Top Gifts for Mother-in-Law That Will Make Her Love You

Let’s face it. When we get married, we also have to contend with a new mother we are not used to. The mother-in-law will fill up that little space that our own mothers forgot to annoy us with.

Then again, we are looking for GOOD gifts here, not passive-aggressive ones that will create more friction. Here, we will focus on those that will score points with the in-law. After all, although your mother-in-law is a psychotic terror, she gaves you the best gift of all — her child, your spouse.

Check out these gifts that will make your MIL love you!

Framed Artwork and Poem

There are many of these framed artwork and poem dedicated to mother-in-laws. If your mother-in-law is easily touched, you are in luck, as not only she will appreciate this, these are also quite inexpensive.

Wonder Woman Apron

Tell her that she is a superwonman trying to juggle household and having you as a child-in-law. The self-depreciating humor will flatter her and make her feel better towards you. Try it.

Starbucks Coffee Daybreak Gift Basket

If she loves coffee, you won’t go wrong with this gift idea. Not only will she get to sample different types of coffee offered by Starbucks, she will also get an assortment of Tazo teas and with a matching coffee mug to boot. Delicious!

Core Bamboo Vase

Toss in a bouquet of flowers while you are at it. Simply put, most older women rarely get flowers anymore (and there is a good chance she is one of those) and you will get another point in her books by presenting her a very tasteful (but inexpensive) vase and flowers to put in it.

MyGift Bird’s Nest Jewelry Tree

So classy! If your mother-in-law loves jewelry, you might want to give her one of these beautiful bird’s nest jewelry trees by MyGift. It can hold up to sixteen earring and the branches can hold necklaces, bracelets and watches. She can happily showcase her jewelry collection with this gift. Lovely!

Diamond Drop Earrings

Diamonds are always a girl’s best friend. Even if that girl is an older woman who happens to be your spouse’s mother, and the grandmother of your children. When it comes to diamonds, women remain as girls. The diamond earrings need not be the expensive type. Some are in the price range of around fifty to a hundred dollars, which is a relatively inexpensive gift for a happy in-law.

Electric Houdini Corkscrew

If she appreciates fine wines, she will love you if you give her one of these electric corkscrews. It pulls out wine corks at a touch of a button, so she does not have to exert effort to get herself drunk… er… drinks. It is so powerful, that a single full charge (yes, it is rechargeable!) of this gizmo will be able to uncork up to thirty bottles. That is a lot of alcohol.

Gardening Tools and Caddy by Fiskars

If she likes gardening, do not just get her a trowel, get her a good gardening set instead complete with different tools for digging into the soil, garden shears, gloves and something to hold these tools in. Throw in this caddy by Fiskars, too. It even has a bucket to carry water in! It makes gardening easier. A must have for MILs with green thumbs.

Pink Paw Fuzzy Slippers

She will love these! I mean, who does not? I can picture her wearing these at bedtime. Personally, I like the pink paw fuzzies.

“She Who is My Mother-in-Law” Coffee Mug

Sounds like the way you address Lord Voldemort, doesn’t it? But she will love this mug as there is a poem behind it, thanking the MIL for raising her son. Incidentally, as the poem implies, it should be given by the daughter-in-law.

D & G Light Blue

This is the best selling women’s perfume on Amazon and it has a ton of reviews from women who use it. Check the reviews at the link above. One word of caution – beware of imitations.

Ultimately, the best way to make your mother-in-law happy is to treat her lovingly and with respect, just like your own mother. Don’t forget her on Mother’s Day.

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