Top 10 Thoughtful Gifts for A Caring Nurse

gifts for nurse

Nurses don’t just assist doctors. They do more stuff than a doctor. They feed the patience, give them their medication, check each patients vital signs, they work even on holidays. Nurses are always there to take care of sick people. For me they are angels from heaven.

Give them a little token for their hard work and dedication. Here are some gift ideas that will really show how much you appreciate nurses in your life. You are so welcome to take a look.

“I’m A Nurse” What’s Your Super Power?” Coffee Mug

Have a sip of aromatic coffee to wake you up on your shift. This gift idea is perfect for nurses to enjoying drinking their coffee to keep them awake in a night shift or just simply enjoying their morning coffee. This hand painted mug has a yellow background with a lovely message that says: “I am a nurse, what’s your superpower?” This mug has a colorful and lively design with red and green dots. It can hold up to 12 oz of liquid and it is dishwasher safe. It is indeed a beautiful present to give a nurse friend.

Nurse Figure Car Window Decal

Beautify your car window with this nurse figure car window decal. It is a 6-inches tall waterproof vinyl decal that will show everybody who owns that car. You will never have a hard time looking for your car in the parking are because of the car decal, you will see where your car right away. It is so easy to apply on to your car window or any clean and dry surface. Once applied, it will look like it is a custom-painted figure. Since this is made of waterproof vinyl, this window decal will last for about 5 years. What a lovely piece of present to share isn’t it?

Swarovski Crystal Heart with Nurse Hat Necklace

Captivate eyes with this sophisticated Crystal heart lariat charm. This gift idea is a necklace with small Swarovski crystal heart with a nurse hat design. this lariat charm necklace is made of silver plated metal. It uses a lobster-claw clasp for a more secured lock, and a cable necklace that adds more beauty to this magnificent necklace. This is such a lovely piece of jewelry that makes a perfect gift on any type of occasion.

Prestige Stick Nurse Tote Bag

Be worry free, this nurse tote bag assures you your stuff has somewhere safe to be kept in. it is about 2x14x12 inches big just right to keep your things. It is made of water resistant materials keeping all your stuff dry and safe from rain. It has this lovely nurse drawing in the middle with a cute smile, as if she is saying he is ready to help anytime. This tote bag is available in different colors. Pick a color that blends well with your everyday attire. This is really a nice tote bag for a nurse. This is a gift idea that suits any type of celebration.

Prestige Gel Watch

Wrist watch is one of the essential things a nurse must have. this is very useful to them. They need their usual tasks like giving medicine, taking vital signs and to adjust the drops from your intravenous medication. This purple wrist watch is packed in a Lucite box. This is a water resistant watch and has casings available in black, blue pink, purple, peacock and chocolate. The recipient of this present will really be grateful to have this magnificent gift. this is just a simple gift idea but does a big help on their task.

Nurse Ornament

This cute ornament can be hung on Christmas trees or anywhere in her house. It is such a cute little present for a beautiful and cheerful nurse. It is made from high quality resin material that will surely last for years. It is hand painted with care and has a bright and colorful design. it can also be personalized. Since it is made of resin you can just simply personalize it by writing the recipient’s name on it using a pen or a Sharpie. This is simple but is a lovely gift to share.

Scrubs Bear (Sings “I’ll Be There”)

A pop of glorious cute surprise! This is what this gift idea is. This cute little bear wears a full scrub suit uniform ready for a toxic day in the hospital. Its mouth moves while it sings the “I’ll be there” song as her body moves along with the rhythm. it has a complete nurse get up. It wears bright pink scrubs, cute little stethoscope, and an idea badge around her little neck. Anyone will love this gift whether they are a nurse or not they will fall in love with this cute little gift item.

Nurse T-Shirt – The Hardest Job You Will Ever Love

This job is indeed a hard job but is also a fulfilling one. It feels good to help sick people and very fulfilling to see they get well. It breaks your heart to see someone suffer from illness but it is happy to see when they get better. Taking care of sick people are hard because most of the time they are so uneasy and grumpy. Being a nurse requires you a lot of patience. This gift idea is a nice gift to share a nurse friend. It is made from heavy duty pre-shrunk cotton in a unisex design and sizing. It is machine washable and a perfect gift on any type of celebration.

Home Healthcare Nurse Journal

Home Healthcare Nurse is a contemporary journal that helps and serves educational and communication needs of home care and hospice nurse. This journal is really helpful to home care nurse due to it provides interactive and timely information and support for their profession. This provides tips and advices on how they can do their job better. This is a very useful gift idea that will help them although out the year.

The American Nurse

This book is an inspiring present to give your nurse friend. It is not an easy task to take care of sick people. I salute their patience and dedication to their job. Nurses is such a blessing to those who are weak because of illness. This extraordinary book contains interviews, biographies and 75 portraits of American nurses. The recipient of this gift item will surely love this .

Being a nurse is such a noble job. You need to have endless patience to take care of sick people. They a gift from heaven.

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