Ten Best Gift Ideas a New Dad Would Love to Receive


New dads are partly excited and nervous to see his first baby. It is more than the nervousness he feels in a job interview or when he asked for his wife’s hand.

For sure these new dads are delighted to see their 1st baby and we can’t avoid the fact that they are somehow anxious on what will come next.

Make them feel that they are not alone and there are people who supports them and will help them through their journey. Give them something that will humor and delight them to loosen up their anxiousness even a bit. Here are some gift suggestions I recommend to show these dads that we appreciate them and to comfort them as well.

I Make Adorable Babies Shirt (Combo for Dad and Baby)

What about this cute gift for a new dad. It is a perfect outfit for your new dad. Isn’t an adorable gift to give? Dads are 100% proud of their own creation and this is the perfect way to boast that he is a new dad with an adorable baby. This gift idea can be worn while welcoming visitors when they visit your new baby. Let him be a proud DAD!

“Game Over” Father to Be Tee

Add a little humor when our first timer dad welcomes his new baby. “Game Over” this is usually a phrase that describes a father-to-be’s life. Well yes technically he will no longer have plenty of time for himself, less night outs, few times for bonding with friends. But that doesn’t mean that he will no longer have fun because it is a start of new type of fun and enjoyment. This shirt says “Game Over” because he is about to start a new exciting game called fatherhood.

The Baby Owner’s Manual

Check out this cute out of the box gift idea! This new operating instructions for new human is such a hilarious gift to give a first time dad. Troubleshooting all his baby problems is saved by this manual. This manual has a step by step instructions and schematic diagrams to make things easier for our new dad. It is such a fun way of welcoming his new status!

Show Dad How – Parenting Guide

Some dad takes it seriously. Well you can’t blame them if they would ask the entire best for their child. Maybe that is why new dads are nervous. Break the tension and seriousness with this gift idea. It is a hilarious and very informative guide for first time dads. This is a perfect gift idea that will show practical and funny guide for every first time dad.

Willow Tree “New Dad” Figurine

“In awe and wonder of what’s to come” This is what this figurine exactly tells. Willow tree “NEW DAD” Figurine is perfect gift to give a new dad. It is an original work of Artist Susan Lordi; an art piece that exactly shows an emotion a new dad can’t say. No words can interpret the happiness and excitement a new dad feels.

“Hello, My New Name is Daddy” Coffee Mug

It is nice to start a day with something nice and sweet. Our father-to-be will appreciate this gift idea. He will definitely feel proud to tell everyone that he is a new dad. This coffee mug has a print of “Hello my name is : Daddy” , hearing this might sound different for the first few days , but being called a dad is a privilege and a lifetime title that no one can take away from you. No license needed, no interview to pass or exams to perfect.

Star Wars Family Car Decals

Our father-to-be needs to change his car decal with this new Star Wars Family Car Decal; this will tell everyone of his new status. This is a cool gift to give to a new dad, for sure he will feel excited to see and welcome his new baby. It is somehow unique way to brag his new title: being a new “DAD.”

The Dad Bag

Most of the time when the baby is about to arrive, the very first person who panics a lot is the husband. They tend to worry much and forget the stuff he needs to bring for the baby. This is a good stuff to give a first time dad. It will be a great relief for him not to think of what to bring whenever that big day arrives.

Basket Affair – New Dad’s Survival Kit Gourmet Gift Basket

Celebrate this great day of our first time dad! Congratulate and help this sleepy man wake up with this great gift. For sure he wakes up a lot in the middle of the night to cuddle and put his new baby back to sleep. This thoughtful gift is filled with snacks and treats that he needs to refresh and energize his sleepy body. Being a new dad is hard task and he needs energy to stay awake and alive when ever his new baby needs him.

Diaper Dude Diaper Bag

A really manly diaper bag! It has a good, plain design (not flowery!) so he won’t feel like a mom trotting it around. The ergonomic design lets the soft strap go across his crest so it is comfortable to bring along for hours. Carrying baby stuff like bibs, wipes and bottles has never been easier… and macho!

Every first is memorable and being a new dad is the most memorable and challenging part of a Man’s life. Being a dad is a lifetime commitment , it has no expiration, no contract and no license renewal. Good luck and congratulations to all new dads around!

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