Christmas Gifts: Hot Toys for Girls Age 6, 7, 8 & 9


Girls are really creative. They are so imaginative and have a lot of thoughts to ponder. Young girls’ pastime, games and other activities depends on their likes and their environment. There is a huge selection of toys for girls but not all of them are good for your child.

It is a bit challenging for a parent to choose the right toy for their children. As a parent or a guardian, we wanted something that will enhance their skills, educate them while they have fun. We wanted toys that will be safe for them to play with. Here are some suggestions that will help you find a perfect toy for your young girl.

KidKraft Large Kitchen

Let your little chef be busy with her own kitchen. Enhance her imagination and creativity while she is busy cooking up he skills. This solid kid-sized kitchen is designed for little girls where in they can enjoy playing with all the kitchen essentials like an oven where she can pretend she is a pastry chef, a refrigerator where all her stocks are kept, a sink to make her utensils all clean and lots of more kitchen gadgets where her make-believe play feels like almost real. This toy will give your kids years of play out of it.

LEGO Friends 3184 Adventure Camper

This wonderful hot toy package for your little girl includes 2 bikes, surfboard, kitchen utensils, tote bag barbeque grill and more picnic tools. She will have a lot of fun in playing this toy; it feels like she is also having fun playing camp for summer in the wild outdoors. She can build a camper in the forest, to the mountains or near a river. It is all up to her imagination. Your little girl has a lot of areas for storytelling. This toy doesn’t just entertain her but also help develop her cognitive and creative skills. This values your money really well.

Uncle Milton Moon In My Room

This authentic detailed 3-D lunar landscape is a blockbuster. Your little princess will love this for sure. It has an automatic and manual function that shows all the 12 main phases of the moon. It also has an MP3 download code that includes a guided tour of the moon. It can be hang on the wall and let your child be mesmerized the shining beauty of the moon right in her room. Let her have a realistic moon sightseeing while she is inside her room. This is an awesome experience for her. She might her friends to have a sleep over to share this wonderful stuff.

Creativity for Kids Sparkling Hair Accessory Set

Your little stylist can make endless variations of interchangeable designs with 6 included glitter headbands and 4 spring hairclips. She can create different fashionable designs using trendy ribbons, feathers, shiny gemstones, rhinestones, bows and sparkle accents that are all included in this toy package. She can be glamorous on her unique hair accessory. This package also includes an instruction pamphlet that has helpful tips in creating a fashionable hair accessory. This is a gift that little girls will love so much.

Sticky Mosaics Heart Box

Does your little lady love to create her own handicrafts? This is the perfect gift for her. This sticky mosaic is a design-by-number craft kits that made creating handicrafts easier than ever. It comes with a heart shaped box with a mirror, felt and 500 shiny, sparkling jewel stickers. Little girls will be delighted to have this pretty gift. She will definitely be excited to let everyone see her art piece so be ready for series of show and tell.

Barbie Girl’s 12-Inch Bike

Now your little sweetie can ride her bike with her favorite Barbie toy! This 12-inch girl’s Barbie bike has an added “ride with me Barbie” feature letting her favorite Barbie doll accompany her while she rides her cute pink bike. It also comes with a Barbie handle bag and metallic streamer making her ride in style. It also has a built in training wheels that help and assist her maintain her balance, keeping her safe as she rides her bike. You can also help her design her bike by putting more Barbie decals on it. This will absolutely make her happy.

Flip Open Sofa – Disney Princess Theme

Try this soft plush cute sofa with a flip open lounger. She will definitely feel like a princess sitting with the Disney Princesses. This is so easy to clean due to it has a removable and machine wash able slip covering. This is a perfect place for your little princess to sit rest and play with her dolls. Besides looking great it is also durable, it holds together very well. Make her feel cozy on her pretty foldable sofa and let her have fun. This can be her sofa and a bed when she is sleepy. Your little princess will fall in love with her new Disney Princess foldable sofa.

Pink Princess Castle Kids Play Tent Girl Fairy Play House

Are you looking for a great indoor and outdoor toy for your daughter or niece? Well no need for you to look somewhere else because this Pink Castle play tent solves your problem. This beautiful pink castle is made of water resistant material making it a perfect play tent even outdoors. It is also light weight so it is so easy to set up and to keep. This will give your little princesses hours of fun going in and out the tent as they pretend to be beautiful princesses. It only take minutes to set it up and it will start a wonderful hours of fun of make-pretend.

Fashion Design Studio

Let your young designer express herself with fleece and other fibers as she creates fabulous fashionable designs. All materials included in this toy package have non-toxic components, you are sure that your child is safe while she enjoys playing this hot toy for girls. Now she can dream up her own original designs and who knows she may be the next top designer in the future. Big dreams start at home. Help her reach her dreams, open the doors for her.

Soft Kitty Singing Plush

This soft kitty singing plush will make her feel better all the time. This cuddly, cute little toy doesn’t just accompany your sweet girl but it also entertains her. This cute plush sings “Soft Kitty” when her paw is pressed. This is an officially licensed Big Bang Theory product that guaranteed to make her feel better. This is a button-cell battery operated and made of polyester material. This is not machine-washable so it better to clean the surface with damp cloth to keep it clean. Give her something to hug and to accompany her if she is alone, sick or sleeping.

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