Knock Out! The Best Gifts for Boxing Fans

boxing gifts

Boxing is a sport that has been around since 3rd Millennium BC. There are some artifacts from Sumerian reliefs in Mesopotamian carvings showing this sport participated by the early Sumerians. Today, boxing is highly popular and attracts both enthusiasts and spectators from all parts of the world. Professional and amateur boxers have huge number of fans due to their great fighting skills and the excitement of the sport.

If you know someone who loves boxing, take a look at this list of cool gift ideas for boxing fans.

Boxing Glove Cross Necklace

This gift idea is made from alloy material and has a pendant that is 1.4” x 0.7” in size. It has an adjustable chain size about 15”x 30”. This boxing glove pendant necklace has a vintage punk style that looks so cool on casual attire. This pendant shows your passion with boxing. This is a physical sport and it takes a lot of pain for you to be called a champion. This is a wonderful gift idea for a boxing player and fans as well.

King Sports Boxing Punching Bag for Kids

A fan of any sport surely knows how to play it. Like for basketball fans most of them know how to play basketball and most of them plays very good too. Just like with boxing there are a lot of fans who watches a match and they know how to play this sport as well. Boxing is now known to be a wonderful exercise to keep your body fit and healthy. This gift idea will help you doing your routine boxing exercises and a sparring partner in some events. This gift idea is safe to use and easy to assemble.

Ringside Youth Diablo Boxing Shoes

This boxing shoe has a high-top ankle design to add more support and protection to your feet while practicing or even on a fight. This pair of boxing shoes is made from patent leather vinyl finish and is available in many colors. This is a sport-specific shoe with a combined style and durability producing an elite class performance. This is intended for indoor and gym use. Good shoes to wear on your sparring practice. Makes sure you know what size to pick.

Apollo Creed Satin Robe & Boxer Short Set

Feels like Rocky Balboa! This gift idea is a perfect costume for the 4th of July, Halloween or maybe a Boxing themed party. It is comfortable to wear. This gift idea is derived from the famous boxing film. It has an awesome quality, comfort and great gift to give. Dare your friend to wear this whenever he goes to the gym. This can also be used as a night gown and boxers for a goodnight sleep. You can also try look for a gloves that has the same design to complete the outfit.

Boxing Champ 79 T-Shirt

This gift idea is made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton with a fade resistant silk screen print. It is officially licensed Kaiser Chiefs merchandise. This shirt shows a British band showing off their 2007 trophy boxing gloves on the front. This is great attire for someone who loves boxing. This is just a simple way of showing your passion and love for boxing. This shirt is perfect for everyday use since it has a casual look and style.

US Flag Boxing Gloves

Boxing is a physical sport. You have to maintain your physique and good health. This sport enhances and promotes body fitness and health. Nowadays boxing has been an effective routing for individuals that want loose weight and maintains heir figure. This gift idea can be used for training at the gym or at home. This gift idea is a good start to have a happy and healthy lifestyle. These gloves are adjustable for comfortable use.

Boxing iPhone 4/4S Case

A gift idea is much appreciated if it is personalized. The recipient feels appreciated and special receiving a gift given just for them. This personalized Apple iPhone 4G plastic case can be personalized using a laser engraved with an image you like or even the name of the person you wanted to give it to. This nice gift idea is made from durable plastic with a rubberized finish. You can choose from variety of colors and make sure you pick the recipient’s favorite color. This is really a fabulous gift to share on any type of occasion.

Everlast Punch Mitts

This gift idea is absolutely a good pick. This is a durable punching mitt made by Everlast; one of the leading makers of boxing gear since 1910. This will help them sharpen their boxing skills and technique. It is made from durable premium synthetic polycanvas for good functionality and performance. It also uses a full glove backing design increasing its support and comfortable use. This gift idea will be a good help for a boxing fan especially if he or she is inspiring to be a great boxing player someday. Perfect gift idea for any type of occasion.

Wall Mural – Boxing Match Art

Express your fanatic emotion with this art piece. This printed vinyl wall mural decal is a valuable art piece to anyone who is a boxing fan. This product is designed by StickerBrand Design. It is produced and cut from StickerBrand studio. They make quality and superior wall decals compare to others. This is great to decorate your room or living room walls. No need to glue or ad any adhesive components because this wall decal is so easy to use. Simply peel it off and stick it on your walls. It has a nice and elegant style. This is a wall decal just for boxing fans.

Valeo Deluxe Speed Rope

This gift idea can help a boxing fan achieving good speed and agility. It has an adjustable-length designed for speed training to help boxers with their footwork. This rope measures about 10 feet long overall and can be adjusted for comfortable usage. It is made of durable solid rubber rope with molded handles with foam grip for great comfort. One great feature of this gift idea is its sealed ball bearings for even rotation. Absolutely a great gift idea for boxing fans.

Support your friend’s dream. It is not wrong to be a boxing fan. It helps someone achieve good physique and promotes healthy lifestyle. Any gift idea will be perfect for your boxing fan friend. This gift will surely be appreciated.

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