Great Gift Ideas for the Best Man


In every wedding day, there are special people who are very dear to the couple. These chosen people comprise the entourage and they take the major part in the couple’s special day. Among these people is the best man. The best man is the guy who is handpicked by the groom to be in charge of assisting him on the wedding day and stands next to him during the ceremony. The best man is usually the closest person to the groom; he may be his best friend, sibling or anyone closest to him who he prefers to be called his best man. Since he is technically an unwavering best man who stands on the sidelines and is ready to be there for the groom whenever he needs assistance, giving him a special gift serves a thank you not only from the groom but from both of the newlyweds. You may have set a certain budget for the gift giving stuff but you also need to consider that the gifts that you give, gives a reflection of who you are. It may be a bit tricky and painstakingly nerve wrecking but you need to cool down that tension because we got your back. If you want to give a gift that is not common and boring then you are in the right place. We have scoured the net and compiled the great gift ideas for your best man. Feel free to check them out below.

Custom Made Watch

Men are always rooted to being practical. Whenever they would want to receive gifts, the item on top of their wish list is something that they can use. A best man gift should be special and at the same time practical. This vintage watch from eWatch Factory is well suited for your best man and would definitely never go out of style. You can customize the watch and include your photos, engrave your names as a wedding memorabilia or simply put any text as design such as “Thank You”. You can customize the watch to match the personality and style of your best man. This vintage watch comes with a genuine leather strap and would look great both in formal or fun occasions. It is water resistant for up to 30 meters. The time piece is big faced and has a three hand quartz movement. This watch is battery operated and is included. This watch comes in different styles from vintage, classic stainless steel, two tone and sporty. You would surely make your best man happy with this high quality gift and would certainly make him feel special and loved.

Bridge to Nowhere Bungee Jump

We all have that one friend who loves to take risks and a lot of adventures. If your best man is a thrill seeker and you know that one of his bucket lists in life is to Bungee Jump but can’t afford to do so, why not gift him this chance to fulfill one of his dreams. Let him conquer his fears and free his soul as he jump under the careful supervision of experts of course. This adventure will last for a day and will start off with a 5 mile hike to the Bridge to Nowhere and then jump from it. The jump is 10 stories high above a raging river. Your best man would definitely be in good hands because they have been doing this business for 20 years and there’s not even a single injury noted. The company that handles this adventure experience is the only licensed company to jump from a bridge in California. Give your thrill seeker and adventuresome best man this best gift on your wedding day.

iDroid Graming Controller

If the best man is a guy who loves to play games on his smart phone, then this is the best gift for him. He can play his favorite mobile games with this very cool game controller that is connected wirelessly through Bluetooth. This device is compatible for both Android and iOS products and there are no required apps to download. All you have to do is to pair and play. The best man can play his mobile games with a real controller which is complete with analog thumb sticks, digital gamepad, six digital buttons and two analog L and R triggers. Its ergonomic design will keep his hands comfortable while he plays his game. It has four operation modes for Android such as mouse, keyboard and mouse/keyboard joystick. On the other hand, there are two operation modes available for iOS which are the keyboard and iCade. This device is compatible for Android 3.2 or higher and iOS. The games compatibility for Android Emulators are as follows: N64 Emulator, SnesDroid, John NES Lite, GenPlus Droid and FPse Emulator. Meanwhile, all iOS emulators that support iCade is compatible with the iDroid Gaming Controller. This controller has a Li-Ion rechargeable battery that can easily be attached via USB cord. This device is state of the art and makes it one of the essential accessories for Android and iOS gamers. The iDroid Gaming Controller is the best gift for the coolest gamer best man.

Iliac Letterman Golf Shirt

If you still can’t decide on what to give to your best man and would want a simple yet presentable gift for him, why not give him an Iliac Letterman Golf Shirt. This shirt is ideal for your best man who loves to play golf. According to Bert La Mar, a very crucial component of a good round is a good golf shirt. This golf shirt is breathable and perfectly designed for warm weather play. It features a slim fit and performance silk with antique white stitch and button collar that makes your golf enthusiast best man looking fashionably cool, classy and presentable. This shirt is made from wrinkle resistant fabric that wicks away moisture especially on humid and hot days. It comes with different sizes to choose from and best of all; it’s made in the USA. Golf is indeed attached and connected with golf outfits just like peanut butter and jelly. You can give your best man one of the best games of his life with the help of this very comfortable golf shirt.

Man Cave Coozie Pillow

A beer lover best man deserves only the best gifts in town. This one of a kind pillow is a wonderful addition to your best man’s living room or onto his favorite couch. This Man Cave Beer Pillow can be customized with your best man’s name for up to nine characters. It measures 18” in length and width and 5’ in height, a pillow that is just right which is made of polyester and polyester fiber fill. This pillow has not just one but two insulated pockets on the back. This pillow can hold and keep his beer cold as he watches his favorite game on TV. He can even put the remote beside his beer for easy access as he switches channels during commercial breaks.

Snorkel and Paddle

If your best man is a nature lover and a thrill seeker, why not give him a gift of experience which combines both of his interests. The best man can enjoy the very best of the ocean floor by snorkeling to the La Jolla Ecological Reserve which is the best snorkeling spot in La Jolla Bay. After the stunning experience under the sea, kayaking to the magnificent La Jolla Sea Caves comes next. Abundant sea birds, seals sea lions and dolphins will then be observed. The wonderful experience runs for 2 to 2 and half hours. The best man deserves one unforgettable experience.

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