Excellent Gift Ideas for Dads Who Want Nothing


Whenever we ask are dads what they wanted they rarely say what they like and want to have. They have the idea that they are the provider and they don’t know the feeling of asking for something because they are used to give instead of to receive.

You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to give him a special gift to show your dad how much you appreciate him. He doesn’t need to say what he wants or what he likes. Asking is futile, too, because the only answer you will get is “nothing” or something like funny like,  “love” or “world peace”.

Take a look at this list of gift ideas that he will surely love whether it is his favorite stuff or not.

Camera Lens Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Most of our dads need a shot of caffeine in the morning to get them going. But most of the days they don’t have the time to take just a sip of coffee. This gift idea is best answer in case this thing happens. This insulated mug keeps his favorite drink hot or cold. It is lightweight and durable for longtime use. The great thing about it is it looks like a real camera lens. Make sure that your dad won’t pour his coffee on to the real camera lens!

NiteCore TM26 “Tiny Monster” Flashlight

Take a look at the World’s smallest 3500 lumen LED flashlight. It has a multi function OLED display, a thermal protection circuit that prevents overheating of this device, compatible with Li-ion and CR123 batteries. Its design and performance is really awesome. This is a gift idea that he can’t resist!

Samsonite Golf Trunk Organizer

If your dad is into golf and he loves this a lot you can give him this gift idea. If he is not into sports you can also introduce to him this sport. Golf is somehow a relaxing game, the green grass, the breeze of the air in the golf course and the feeling of getting “hole in one” sets a good mood for your old man. This gift idea is something he will definitely like. If he plays golf this is a great help for him to organize his stuff and if he doesn’t this gift will make him play golf. It is a two-level, collapsible travel bag for golf with a great organization benefits. You can also try to add some golf balls and tees!

Tamarac by Slippers International

If you have a tough dad and so hard to please try this gift idea for sure the moment he opens that gift box he will put his feet into his new pair of slippers right away! This gift idea is so comfy, similar to Uggs boots but has a great durability. It is good for outdoor use and great for indoors as well. This slipper is lightweight for home slippers and still comfortable for outdoor use. Made of suede, rubber sole and lined with shearling and wool. Try this gift idea and see the smile on your father’s face.

Mr. BBQ 18-Piece Tool Set

Every Family get together most of the time it is our dads who do prepare the BBQs. Make it permanent and make him feel he is in charge. Fathers are the head of the family and as well as family get together. He will always be prepared in all grilling and BBQ moments with this 18-piece BBQ tool set. It includes 4in1 spatula, knife, basting brush, 8 corn holders, 4 skewers and tongs. This gift is a big time; you only purchase one gift but have a lot in it.

Golf Lesson with a PGA Pro

Whether your dad plays golf or not this gift idea is a great thing to give him. This Golf Lesson will correct imperfection in his swing and make him play like a pro. He will get a personalized instruction during the golf lesson done by a PGA Pro. This is an Ultimate gift idea for your dad and he won’t say no for this!

Top Gun Aerobatic Flight

Give your dad a chance to take control of Extra 330LC aircraft and give him a TOP GUN feeling. He will fly with an FAA certified flight instructor with 10-20 experience; this will assure you that your dad will be safe flying up in the air with these guys. This is going to be a thrilling and exciting day for him.

Private Vineyard Tasting Tour and Picnic

Your dad will love to enjoy an ultimately exclusive wine tour in New York’s sparkling wine vineyard, Sparkling Pointe. Experience and award winning wine made by Giles Martin who earned 20 years of national and international experience. Your dad will enjoy a behind the scenes private tour in the winery, vineyard and wine cellar as being accommodated by a friendly tour guide. It will be best if he can be with you and your mom to spend a picnic in the vines with cheese and chocolate for a great wine tasting experience.

Best Dad Ever Shirt

Simple as it is, but what is printed on the shirt says a lot to him. Being called as a best dad is really flattering and overwhelming. This is just a simple way to honor your dad. He deserves to be called the Best Dad Ever! This gift idea is made of 100% cotton, making it very comfortable to wear. Casual and loose fitting style so he can wear it even every day if he likes.

Dad is My Roll Model Necktie

This is one of the great ways to appreciate your dad. It’s a gift perfect for any type of occasion. Let your dad knows of what a wonderful role model he is for you. This is a simple way to thank him of raising you well and loving you unconditionally. It is made of silk, 55” long and 4” wide. Buy one for you as well so you too will have the same! A look-a-like.

Your gift doesn’t need to be expensive just to impress or to make you dad feel appreciated. He wouldn’t ask for anything, all he wanted are your love and respect. And it is something money can’t buy but will make him happier than anyone else.

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