Great Traditional Wedding Gift Ideas

Newly Wed Gift Ideas

Marriage is the union of two souls who are destined to be together. The couple has finally ended their lifelong search of finding their soul mate and lifelong partner that’s the reason why a wedding is such a grand occasion. In the US alone, approximately 2.3 million couples get married every year and that is nearly 6200 weddings in a day. The money behind marriage ceremonies approximately reached about $72 billion per year. Wedding gifts may vary from one guest to the other. Wedding registries are designed to help the guests find the best gift for the newlyweds and about $19 billion in a year is spent on these. Some guest would want extraordinary gifts but sometimes they tend to overdo this task and sadly sometimes no matter how expensive their gift is, it would end up being ridiculed or unwanted. Although it is a good thing to go out of the comfort zone and try bizarre gifts but if the couple is not up to for such then it would end up being a waste. Luckily, there are traditional gifts that are commonly given from generations to generations and may seem to be expected and wanted from time to time. We have rounded up the top picks on these traditional wedding gifts and feel free to check them out below.

Gift Basket

Wedding gift baskets can be filled in with kitchen gadgets like meat thermometer, turkey baster and tater peeler. Stuff that any newly married couple needs to start a household may be included. Some wedding baskets are full of goodies and treats. Some are filled with bath and body products too. You can always create a gift basket yourself or you can simply order online just like this gift basket. This gift basket is full of bath and body spa set that also includes sweet butter cookies, café latte and handmade caramels. The couple can have some R and R and munch on their free time. You can add a lot of love and happy wishes along with a pretty bow on top, and you will have put together a wedding gift basket that anyone would enjoy.

Crystal Photo Frame

Who would not want to display their favorite wedding shot? This attractive frame makes a great gift for weddings because aside from displaying the couple’s lovely wedding photo on it, the sophisticated design of this crystal frame which is handcrafted of 24% full lead crystal by Galway creates a dramatic yet sophisticated glow. Galway is one of the world’s renowned brands of traditionally crafted crystal in the world. A message can also be engraved on top for up to twenty five characters. The frame can hold 5 inches by 7 inches photo and the total measurement of the frame is 8 inches by 10 inches. It also comes in an adorable Galway crystal gift box which makes it perfect even given right away.

Wedding Time Capsule

The wedding time capsule is the best way to preserve the blissful and overwhelming feeling of the newlywed couple. They can fill this up with their fondest memorabilia from their engagement, wedding day, honeymoon and even during their first year together. It has a 25-piece gift set which includes message to the future writing paper and envelopes for family and friends to write their best wishes, time capsule how to guide, checklist of items to gather, profile book for the bride and groom to fill out and 160 full color acid-free stickers for preparing a scrapbook. Capturing the moment is a very wonderful present for the newlywed couple especially if they are sentimental and clings on to milestones and memories.

Crystal Wedding Flutes

Let’s give the newlywed couple a toast to their future! Give the gift of elegance and sophistication with the heirloom crystal flute pair. This charming flute pair can be used at the couple’s reception as the newlyweds toast for tying the knot. It is very ideal for champagne toasts and even on wine dates at home. Wishes of cheers with elegance are what this dashing crystal flute pair offers. This is a sparkling way to toast the happy couple.

Newlywed Cookbook

Beginning their life together as husband and wife is such a fleeting time where in all is new and special. Waking up each day and seeing the face of the one you love laying beside you is priceless. You can encourage the couple to spend more time together and discover new things and activities that they could do and one is by preparing and sharing their meal. This newlywed cookbook has three hundred and four pages of over a hundred and thirty recipes of classic and contemporary cooking. This cookbook is not just a collection of gastronomic recipes but also a loving guide to domestic bliss.

Stoneware Bowl Set

The stoneware bowl set is one of the perfect first things to have as a newlywed couple. Eating ice cream, cereals or soups in these cute and personalized stoneware bowls would taste better especially as the couple eats together. This set comes in two durable glazed stoneware bowls with different colors to choose from. It is six and half inches in diameter and three inches in height. These bowls are dishwasher safe so its maintenance is also hassle free. These charming glazed ceramic bowls are perfect for every occasion and because it is customizable, you can either put the names of the couple in each bowl or put words like “hubby” and “wifey” or “yours” and “mine”, for sure the couple‘s hearts would melt as they see your gift.

Quesadilla Maker

Nothing beats a home cooked meal especially if you’re making quesadillas at the comfort of your own home! Give the newlywed couple a gift of a quesadilla maker. This is the fun and easy way to bond and make your own food. Flipping quesadilla may also be done in the oven but it’s usually messy and sometimes burns the cook. Making six pieces of quesadilla in the coolest way possible is never been easier. Crispy, warm and gooey quesadilla is done in just five minutes with this quesadilla maker. Even cleaning it is of the greatest ease, a simple paper towel wipe can even do the trick.

Rules to a Happy Marriage Canvas

We all wish the happy couple a fruitful marriage ahead. Getting married is easy but keeping it together may require a lot of hard work and perseverance. This happy marriage canvas sums the key points to a blissful marriage ahead. It is a perfect and adorable decoration to the new home of the loving happy couple. Hoping and wishing the newlywed couple a stronger relationship with the sage advice listed on this wonderfully designed art canvas is summarized. It can also be personalized with two names for up to nine characters each and the wedding date may also be included. The marriage canvas comes in different colors to choose from so make sure to choose the color that the couple loves and adores.

Bathroom Hand Towels

Moving in together is an exciting and fun adventure for the newlywed couple. Showering them with gifts that they could use is practical and convenient for the sender and the receiver. Even the ordinary towels can turn into a charming gift especially if it has embroideries with words like “I love you” and “I know” on the other one. The embroideries are done in silver grey thread which makes it look elegant and dramatic. Aside from the charming design these towels are soft because they are made from 60% cotton and 40% bamboo with a grey edge binding for a polished look. This is an ideal gift for the Star Wars fanatic couple too.

Throw Pillow

Celebrate the meeting of two hearts with this Venn diagram inspired throw pillow that is personalized with the couple’s names, a heart, a saying or even their wedding date. A perfect and romantic addition to the newlywed’s couch, snuggle spot or bed. It comes in different colors to choose from ivory, stone, navy, red, gray or stone. The covers are made from 100% cotton that are very soft to the skin and makes hugging and sleeping on it a great ease. Personalization of the names appears on the left and right and both are in uppercase up to twelve characters. You can choose from a twelve by eighteen inches throw pillow or eighteen inches square or a twenty two inches square respectively. It is a truly special and personalized keepsake for the wonderful and happy newlyweds.

Wedding is a memorable experience for the couple and this is the time when both of their families gather and share the happiness of their union. A wedding is also associated with different gifting opportunities and the gifter may easily be overwhelmed because of this. Spending on the wedding gift is a reflection of your budget and your relationship to the couple. The monetary value is really insignificant because what matters most is that the gift came from the bottom of your heart. A traditional gift may be boring at first but you can outdo this by putting some thought in the couple’s gift. A gift that is creative and personal although it’s traditional would certainly stand out among the other gifts that the newlyweds receive.

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