Purrfectly Awesome Gifts for Cats

Ginger domestic kitten (Felis catus) rolling on back playing

Pet cats are so adorable and sweet. They will greet you by purring around you or by clawing your jeans whenever you come home. They always lay down on your lap whenever you are free to sit and enjoy reading or watching your favorite television show. Personally I love cats, I love them as pets because they are so easy to take care of, they are not that noisy and they are also loyal pets.

Like humans they also have birthdays and needs to be pampered as well. Why don’t you give them a purrfect treat on their birthday or maybe on Christmas? Give them a little reward for being an adorable loyal pet. Here are some gift ideas that will surely make your cat purr to happiness.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Give your favorite feline friend a place to climb, exercise and play around. This gift idea is a perfect gift for a playful feline. This will really make your cat busy for hours. It is so easy to assemble. It has all three major must-have feature you are looking for; condo, ramp and top perch. It has a great value for your money and it gives great comfort to your lovely feline friend. Its parts are made of wood and the covering is made of faux fur. It also includes the screws, tools, boards and the instructions. Once this is assembled your cat will be excited to get on and try it!

PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge

Your cat is just like a human, it also has lifestyle to maintain. Do not to deprive your cat with it; they also need to have a bit of fancy lifestyle. This gift idea gives great value to your money because it acts as a scratcher and a lounge at the same time. It has a sleek and simple design. One great thing about this furniture is that it is made of eco-friendly and recycled corrugated cardboard. Your cat cannot resist its curves that is so easy to scratch and so comfortable to rest and play on. It is specifically constructed to lasts longer compared to other scratchers. This is a must have for your cat.

Prissy Pink Aurora Crystal Rhinestone Cat Collar

Made of top quality crystal glass rhinestones, this cute collar makes your cats feels she is a royalty. This cat collar includes a crown charm as additional accent. It fits 7 ½”- 9” snug neck sizes. Its collar can be made into a safety collar. It is weight just right, she will be looked at everyone with her majestic collar. You have to measure your cat’s neck with no extra room, any way manufacturer adds length for your pet’s comfort. Your cat will love this special gift for sure.

Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

This innovative watering system is a perfect gift for a special cat. It features a patented free falling water stream that makes the water clean all the time. Of course you want your cat to stay safe and healthy. This item can hold up to 168 ounces of water. This wonderful item will make your cat stay off your counters, sink and toilets for everyone’s hygiene as well. This watering system includes water reservoir, charcoal filter, pre-filter, snap-on lid, and submersible pump. It is important for your pet to stay hydrated all the time to keep him healthy. Just like humans, the best way to improve our health is to drink more water to keep our body hydrated. This will surely make sure that the water your cat drinks is clean and safe.

Dart Automatic Pet Laser Toy

Are you looking for a pet toy that will make your cat busy for hours? This automatic rotating laser gives your pet amusement, even for hours long. It has a programmable speed according to how your pet loves it, it can be set to a fast mode or a turtle speed. It has 16 exciting play modes that will definitely make your pet’s paws busy all the time. It features 360 degree laser patterns that will make your pet dizzy chasing the laser. It will really be hilarious to watch your pet go crazy chasing that laser.

Automatic Pet Feeder

This gift item is an amazing product for your pet cat. This is a perfect feeder when you go out for a business or holiday trip. The best thing about this product is it has a programmable portion sizes and feeding frequency, making it easy for your to feed your cat and assures your that right amount is given even you are busy doing some stuff. Aside from the programmable portion sizes feature it also has a pet-proof lock and hopper-lid. It has a heavy base to make sure it won’t tip when ever your cat plays around. If you are away your cat won’t miss you that much because you can record a personal message for your pet, making him feel you are just around. Isn’t this a fantastic product to buy for a wonderful pet?

Friskies Party Mix, Beachside Crunch Cat Treats

This gift item is full of delicious chicken meal, salmon, fish, tuna meal and a lot more of wonderful treats for your lovely feline pet. It has variety of flavor-coated crunchies and has irresistible aroma and flavor. This will definitely be your cat’s favorite. This product also mind your cat’s health, they even have low sugar treats. This really has great value of your money. Cats are sometimes picky on their treats, but they can never resist this treat. Just shake the bag and see how they come running just to have a taste of this wonderful treat. Trust me because my cat loves it so much.

C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Cats

We are sometimes hesitant buying stuff online specially if it something to do with your cat’s health. There are also some cases that they won’t like the treats because the flavor tastes awful. This product covers your cat’s health as well as having a treat that taste great. This product has a natural antiseptic that has abrasive action for plaque and tarter control. It can be given at least once a day to reduce plaque and calculus on your cat’s teeth. This can be given as a treat, your cat enjoys chewing it and at the same time his teeth is getting cleaned too!

Vet’s Best Natural Flea and Tick Home Spray

The best gift you can give your pet is safety and health. Giving them the love and care makes them feel happy and the more loyal they become. It is such an eyesore to see your cat suffer from fleas and ticks. It makes them feel uneasy and very uncomfortable. Too much fleas makes your pet thin and unhealthy. With this gift item you are sure that your cat is protected from these pests. It safeguards your cats away from mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. It is free of pyrethrins and cedar oil so you are sure your cat is safe. This product works great and safe around cats 12 weeks old. This has absolutely chemical free!

Hagen Catit Design Senses Play Circuit

This gift idea is a great toy that worth to buy. It is very well designed and is a sturdy and durable toy for your playful cat. This will keep your cat occupied not just like other cat toys, There are cats that get bored easily on their toys but this is different, this will make your cat play with it for hours. You too will have fun watching your cat having fun while chasing the balls in and out of the wavy lines. This is a must buy, it actually targets enhancing your cat’s senses while they are being entertained. This gift item includes 4 tracks, 2end caps and 1 ball. It really makes great value on your money.

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