Great Gifts for Dads from Son

Gifts for Dad from Son

Father’s Day is coming soon, are you ready for this day? Some dads are easy to shop for like anything you give them they would appreciate instantly like a cap, shirt or watch but there are dads who require you to think of clever ways just to please them. There a different kinds of dads in the world, so as his son, you know him best. We’ve come up with the top ten gift ideas to help you out. Check out our suggestions below for your reference.


The Techy Dad

If your Dad is technology savvy and is fond of gadgets and accessories then he would truly appreciate this stuff and he would have had some wish list in mind to pimp his gadgets at hand. So be mindful and check out his stuff to give you some hints on what to give Dad.


Dad loves his iPhone too much that he seems to spend more time with his phone than with you. Kidding aside, he loves how useful his phone is and taking pictures is one of his favorites. If Dad is fond of taking pictures through his iPhone, why not give him an accessory that he would love and at the same time useful for his new found hobby. The Olloclip is a quick connect lens system which is compatible for iPhone 5, 5S, 4 and 4S. It includes telephoto and circular polarizing lenses in a tiny and convenient package. It’s very easy to use. All he has to do is to slide it on his rear camera lens and his good to go! The circular polarizing lens can be used with the telephoto, fish eye and wide angle lenses that are also included in the kit. The CPL reduces glare and enhances colors to make the photos more realistic. The Olloclip works well for still photos, videos and even during Facetime.

Portable Printer

Taking pictures is fast but what about printing them out? This Photo Cube Portable Printer will let Dad print his photos taken from his iPhone, iPad, other smartphones or tablet conveniently without even using a computer. All he has to do is to plug this device and connect his gadget through a USB cable and tadda, photos will be printed. It can print 4 inches by 6 photographs at 300 dpi or even wallet size. Dad’s photography skills will be more appreciated as his photos are printed and can easily be shown to many.

Virtual Mouse

If Dad uses his mouse a lot but is often pissed with the inaccuracy of it or when it dies out on him, then this next gift idea would be a perfect fit for him. With the Virtual Mouse, he can turn any flat surfaced area into a touch pad. His hand strokes will take effect as this little tiny dog like creature is switched on through a USB. It works by combining IR pulse emitter and time of flight CMOS censor. This would be great for people who are already experiencing problems or injuries due to repetitive motions of the mouse. Switching and working different parts of the hand is possible with the virtual mouse. With regards to hygiene, communicable diseases are also prevented because there is neither mouse nor mouse pad involved. It functions as a multiple touch mouse. Give Dad something cool on Father’s Day which he could use for work or even for play.

The Handy Manny Dad

Dad wants to be like Handy Manny and Bob the Builder. He tries to fix everything as long as he can. If your Dad is this type of Dad then a tool set would be mostly appreciated by him. He may have a bunch of tool sets on his garage so make sure to get something that he doesn’t have yet.

EDC – Sharpest Tool in the Shed

The EDC kit contains almost all the tools that Dad would ever need. It has a knife, pen, stylus, pliers, opener, scissors, wire cutters, screw drivers, tweezers and many more. Every tool has a purpose and since Dad is always on the go looking for something to fix then the EDC Sharpest Tool in the Shed kit would be very useful for him.

Pro Tech Precision Screwdriver Set

Dad may have screwdrivers but does he have the complete set? Each screw has a certain size and with this screwdriver set he may cover various sizes of screws available. Since this set has a total of 15 screwdrivers of varying sizes, Dad would certainly have a thing for each kind. For sure he will be more than glad to find the perfect screwdriver for the strangest screw available. This screwdriver set covers almost 90% of all electronic repairs. Dad might finally fix his long time project with the help of this screw driver set.

Pliers and Wrench Bottle Openers

Not all bottles are created equal. Some are just too tight that you just don’t know why it was put up like that. Since Dad is always up for the challenge and he would always want to have the right tools all the time then this would be a great gift idea for him. Iron cast such as these are only seen before at Japanese tea ceremonies but since they have discovered the newest function of these sturdy equipments why not make use of it. Plus they also look very great decorations and perfect addition to Dad’s collectibles. Each tool is matte black Japanese lacquer glazed which prevents rust so you are sure that these will endure long periods of time.

Jack of All Trade Dads

If your Dad seems to be a jack of all trade because he can almost do anything then you may have a hard time figuring out what to give him on Father’s Day. Picking a random gift without thinking might upset him if he’s quite sensitive so you need to put on your thinking cap to give Dad a memorable gift on Father’s Day.

Glider Ride for 2

Join Dad in this one of a kind ride and experience flying in its purest form. Feel the thrill as the wind rushes over your face and as you glide along the air. This experience would certainly give Dad and you an adrenaline rush and a treasured memory that will last forever. Make Father’s Day memorable for him and soar effortlessly through the Glider Ride.

Discover Scuba For 2

Learn the basics of scuba diving with Dad on Father’s Day. Learning is fun especially if you are sharing this moment with a loved one. Make Father’s Day memorable for Dad as you make quality time together. Dining out would be cool but scuba diving is way and tons better than that. The scuba diving lesson is instructed by the best scuba diving instructors in town in a 5 star dive center. Both of you would experience and practice what you have learned after the session.

Paintball Adventure

Do you remember the fondest memories you had with Dad when you were still a kid? Re-live the fun times with Dad through this Paintball adventure. Hide and seek just got cooler and you get to shoot Dad for a change. Kidding aside this experience would be fun and memorable for both of you. This gift idea would work best with hip and cool Dads who are always up to trying fun stuffs.

Tandem Skydiving

You have always been the dynamic duo. You are like Batman and Robin, Tom and Jerry, and so on and so forth. Try something fun, exciting and full of thrills on Father’s Day. Gift Dad a very memorable experience that both of you could share for generations to come. Try out Tandem Skydiving with Dad to experience how it feels to drop into the clouds and be birdlike. This would definitely be a thrill of a lifetime! You are assured that you are in good hands since your instructors are USPA certified. This would be a breathtaking ride that both of you could share on Father’s Day.

We may have different Dads but one thing is for sure, without him in our lives we may have not been alive. He may not be perfect but he is our Dad. He provides for us and he gave us the life that he worked hard for. Everything we are, part of it is because of him. On Father’s Day, let’s make Dad feel loved and let’s thank him for every hard work and sacrifice that he has made for us.

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