Gift Ideas for the Retired Dad

Old Dad GIft Ideas

Father brings food to the table and aside from that he is also the pillar of strength in the family. Together with mom’s help they build a family and give their kids the life of comfort as much as they could. Dad is working hard to give his family the best things in life. Time goes by and his strength lessens and his strong sturdy self is not that stable anymore. Times like this calls for rest and dad is no exception. Soon he would want to just settle at home and recuperate. When dad decided to retire, he would have more time for the things that he has set aside before. On Father’s Day, give dad more reasons to celebrate. If you have not made up your mind on what to actually give dad then we suggest for you to check out the list we have prepared for you below.

Retirement – Dads Like This Shirt

A bubbly way to greet dad on his retirement on Father’s Day is through this fun tee. This t-shirt says: Retirement Dads like This. Who would not love retirement? You need not to wake up early, prepare for work, spend the whole day at the office and come home late. Dad would not miss that routine much for sure! Celebrate dad’s retirement on Father’s Day through this ultra soft and comfortable shirt. It comes with different sizes and colors to choose from. Be sure to get what dad really likes.

Foot Massager

Dad worked hard all his life to raise his beautiful family. On Father’s Day, it’s time to ease dad’s aching muscles especially on the legs and feet from his tiresome lifestyle before he retired. Gift him this Rolling Foot Massager to lessen his tension and loosen up his tight muscles. This massager employs pressure nodes to the reflexology points of dad’s feet and legs. It has an automatic massage program with four modes to choose from such as kneading, rolling and massage combinations to deliver reflexology therapies to various organs of the body. This machine operates through manual control using the handy touch panel or by using the remote control. Dad would be relaxed through this wonderful gift.

Polaroid 1 Step Camera

He loves to travel and document his adventurous trips. On Father’s Day, gift him a special device that will help him record his captivating moments as he travels. The Polaroid One Step Camera is a great way to take photos and see the results in tangible photos instantly. Dad would absolutely have tons of photos to capture and would love to see them in print quickly. Gift that this Polaroid One Step Camera on Father’s Day for him to enjoy his documentaries more.

Pocket Compass

Another perfect gift idea for the dad who loves to travel is the Pocket Compass. Knowing the right direction and which way to head to on dad’s camping out would be solved instantly with the help of this device. It is crafted perfectly to achieve the original or old fashioned look of a pocket watch. It is made from stainless steel with a liquid filled military capsule. This could be a great heirloom for the future generation of dad’s clan. You can customize this pocket watch with dad’s initials for up to three characters.

Leather Watch Box

Collecting watches is his favorite hobby and he has ran out of storage for some of his precious keepsakes. You can help dad to secure the storage of his collection by gifting him this Leather Watch Box. It can also be customized by including dad’s 3 letter initials at the top lid. This watch box is sophisticatedly made and is perfected by hand. It has a key lock closure to ensure the security of dad’s personal collection.

Classical Trumpet Horn Turntable

Classical beauty is still a head turner. We often make fun of dad’s old fashioned ways but that is who he is and he likes it that way just like the way he listens to his music. This Trumpet Horn Turntable is a beautiful piece that is of classical theme and yet functioning as a phonograph too. Dad can enjoy his vinyl records the old fashioned way but he could also ask his grand kids or children to record them through USB for storage purposes. It’s not only a turntable and phonograph it also has a cassette player, AM and FM radio and CD player. Dad would definitely enjoy this wonderful and gorgeous music player. Kids can even player their USD songs through here too. This would be the perfect Father’s Day gift for the music lover dad.

Guided Fly Fishing

Fishing is dad’s therapy. He can do this often now since he is already retired. On Father’s Day, grab this opportunity to bond with dad and join him in one of his favorite pastime. The scenery is just to die for and both of your eyes would feast on it. You will not just fish with dad but both of you would also learn new techniques in fishing and casting from a professional guide on this experience package.

PGA National Golf Package

If dad loves to play golf and this your favorite hobby spent together, why not take him to a golf course in a higher level. Gift dad a PGA National Golf Package for him to experience playing golf in one of the world’s best golf resorts. He can play and test his skills in golf on five tournament ready courses designed by Karl Litten, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus to name a few. Spoil dad on Father’s Day and let him enjoy golf at its finest. Play with him and try to have a fun and competitive game to enjoy your stay at PGA National the more.

Father’s Day is your chance to show dad how much he means to you. Most of the time, dads are overlooked for all the hard work that they have done. Just like mothers they are also doing their best to raise their children in ways that they could and they to deserve recognition. All dads deserve a thank you whether they are a step father, single dad, retired dad and father figure. We do wish every dedicated father a very Happy Father’s Day and kudos for a job well done!

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