Christmas Gifts: Hot Toys for Baby Girls Age 1 & 2


Little girls look so fragile because they are still little. Looking for a good toy for your toddlers age 1 to 2 can be a bit hard. You have to consider a lot of things especially their safety.

There are arrays of toys available in the market but not all of them assures you of your child’s safety. Here are some suggestions of toys that not just entertain your child but also enhance their skills while playing. Take a look at this list of hot toys for your little girl.

Please take note that this list is based on a lot of factors, like our own experiences with our children and customer reviews. If you want to check the best selling toys, you can access them on Amazon here.

VTech – Baby’s Learning Laptop

Your adorable little girl will enjoy playing this cool toy. It has three modes that will enhance her motor and listening skills. It teaches her the different shapes, introduces her to some common objects and let her feel the shapes and enjoy listening to music. It also has light-up screen that interacts with a colorful keyboard that will surely draw her attention. The volume can also be adjusted depending on your little girl’s preference. Vtech specifically designed this toy for little ones to enjoy learning while playing. It also helps parents introducing computer play with their small ones. This is one of the best pick for your little girl’s hot toys.

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LeapFrog Poppin’ Play Piano

This is one of the colorful ways to learn music. This rainbow of musical learning experience allows your little girl to explore music as early as she can. Besides music she can also learn colors and numbers. She has 8 fun preschool songs to listen to and she can count along from 1-8. Each key will make a ball pop when pressed. This will make it more interesting to your young one to play with this toy. This toys feature a lot of beneficial things like vibrant keyboard with moving interactive parts that will expose them learning colors, different learning modes for them to have fun while learning, and free play that allows them to explore and to enhance their skills. This will make your little girl occupied and entertained.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Fun with Friends Musical Table

This wonderful toy has over 50 songs, tunes and musical activity that will make your little one busy. All its four corners are full of activities and learning fun. This toy is perfect for babies and toddlers aged 1-2 years old. Each corner of the table has interactive light-up character making so inviting for babies to play around with it and explore everything on the table. There are lots of activities, songs and delightful surprises for your little one to discover. It is a wonderful toy to purchase, as if you bought several educational toys in one purchase. This is a toy worth to buy for your toddler.

LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party Role Play

If you want to keep your little toddler entertained for hours this is the right toy for her. This does a good job keeping your toddler entertained while they learn. It is so cute and its colors are bright catching your toddler’s attention. This musical rainbow tea party set has 10-piece set that lights up in six colors. It also features songs and a lot of surprises. This educational toy teaches your toddler the colors, matching, shapes, counting and even manners and greetings. This is a toy perfect for young girls ages 1-3 years old.

Roll and Play – Child’s First Game

This toy is not just for your toddler but for you as well. This toy is designed for toddlers and their parents to enjoy quality time together. This plush helps your toddler identify colors while having fun. This is for toddlers 1 year old and above. Roll the dice and pick a matching card that has an activity for you to do. It teaches your little girl to play patterns and at the same time strengthens your bond as parent and child. This toy encourages motor skills and boosts her confidence. This Roll & Play toy is a fun and educational toy that bonds the family at the same time.

Periodic Table Building Blocks

This is a set of 20 solid wood building blocks. These are not just ordinary blocks. Instead of alphabets it features all the elements of the periodic table. Let your toddler be familiarized with the periodic tables as if they are young scientists in training. Let your little girl be a little wiz chick. If you think that this is only for young kids, think again! Your little girl might be one of the next great scientists in the future.

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper Push Toy

Your one-year-old princess will surely love this toy. If she loves to push things and roam around the house, this toy will really entertain her. This will surely make your little girl giggle like no other toy can do. This classic toy is still a blockbuster when it comes to kids toys and entertainment. Kids can never resist this corn popper toy. It teaches your tittle girl how to walk steadily while having fun, but of course do not let your child play with this toy alone. Always make sure of your child’s safety no matter how sturdy a toy is.

Hohner Kids MS4001 Musical Toys Shaker

This toy package features a complete band in a box. It includes a xylophone, sea drum and musical bells that come in three shapes. This is a toy made especially for kids 1 year old and older. It is so easy to hold and play. It helps your little angel with her motor skill and introduces music in an early stage. It is free of BPA, lead and phythlate giving your little one’s playtime safer than ever.

Intex Recreation Froggy Fun Baby Pool, Age 1-3

It is not just a regular pool for baby but a colorful special pool for your little angel. It has a rainbow shade that is great to keep your little one from the sun while having fun playing water. You can set it up in your backyard and see hos she enjoy splashing water around. The pool holds up to 12 gallons of water and it only takes a few minutes to fill it up. It also has an inflatable bottom that makes it even comfortable for your little girl to sit and play even for hours.

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