faced by all Pokemon hunters is no doubt the short battery life of their smartphones while hunting for Pokemons. The game requires GPS, data/WiFi connection and the screen to be constantly turned on which quickly depletes the battery.

For extended periods of hunting, additional power is required. This Pokemon themed power bank boosts the phone’s battery with an extra 10,000 mAh which should grant you an extra 2 to 3 hours of hunting time.

Pokemon Go Aimer for iPhone 6

Are you wasting your precious Pokeballs because you have trouble aiming straight? The Pokemon Go Aimer is an add-on accessory that fits like a case on your iPhone 6. It is designed to make sure that all your throws are straight. With the Aimer, your chances of catching your prey is much higher.

Pokemon Go The Ultimate Guide!

While the premise of the Pokemon Go game is simple, there is much more to it than just walking around the real world and trying to capture as many Pokemons as you can. Get a better understanding of the other aspects of the game such as incubating and hatching eggs, how and when to use potions, taking over gyms of other teams and how to strengthen gyms that are controlled by your own team. Learn all these and more with this guide.

Pokemon Go Team T-Shirt

Once you reach a certain level on Pokemon, players are allowed to pick a team to join. There are 3 teams in Pokemon Go. Team Valor (red), Team Instinct (yellow) and Team Mystic (blue). Members of the same team cooperate and combine their might to take down physical locations identified as Gyms that are controlled by rival teams.

Players get to show off their team affiliation proudly with this range of Pokemon Go Team T-shirts.

Taotronics Bike Phone Mount Bicycle Holder

Why hunt Pokemons on foot when you can do so on a bicycle? Riding a bike allow Pokemon Go players to cover much more ground faster. It is also safer than driving and playing the game at the same time. The Taotronics Bike Phone Mount lets you securely mount your smartphone on the handlebar of your bike while giving you full access to the touch screen.

You should always stop your bike before trying to use your phone though.

Pokemon Go Outdoor Survival Phone Kit

The Pokemon Go Outdoor Survival Phone Kit is the all-in-one survival kit for Pokemon Go players. This handy kit has a sun protector for the iPhone 6/6 Plus. The sun protector ensures that you can see your phone display clearly even on the brightest of day. The other item in the kit is a handy emergency charger that can provide you enough juice to play an extra 2 hours or more.

Pokeball Coffee Mug - Pokemon Hunter

The ideal gift for a dead tired Pokemon hunter after a long day of Pokemon hunting. What better way for a Pokemon Hunter to show off his or her passion for Pokemon Go and Pokemon hunting than this generously sized 11 oz ceramic mug that is made in the USA?

The mug is microwave and dishwasher safe and has the same graphic and text printed on both sides.

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