Gifts for the Bridesmaids


Bridesmaids are the women who took part on your wedding day’s planning process and spent most of their time with you. They stayed by your side and took part in every task that you assign to them. There’s no amount that could suffice to thank them, the most that you could do is to gift them a personalized gift as a reminder of your appreciation for their participation on your wedding day. An ordinary keychain or thank you note would be a little vague and you would not want to look like you haven’t thought much of what to give them do you? Feel free to view the wide selection we have picked for you to help you out in choosing the perfect way to say thank you to your dear bridesmaids.

Personalized Cosmetic Bags

Nothing beats a gift with a personalized touch. If your bridesmaids are fond of cosmetics, your gift of a cosmetic bag with cosmetics inside would be highly appreciated. This cosmetic bag is not an ordinary bag because the names of each bridesmaid are beautifully embroidered on the outside. A single initial up to nine characters can be embroidered with a thread color and font style of your choice. Seeing their names on the outside of each bag would make it extra special and personal. There are several designs to choose from like polka dots, floral, black and white, plain and more. You can choose a different design per bridesmaid to match their personality and interests. You can choose a small or a large cosmetic bag whichever you think would fit your bridesmaids. Each cosmetic bag is made from polyester and cotton which has a zip closure, cotton lining and a handy inner pocket. This cosmetic bag is also machine washable so your bridesmaids would not have a hard time maintaining it.

Birthstone Bracelet

A simple way of saying thank you to your girlfriends is by gifting them this dainty birthstone bracelet. Each of them would have a different bracelet based on their birth month. Birthstones have long fascinated people, ever since certain precious stones were linked to the zodiac and were fabled to have certain protective powers, meaning and significance. This would be a brilliant tribute to your friend who stood by your side through thick or thin especially during the times when you are hard to deal with because of the wedding pressure you are experiencing. This delicate looking yet eye catchy sterling silver chain bracelet has a narrow bar centerpiece with a long line of birthstone. To make the bracelet more personal, you can engrave the name of each bridesmaid at the back and names can be written up to 10 characters.

Wonder Woman Diana Prince Watch

Wonder woman is the super heroine that symbolizes women being powerful and can do almost all from fighting for justice to combating evil doers; she has always been a feminist icon. For your bridesmaids who seem to have done it all and for you they have been a wonder woman in their own rights, then this would be a right gift for them. This wonder woman watch is a beautifully designed watch with rhinestones and a wonder woman logo on the face. Each number indicator has a silver star with a bigger one for 12. It has a 1 and ½” diameter in the face and the straps measure ¾”. It comes in a white color so your bridesmaids can wear it on your wedding day or in almost any outfit they wish to wear. Since it is white in color, it would certainly compliment their outfit and make them shine even more. Each wonder woman watch comes with a hinged gift box which makes it more special when given as a gift.

Superheroine Caped Sleep Tanks

If you love sleepovers with your girlfriends this would be a perfect gift for them. This sleep tanks are extra special because they have capes and yes they are designed with different styles from Bat girl, Wonder woman to Super girl. Make your sleepovers extra fun with these super heroine sleep tanks. These sleep tanks comes in different sizes from Small to Extra Large so you could definitely find the perfect fit for each bridesmaid. You can all pull on your super heroine sleep tank and take off into dreamland together in style with extra super designs. Make believe with your bridesmaids during sleepovers and have fun with your super heroine sleep tanks.

Bluetooth Speaker & Speakerphone

If your bridesmaids can’t seem to get their hands off their phone and seem to have a special relationship with it, this would be a great accessory for them. The IRIS 9000 Bluetooth speaker and speaker phone would intelligently enhance their phone’s usage especially if they are fond of using Siri. We all know that sometimes it’s quite difficult to command Siri and this perfect accessory would help you out on that. It is so convenient to use, all you have to do is to put your iPhone on it like a cradle and use the included micro remote to trigger Siri. Just tap IRIS 9000 remote button once, listen for Siri chime and speak. The embedded speaker amplifies Siri’s responses. You can also use this like a standard speaker phone to make and receive calls. On top of all these features, it has a glowing LED eye flickers along with Siri’s voice which makes it have that classic Sci-fi style. This is an ideal gift for your iPhone lover bridesmaids.

Zipline Canopy Tour

A gift of thrill and experience is ideal for the bridesmaids who are thrill seekers like you. If you and your girlfriends are all up for a different kind of fun, then this would be the best gift for them that all of you could enjoy. This is a perfect combination of a thrilling adventure in a beautiful scenic natural environment. This is a 100% tree based adventure with 8 zip lines, 2 rappelling experience , 3 short hikes and 4 suspending sky bridges. You can even explore the forest from 2 feet to 300 feet in the air as guided by two professional canopy guides of course. Aside from the thrill that you would all get, you could all enjoy the breath taking views and peaks of the trees and mountain ranges. This would certainly an unforgettable bridesmaid gift ever.

A simple thank you for all of the people who took part in your wedding day is a great gesture to show. A carefully selected and personalized gift would mean so much to each of the recipient. Bridesmaids are like accomplices who are always there for you during your wedding preparations and even during the wedding day itself. Giving them a perfect gift would show how much you care and appreciate all of their good work and for sharing their time and for taking part in one of the most wonderful milestones in your life.

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