Top 10: Magnificent and Fun Horse, Pony & Unicorn Gift Ideas

horse gift ideas

Horses are not the usual pet you keep in your backyard, but for some it is not a pet but a friend. They can be taught to do some tasks. Some says that horses are not as intelligent as other animals are but they can learn simple tasks. They learn faster if they are doing same routines every day, but some trainers believe that an intelligent horse is a reflection of an intelligent trainer. This list of gift idea is perfect for horse and pony lovers. These gift items are functional and practical to give. Check out this list of wonderful gift items for your horse lover friend.

Sprinkles the Unicorn

This sprinkle unicorn gift idea is good for bakers and sweet lovers. The can shake their sprinkles, confectioner powder, chocolate sprinkles and more on their pastries, cupcakes and other sweet creations. This is a cute and colorful gift idea that is perfect for bakers, pastry chef or just simply a sweet tooth! This is absolutely a ponyliffic gift idea.

Aurora Plush – Dreamy Eyes Pony Plush

This soft, cuddly and cute little plush is another wonderful gift item on our list. Aurora plush Dreamy Eyes Pony features a realistic design that highlights its lovely big eyes. This plush is filled with beans that make it cuddly. This is suggested for anyone who loves horses and ponies. This gift idea is absolutely cute, soft and cuddly. Anyone will love this. This adorable gift idea will be loved and appreciated.

Cardboard Safari Unicorn Trophy

This is not a usual horse themed gift idea because where else can you see a unicorn nowadays? This is an amazing hunting trophy that you can hang on your wall. Well yes we can’t find a real unicorn but at least you can show off! This gift idea is made from cardboard designed by Cardboard Safari. it is laser-cut for precise size and fit. It is so easy to assemble and you will have fun doing it for sure. It comes in white color but it can be painted to what ever color you want. You can show your creative style on this gift idea. this is definitely one unique gift idea for a horse lover or a magical hunter!

Rivers Edge Wall Mount Wine Bottle Holder

I personally love this gift idea. I was actually fascinated with this gift item because it looks so funny and unique. This cute horse is dressed in a cowboy suit complete with its hat, vest, boots, and red handkerchief. This gift idea is made from poly resin that is beautifully hand painted and designed. What attracted me is its functionality, it can hold a standard 750 ml wine bottle. This is a nice gift for a horse lover, cowboy or a cowgirl.

Horses Pocket Watch

A pocket watch with a vintage design makes a wonderful gift idea for a horse lover. This full hunter pocket watch has a bronze tone metal case with an embossed horse vintage design. it has a metal chain that is 14 inches long. It uses an Arabic numerals on its white dial. It is beautifully crafted and nicely done. It comes in a pretty gift box and an extra battery. This is a gift item perfect for any type of occasion.

StealStreet Faux Wood Horse Trinket Box

What a gorgeous gift to give a horse lover. This trinket box displayed a wonderful craftsmanship and creativity. It is not an ordinary trinket. This faux wood horse jewelry trinket box is a collectible decoration container that shows all the finest details on its design. it has great quality and remarkable style. This gift looks very special and absolutely stunning. It looks like a hand-carved wood that can be displayed in your living room. This is a special gift for a horse lover or a wood lover.

Prime Cuts of Unicorn Babydoll

Enough with our serious and formal gift ideas and let’s look at this funny shirt that shows different cuts of a unicorn. Imagine eating a unicorn’s meat! Well unicorns are not the usual thing you see every day and I am sure you haven’t seen one either. This shirt displays a chart to use as a guide in selecting unicorn’s meat if ever you wanted to have it as your thanksgiving dinner. This shirt is made of 100% cotton and has a sparkly design.

Horses Bathroom Rug Set

This gift idea is a complete set of bathroom run that has a beautiful horse design on it. Perfect gift for a horse lover. It has cream color with brown and brick accent. It comes with two-piece rug set and a towel set. it is so functional and fits perfectly on small toilets. It is easy to clean and machine washable. Great gift for horse lover. It will really create a lovely horse inspired toilet room.

Friendship is Money Wallet

There will be a lot of cash in Ponyville and it is nice to have something to keep your cash in. this wallet can carry bills, IDs and card. This gift idea features Twilight Sparkle with a printed phrase “I’m gonna tolerate & love the heck outta you.” It has a clear window for your ID with a thumb opening so it is easier for you to take it out if needed. There are three card slots and a cash section to organize your money and cards. It has a light blue color, embossed design and made of polyurethane material. Cute and lovely gift for a horse and pony lover.

Schleich Pony Carriage

Pony carriage is a rare design for ornaments. This is a nice gift for horse lovers because this ornament is not the usual ornament you see in the market. If you know someone who collects horse ornaments this gift idea is something you can give them. This can be a toy or just simply display as an ornament. This provides many activities for creative play. This can help a young horse lover understand how great help a horse is. Whether this gift idea will be use a display or a toy, in any ways it will still be a great gift idea.

Horses are great and majestic looking animal. They have great built and amazing strength. They are useful and great friend as well. Any gift idea you pick from this list will absolutely be loved and remembered.

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