The Best Gift Ideas for Pregnant and Expecting Moms


One of the greatest gifts a woman can have is to bear a child. Every woman loved to have a child of their own. To bear a child is not easy. A mother risks  her life whenever she gives birth to a child. To bear and deliver a child is a blessing. It is a gift of new life from God.

Celebrate this blessing by giving an expecting mom a wonderful gift that will help her find strength to deliver her baby and support her in taking care of her child from her womb until she deliver it and up to forever.

Here are some gift ideas perfect for expecting moms to have. They will surely love these gift items on this list. Feel free to take a look and shop for a perfect gift for an expecting mom in your family or a friend.

The Shower Hug

It is not easy to be pregnant. Beside of their morning sickness they are also uncomfortable moving with their big tummy because of their back pain, they can’t sleep well because they can’t breathe well lying down due to their heavy tummy and they also feel breast pains as they are about to lactate. Shower Hug is an incredible present to a friend or a family member who is pregnant. This is the maternity product that understands them well.

This product helps soothe breast pain due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is made from 75% cotton and 25% polyester, lightweight and absorbent fabric. This can be worn as a nursing bra in or out of the shower. It is so convenient to use. Besides pregnant women this is a best present for those who are experiencing Mastalgia, cyclical breast pain and those who are undergoing breast treatment. This is a cool gift to give your pregnant friend or family member.

Willow Tree Cherish Figurine

Being pregnant is like waiting for a great miracle to happen. Like what everyone is saying that to bear a child is a blessing from heaven. It is indeed a miracle to bear another life inside a mother’s womb. From cells it developed to be something so valuable, something that has life. Willow Tree had been creating wonderful figurine that shares great feelings. It speaks about love, passion, peace and happiness in a subtle way. This 8.5” tall figurine comes with a gift box with a gift card ready for gift giving. This is unique figurative sculpture that serves as a lovely keepsake for an expecting mother.

“Worlds Greatest Expecting Mom” Heat Changing Mug

I love mugs that transform when you pour hot liquid in it. It gives me a sense of surprise. This gift idea is perfect for expecting moms. This ceramic mug changes from black to white and reveals a funny pregnant image. This mug is available in 11oz only. It is a fun and different way for an expecting mom enjoys her hot chocolate drink. This ceramic mug is microwave and dishwasher safe for convenience as well. This is absolutely the mug for an expecting mom. She will love this for sure.

Prayers for Expectant Mothers: Celebrating the Miracle of Life

It is not easy to give birth if you are a first time mom. Any it is really hard to give birth even though it’s your second time, but what I am trying to say is as a first time mom there are things that you haven’t experienced yet in bearing a child inside your womb for nine months and delivering your baby into this world. The only shield that will arm you from all those fears and danger giving birth are prayers. This book of prayers for an expecting mother encourages them and gives them strength to deliver their baby in to this world. This book covers new feelings and questions of an expecting mother, especially those first time moms. This is one of the most wonderful gifts you can give her.

Beautiful Anticipation Gift Basket

This gift idea is a gift of joy for someone who is about to deliver a child. This is a gift basket for a mom-to-be needs and a lovely “Great Expectations” notepad. She can write something about her pregnancy and look at it again to remind her of how brave and lucky she is to bear her own child. This gift basket pampers expecting moms giving them a relaxing spa at home. It is very stressful to be pregnant. You feel heavy all the time, you can’t reach your toes to clean it, you can bend down to get things and your tummy is so heavy that you look like a duck while walking. This gift idea will give relaxation to an expecting mom you know. This is a wonderful gift idea to give.

Yogi Tea Mother-To-Be Organic Tea

Pregnant women are not advised to drink beverages with caffeine because it is bad for their health as well as their baby’s. But this gift idea is perfect for pregnant women. This organic tea is purposely made as a fragrant and delicious tea to help and support a pregnant’s body to become and stay healthy as well as the baby inside her womb. This organic tea has raspberry leaves that known to help female system. It comes in refreshing flavors such as spearmint, peppermint, and fennel that adds good flavor that helps soothing minor upset stomach a pregnant always have. This tea is certified organic tea which is perfect for the health of the expecting mother as well as her child.

Mother and Child Heart-Shaped Necklace

Something fancy to give an expecting mom. This will make her more beautiful. Sometimes pregnant women feel ugly because of their size and the chemical changes happening inside their body. Their faces look different, their nose becomes fat and wide, their cheeks looks fat and most of all their size doubled. This gift idea will make them feel beautiful again. It is made from high quality stainless steel and has a very stylish design. It features a mother and a child figure. This necklace show the love a mother can give to her child. It comes with a matching earrings your pregnant friend might love it.

New Mommy Wine Glass

This is a lovely gift for an expecting mom. It is a hand-painted wine glass that has cute and colorful design. It also has an added feature that share a new mommy wine cooler recipe. A pregnant woman is not allowed to take in beverages with alcohol because it is harmful for the baby and the expecting mom too. This gift idea is carefully hand painted and has designs with vibrant color, so that you won’t feel blue if you can’t take a sip of your favorite margarita. Hand washing is recommended for this gift idea to preserve its lovely designs. Cool and lovely gift idea for an expecting mom.

Mother-to-be Maternity Support Medium

Imagine how difficult and uncomfortable it is to carry a baby inside your womb? You walk slowly because of that heavy feeling on your tummy, you can’t bend down and you have back pains everyday! It is really hard to be pregnant but very rewarding once you see your baby. This maternity support is one of the best gift ideas we have on this list. It relieves back pain because it reduces strain on muscles and ligaments at an expecting mom’s back. It also lessens the abdominal muscle and leg pain because it distributes and lessens the heavy load a pregnant woman carries all throughout those 9 months of her pregnancy. This is something that your pregnant friend will be so thankful to have.

Geek Inside Maternity Shirt

All mothers would love to have a smart child. They wanted to have a child that excels in academic and sports. Who wouldn’t want to have this dream right? Well it is not bad to dream and to claim it as soon as you can. Start wearing this shirt so you will give birth to a smart little geek! This is a funny gift idea for an expecting mom. It is made from 100% soft cotton and has a nice fitting. Available in 4 sizes: small, medium, large, extra large. It is really a nice and funny gift to give because somehow it lessens the anxiety and nervousness of your pregnant friend.

Pregnancy Pillow

This pregnancy pillow is such a relief for expecting mothers. This pregnancy pillows provide comfortable support for shoulder and back. When a pregnant’s tummy is already big it becomes heavy and it is difficult for them to breath when they are sleeping. This pregnancy pillow provides a comfortable sleep while it cushions their back while they are sleeping and when they are already nursing their new baby. This cradles the whole body for more comfortable and relaxing sleep.

Celebrate this wonderful moment with your pregnant friend or a family member. It is indeed a great miracle to carry another life inside their wombs. The greatest gift you can give an expecting mom is your patience and understanding. Pregnant women are grumpy and short tempered. Try to understand what they are going through and that is already a big thing to share.

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