Graduation Gift Ideas For A Daughter

Graduating Daughter

Time flies for sure. In a blink of an eye, your precious one is now all grown up and very soon she will be off to college and out from your home, ready to face the great big world. It seems like there are so many things that you want to share with her and tell her but there is so little time.

Parents everywhere share the same anxiety when it comes to daughters graduating and going off to college. You don’t want to let go but you know that this day will eventually come. Show her that she will be forever in your heart and she will always be loved wherever she may be. Here are a few thoughtful graduation gifts that any daughter will be delighted to receive from her parent.

Willow Tree Close to Me

This is a very simple sculpture from artist Susan Lordi hand carves the original of each Willow Tree figurine. However it brings across the message of the undying love of a mother for her daughter perfectly clear.

The name of this piece is Close to Me and the message that it brings is that no matter how close or how far apart physically, she will always be close to you. If you look carefully, you will notice that as the two figures hold each other, the carvings on their robes intertwine.

Cast in stone resin and hand painted.

Mark My Words Graduate Mug

This beautiful and ornate mug carries the message “Here’s wishing you success and happiness in all that you do”, a most meaningful message to someone who is going to proceed to her next big stage of her life.

Graduation is a huge milestone and a simple mug is a thoughtful way to remind her of the occasion and hopefully she will think of you everytime she uses it.

Notes to My Daughter Before You Go

There are so many things you want to tell her before she goes. If you problems putting it all down in words, author Vesna M. Bailey has already done so on your behalf with her wonderful book, Notes to My Daughter Before You Go.

This book is deeply personal and all-encompassing. Everything is tastefully done in black and white and her notes are accompanied by black and white photographs. It is not a lecture and there is no nagging. It is filled with words of wisdom and things that any mother would want to tell her growing daughter before she leaves her nest.

You can even personalize the book by adding your own notes. Your daughter will treasure this book for life.

Where′s Mom Now That I Need Her: Surviving Away from Home

This is another great graduation gift book idea for a college-bound daughter. Although not as poignant and touching, this book will definitely be of big help to her for surviving the next few years of her life.

Perhaps you should get this book together with the Notes to My Daughter. That will cover both her spiritual and physical needs away from home. This book covers everything from nutrition, grocery shopping, laundry and clothing care, first aid, recipes for quick, easy meals and much more.

Safety Chick Kit

If you are not the kind of parent who is into whimsical gifts, perhaps a more practical gift like this “Safety Chick Kit” is more to your liking and style? This kit is a collection of essential safety gadgets for a young woman.

It includes date rape drug test coasters that quickly tests drinks for the 2 most common date rape drugs, a door wedge alarm, a personal safety alarm and peephole covers that prevent spying by blocking reverse peephole viewers.

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