Gifts to Children That Parents Secretly Hate

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Children are the ones who enjoy holidays the most because most people say that it’s all about them. Children love the festivities especially the gift giving part. Of course, they are the recipients of most gifts. They receive gifts from relatives of both parents, from friends of their parents, from their friends, classmates and the list goes on. Although, children are not hard to please let’s face it, parents’ sometimes hate presents that their kid/s receive. They may flash their pearly whites on you upon seeing your gift and say how thankful they are but they’ll realize later on that they hate you once their child have opened your gift. To avoid being a jerk and to pull off the holiday gift giving task, we have rounded up the most hate-able gifts most parents secretly hate. You may relate to some of these items too.

On the second thought, you can also use these gifts to get back to the parents if you secretly hate them too. You know the parents of the bully kids who cause your child to be afraid and break out into tears? Or what about the parents who think they are perfect, the ones who always give you unsolicited advices on parenting. In other words, you can also use this list to the ones you think who deserve them to get back through their beloved child.

Here goes the list of the gifts that the adorable children would love but would definitely piss their parents off.
First of all, gifts that are luxurious, large and loud are usually hated by parents. Luxurious items are hated because they might intimidate the parents. They also impose a great responsibility for the child. Although, responsibility should be taught by the parents on an early stage of the child’s life but giving a child a diamond laced bracelet or a 24 carat gold bracelet is really over the top. The child has the tendency to lose them and the parents would then feel guilty of explaining what happened to the gift, how it became broken or lost.

Large items are hated by parents like a life sized doll which is bigger than their child. It has some hazardous side too especially if you are giving this kind of doll to a baby or a toddler. Consider also the size of the room or the house of the recipient. The child may love the gift to be very huge but the parents would hate you for it because of the huge space that it may also occupy in their home.
Loud items are of course one of the no no’s in gift giving to children not unless you would really want to give the parents some Grinch on their faces. Items below are one of the bestsellers during the holiday season and also usually hated by their parents:

Microphone. Kids love microphones especially if it comes with a drum set or a piano or a guitar and so their concert goes on. Anything that the child would need to practice often and loudly would really upset their parents especially if their kid would play it on wee hours at night.

Voice Changer. Kids love this toy and I don’t know why. Kids of all ages do feel entertained as they hear their voice change completely. As much as the children love this gift, the parents would feel the opposite because they would have to listen endlessly to their kiddo in eight other voices.

Musical Hand Bells. A musical hand bell is one of the gifts this holiday season that would bring a warm smile to kid. It could let them practice the musicality of the instrument and at the same time give them the feel of being in a hotel and strike it as they need a snack or if they are bored or just plainly striking them and hearing the sound that comes out of it would bring endless joy to the child. Don’t give this gift if you have no plans to piss the parent off.

Toy Gun. A toy gun comes with different sounds or comes with paint balls. Aside from being loud it may also be dangerous if not used properly by the child. Some parents are sensitive on this kind of toy because of the violence it may depict. Not unless you would really want the parents to hate you, it’s better to ask permission first before you gift a toy gun to a child.

Teeny Tiny Toys. A miniscule toy is also hated by parents because of the size, it might be a choking hazard for the kid or would be littered around the house after quite some time. Items below are among the top items given to kids that their parents would prefer not to be given.

Sand Art. Sand art would bring the artsy side of a child and would definitely be loved. Give a child a piece of paper, glue and sand then whoa the kid would stay behaved for a while. What about the creases on the floor? Once the sand has been scattered around, they would also be caught on the cracks of hardwood floors once the kid is done with their masterpiece. Also it might be eaten by the kid since most of these sands are candy colored.

Rainbow Loom. Rainbow loom is a great gift for both boys and girls. Summer season’s fad would be extended until the winter season with these rainbow looms. With just seconds the kids could make bigger and better bracelets but who will clean the litters of these rubber bands once the kids get bored?

Lego’s. Lego’s are well loved by all children because you can make almost anything. I remember making different models of houses when I was a kid. But I also remember the look on my Mom’s eyes as she steps on a Lego that I have misplaced. This is a sure fire slipping hazard to anyone so better not piss the parents.

Glitter. A gift of a jar of glitters to an artistic child is like giving a leprechaun a pot of gold. Glitters are available at any crafts store and could be used in projects, artworks and in all decorating favors. The child would love you more for this gift but the parents would hate you more because glitters will stay on the carpet, air ducts of be caught in the eyes of anyone.

Other Items that are also honorable mentions to be hate-able by the parents are the following:

Anything That Poops. Giving animals to a child to teach the child some responsibility of taking care another life form may be cute, at first. A puppy maybe well loved by the child but a child can’t completely take care of it just yet. A kid will not clean the poop or wipe it off the floor. Not unless you would want to see the face of the parents you hate go nuts or even hysterical in cleaning every poop.

Spy Set. Spy sets are becoming a fad these days ever since the cartoon tends to convince the kids that it’s cool to be a spy. Spy sets comes with ear pieces that lets the child listen through walls. Imagine the kid listening to the parent’s bedroom’s wall?


Gift giving could be fun especially if you are gifting children because you know how appreciative they are. But also bear in mind that since they are still young, responsibility is not imposed well in their vocabulary. Not unless you have the permission of their parents or not unless you have the intention to get back to them. It’s better to be nice and think of what you would want to be given to your kid when buying a present for a child. Gifts do really reflect on how you are as a person so if you don’t want to be tagged as a jerk and be hated later on, avoid the mentioned gifts above.

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