Heroes of Today: The Best Gifts for Firemen


Firefighters are one of our great heroes of our time. They risk their lives every time they save individuals who are caught in fire and other critical situations. They are like our brave cops who are ready to be at risks just to save someone in times of trouble. We must appreciate their greatness. It is indeed a good idea to give them a small token for the good job they are doing. Here are some gift suggestions that will definitely make them feel appreciated. Feel free to browse and hope you find something that will really make your firefighter happy.

Bronze Fire Fighter Pocket Watch

This gift idea is a perfect gift for a firefighter definitely for a fire chief! This is a special pocket watch made for firefighters that they can use every day and for special occasion. Your fire fighter friend will love this full hunter pocket watch. This pocket watch has a firefighter design and a metal chain about 365mm long. It uses Arabic numbers on its dial and analog quartz movement giving you the right time. It is made of bronze and has a vintage look. It is nice to find a watch like this especially made for fire fighters.

St. Florian Keychain (Patron Saint of Fireman)

This gift idea is a perfect gift for a fireman in the family or a friend. This keychain is made with good quality for a nice price. This makes a great gift because it gives protection to your fireman friend or a family member who risks his or her life just to save others from fire. Being a fireman is indeed a noble job to have. The happiness of helping people will not be compensated by any amount. It is a gift of care and protection. Absolutely a good choice for a gift item, perfect for any occasion.

Fire Extinguisher Cufflinks

A set of fire extinguisher cufflink s are special jewelry gift that has a special symbol and serves as a memorable gift for a fireman. It is made from rhodium plated metal, in red and silver colors. These cufflinks are fashionable and sturdy. It can be used in formal events. This set of lovely cufflinks comes in a special gift box; ready for gift giving. This gift idea is a suitable gift for any type of occasion. This is a right choice of gift idea; you will not regret giving this as a gift.

Stories of Faith and Courage from Firefighters & First Responders

Share this book full of stories about faith and courage of firefighters. It has stories of real life bravery displayed by these great firefighters. This book has good quality and it is so nice to be given as a gift for any type of occasion. Give it to your friends and family members especially to those firefighters you know. They will be pleased and happy to have this. This book will make anyone appreciate how great it is to be a firefighter.

Firefighter: Always Ready Pullover Hoodie

Where else can you find a nice hoodie sweat shirt in a good price? This gift idea is great for fire fighters. This sweat shirt hoodie has a firefighter’s helmet and axes that makes it a special sweatshirt for firefighter’s and those who wanted to become one of them. This pullover sweatshirt is made from a machine washable cotton and polyester fabric. It is available in different colors. It has a nice and comfortable fit; just make sure your pick the right size. Sizes available are small, medium, large, x-large and xx-large. Cool and fashionable firefighter’s sweatshirt.

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Rescue Tool

Firefighters must be ready all the time. As rescuers you should always be ready and equipped to save and rescue those who need help. This gift idea will help them be ready all the time. It is specially design for rescue and safety use. It can be used even you are wearing thick gloves and it is so easy to see because it comes in a luminescent handles. It has sturdy grip handles so that it won’t give you a hard time using it in times of emergencies. This knife rescue tools include large locking blade, screw driver, crate opener and wire stripper that will help you with your rescuing missions. This is definitely a useable gift idea for firemen.

Non-Flammable? T-Shirt

Being a fireman comes with a big challenge. It is indeed a big challenge to save lives of people. Rescuing people from danger is not a joke. It is critical job that put their own lives in danger as well. This shirt is simple yet it displays how big a fireman’s responsibility is. They are not non-flammable men but they risk their lives just to save other people’s life. This gift idea is made from good quality cotton fabric that makes it a great gift for firefighters.

Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug

A hot and steaming coffee is perfect to wake you up on your shift. Firefighters should always be ready and awake in case of emergency. They should always have an alert mind and energized body to rescue people in a critical situation. This gift idea is a cool and practical gift idea to give a firefighter that you know. It has a retro designed mug perfect for firefighters. Its glossy finish makes it more adorable. It has a 12V power feature that reheats your coffee even you are in your car of fire truck, just plug it in your car’s cigarette lighter port and it will reheat you coffee. Isn’t this a marvelous gift item to share?

Tactical Chef Apron

Firemen fights fire but on their free time they can have fun with the heat. Have a break from your fire fighting activities and have fun grilling those meat and patties. Enjoy a barbecue day with your family and friends. This tactical chef apron makes you feel comfortable while grilling. It is made for outdoor grilling making you feel like a real commando chef. It is made from machine washable 100% cotton, and great for outdoor use. it has several pouches for condiments and cooking utensils. This is a wonderful gift idea to share.

Fireman Protection Medal

Prayers for our firefighter friends and family members will definitely shield them from any harm and danger. This gift idea will keep them reminded that someone is praying for them to be far from danger and waiting for them to come home safely. This nice firefighter medal necklace is made from Sterling silver that comes with a rhodium plated stainless steel necklace chain. It has an antique cross design. This necklace makes a wonderful gift.

Being a fire fighter is indeed a noble job. It is something that you should be proud of. If you have a friend or a family member that is a firefighter you must extend you appreciation to their great dedication to what they are doing. Saving lives of other individual while risking yours is not an easy thing to do. Not everyone is ever willing to do this.

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