Score Points with These Cool Gift Ideas for Your Male Boss

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Most of the time boss is often classified as strict and grumpy ones. Not all bosses are like that. They are often being tagged as strict because of course they also have to maintain the good quality of job his workers are giving. He needs to drive his workers to do good job. Workers who has kind and generous boss are lucky too. They feel more motivated and inspired with this type of boss.

Giving gift to your boss may be hard. But here, we make your life easier. Here is a list of good gift ideas that will definitely hit the spot. Here are selections of great gift items for your boss.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Your boss will surely look handsome with this pair of sunglasses from Ray-Ban. It has a clean design and streamlined design. This is one of the best selling classic designs Ray-Ban is proud of. It is crafted in a propionate plastic with a wrapped fit for comfortable use. Its classic rectangular design looks spectacular on all shapes of faces. Your boss will look sporty and sophisticated on this gift item.

Tovolo TeaGo Tea Infuser

Being a boss means having stress. Drinking tea helps a person detoxify toxins and to flush the stress out of his system. This gift idea is a good and helpful to your boss health. He can bring his own tea anywhere he goes. This gift item can hold tea leaves in an airtight hug. He can have fresh tea whenever he likes. He can brew his tea in any cup of hot water, anytime he wants.

Star Wars Lightsaber Desk Lamp

Does your boss bring his work even at home? Or is he an avid book lover or maybe a Star Wars fan. If he is then this is a great gift to give him on any type of occasion. It is a lamp with a Lightsaber hilt base that makes it an ultimate lamp! It also has a laser cut shade that has the insignia of light saber’s affiliation. You can choose from two designs available. It has Jedi and Imperial design to choose from. This is really a unique gift to give your boss; for sure he won’t forget your name after he sees this gift.

Nike Golf Men’s Tech Essentials Web Belt

If you are looking for a gift item for your boss, you already found what you are looking for. Anyone will love its luxurious look that was emphasized by its rubber coated buckle. It looks cool and a perfect complement on his golf outfit. A well made belt is a perfect gift for your boss. It has an excellent buckle and made of tough nylon so you are sure that it will last long. You will never be embarrassed by this gift because you are sure it has great quality.

Electronic Closet Tie Rack

Being a professional requires you to look good. You need to look presentable on business meetings and functions. It will be hard to look for a necktie that complement on your suit if you have to dig in a pile of neckties. This gift item will make it easier to decide which necktie to wear. This electronic tie rack can hold up to 70 neckties with 4 belts.

DC Comics Batman Character Apron

It doesn’t mean that he is your boss you can’t give him a gift that will humor him. This Batman apron looks really cool on him. It can’t give him superpowers but he will look really cool and manly on it. This is a full-length, adult sized apron that features Batman costume. It is made of 100% Polyester, machine wash with like colors. Your boss can’t fight like Batman but for sure he can cook without straining his shirt while cooking. Isn’t great to see Batman cook while Alfred takes his day off? And Batman might invite you on his next barbecue because of this cool gift.

Zombie Eye Paperweight

Workplace can be a cool place too. Transform your boss’ work desk into an interesting desk. Start with his paperweight. Replace his usual boring paperweight with a zombie eye paperweight. For sure everyone that gets in his office will look at it. It is creepy yet cool to have a big eyeball sitting on your desk keeping all the papers from flying around. Make up stories how that eyeball ended on your table. It will be better to have two eyeballs to complete the drama. By the way no eyeballs will look exactly the same because each eyeball is made of hand blown glass. It is an eyeball, but don’t you worry it won’t roll due to it has a flat bottom that makes it secure and steady.

James the Bookend

This gift item is very useful in the office or at home. James the bookend is ready 24/7 to supports anyone’s book collection. It literally supports the pile of books from falling down like dominoes. It is made of synthetic rubber with a stainless foot plate having a good support for your ever-growing piles of book collection. If your boss loves to collect books or has a lot of folders on his work desk, this is the best gift to give him. If additional support is needed James can have a back up help with another James bookend on the other end for better and sturdy support.

Tetris Animated Alarm Clock

It is also a good idea to give something practical. A gift that is usable and helps your boss on his everyday work will surely be appreciated a lot. Well yes, alarm clocks are common gift ideas, but this gift item has a cool design. Tetris animated alarm clock wakes you up in a Tetris theme song and each minute looks like watching a Tetris game, this makes you fascinate watching the minutes tick by. Your boss will have fun waking up in the morning with his new Tetris alarm clock.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Men’s Bracelet

Kenneth Cole Reaction men’s bracelet is a great gift idea on any type of occasion. This gift item won’t let you down because it is made of stainless steel which means it won’t tarnish and oxidize making this bracelet last longer. This piece of jewelry is so fabulous because besides from it doesn’t tarnish and its cool design it is also hypoallergenic due to its anti-allergic properties, making this gift item suits any type of skin. It complements almost everything in any man’s wardrobe. This contemporary style makes it a great piece of jewelry that fits any occasion. This will become his favorite for sure.

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