The Best Gift Ideas for a Teen Age Boy

Gifts for Teen Boys

Boys are naughty but charming. Remember the days that your little boy still plays silly things. Now that he is a teenager there are things that he no longer do and need. He is no longer a kid but not fully a grown up man yet.

There are stuffs that no longer get his interest and there will be sometimes that it is hard to understand them. Here are cool stuffs that you can give him on any type of occasion whether it is his birthday or Christmas. He will definitely love these gift items. Enjoy browsing!

Terrain Blue Velcro Sports Watch

Is your teenage boy is too old for a rainbow colored wrist watch and too young for a serious style of watch? Well this is a perfect gift item for him. This is such a great watch for a young man who is ready to try the grown up fashion. This gift idea is made of quality products for great durability. It has an adjustable Velcro strap and features quartz movement and rotating bezel. One great thing about this beside its cool design is it is water resistant. He will definitely love this.

DIY Guitar Pick Punch

Does your teenage boy love to play guitar but always lose his guitar pick? This gift idea will make sure he will never run out of guitar pick again, all he needs is punch his own guitar pick. It can punch materials up to 0.9mm thick. He can be creative in making is out picks. He can glue slimmer picks together to create a unique style. This is going to be the coolest gift ever!

Power-Up Arcade Light Switch Plate

Teenager wanted something cool and different. They are one a stage that they wanted try different stuff and wanted to be unique in some way. This gift idea is going to be loved by your teenage boy. Transform his room into an arcade like place. Replace his light switch with an arcade joystick. It has lights and sounds effects too. If he presses the red button it will create an arcade sound for additional fun. It is so easy to assemble but please take extra precautions installing this on the switch plate.

Virtual Keyboard for iPad & iPhone

This is an amazing gift and you might want to have one as well. This gift item is a head turner. It projects a full-size laser keyboard on any flat surface. It allow as the user to type on a full size keyboard by connecting it wirelessly to an iPhone, iPad, some smart phone and laptops via Bluetooth. It also has a mouse mode feature that allows you to use your finger as a mouse. It battery operated and will last up to 150 minutes or approximately 2 hours or more. Isn’t a good stuff to buy? Perfect for any type of occasion and you might get one for yourself as well.

USB Squirming Tentacle

This is the coolest USB ever! This USB squirming tentacles is perfect gift for your teenage boy. He will love to have it for sure. Just plug it into a USB port and it will do its stuff. This doesn’t store any data but it will definitely create fun if your teenage boy wanted to play around with his friends. It looks like a monster is trying to sneak out of his laptop. It wiggles and squirms when plugged into a USB port. It uses power from the USB port to make it move. This is going to be his favorite toy!

iHome Color Changing iPhone Speaker Dock

If you are unsure what to give a teenage boy on a special occasion, it will be safe to give him something he can use. If he has an iPhone or an iPod this is going to be a safe gift to give. It has a simple and elegant design but has a contemporary look that suite anyone’s taste. It also uses Reason8 speaker chamber technology that gives out bold stereo sound. Its translucent cabinet changes color with just a touch of a button. Teenager loves listening to music, so this gift idea is perfect for your teenage boy. He can enjoy listening to his favorite music while charging his iPhone or iPod.

MG Portable Android Wi-Fi Game System

f all he wanted is to play android games, then this is a good stuff to give him. This new portable gaming system is so easy to use. You get free games or set a prepaid allowance in case you wanted to purchase some games. It runs off the Google Play via Wi-Fi and has the freedom to access thousands of great free games. It is s convenient to use and a lot cheaper compare to some devices. It also saves the battery life of their mobile phones so they can use it for more important things. It also includes an 8GB micro SD card for more storage.

Light Show Fountain Speakers

Teenagers love music and this gift item will add more fun by letting the music dance before their eyes. Just plug in and iPod, MP3 player, smart phone or plug it straight to a computer and start the music. The water bounces to the beat as if they are dancing with the beat. It has a multi-colored LED lights that light up the water while it bounces. It looks great in the dark. IT has USB compatibility so for sure this will work on all devices that have USB features. What a fantastic gift to give and perfect for any type of occasion.

Leather Braided Zen Bracelet

This gift idea has a great looking style that is perfect for teenage boys. It is an accessory that doesn’t look girly! It is made of brown genuine leather bracelet. It has a braided strand at the middle and two leather strands on each side. It also has an adjustable drawstring pull cords for easy use. This bracelet is not too heavy; it is simple and fits any size of wrist because of its adjustable pull cords. He is no longer a kid so make him look like a real teenage boy!

AfterShokz Open Earphones

If your problem is your teenage boy who can’t hear you whenever he is playing his favorite game or listening music with his earphone on, this gift idea will solve your problem and will make him happy too! It has a tiny speaker that will not block the ear canal making it easy to hear tings round while talking on the phone or listening to music. This is a safe way to listen to tunes while doing stuff because it doesn’t expose the ears to booming bass or soaring treble. Best of all, he will hear his music and the traffic! Safety and style!

He is already a teenager but needs to be guided so that he will turn into a proper man in the future!

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