How Much Should One Spend on Wedding Gifts?

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Wedding bells are ringing. Friends are taking the plunge one after the other. Once you are invited to a wedding day, do you really make a certain rule on how much to spend on wedding gifts? Let’s face it, weddings are fun but they may come a little bit tough on your bank account. From handing an engagement gift, a bridal shower present to the bachelor or bachelorette party gift to the big day itself. Your cash may just run out too quickly after all of these. Although there are a lot of things to consider before gifting the newlywed couple, are these rules still applicable? Still lost, we got your back and read on.

A gift is something that could represent you and some say that aside from being the reflection of your personality it may also signify how much time and thought you have spent on the gift. Aside from being a personal choice, there are several factors to consider like the financial capability of the gifter and the relationship to the giftee. With such factors in mind, gift etiquette should not be neglected as well.


The 20-20-60 Rule

As we know it, before the wedding day there may be other celebrations or prequels to the big day and these celebrations have gifting traditions as well. If you are on a tight budget and are caught up in the financial crisis, you can still get on the band wagon of gifting spree by trying to lengthen your resources’ life. Let’s say you only have a budget of $200 for the couple and you know that before the wedding day there’s the engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor or bachelorette party and the main event which is the wedding day. Let’s be honest, not all of us have enough money to splurge and gift every event in the couple’s lives. You can gift at least 2 prequels of your choice and the wedding day. Split your budget to 20% on the first prequel party, another 20% on the second prequel party of your choice and lastly splurge the 60% of your budget to the couple’s big day. This would be a wise move if you don’t want to spend much on an engagement present and end up being short on the wedding day’s gift. Planning and allocation of your gift ahead of time would save you from all these fuzz.


The Relationship Rule

Measuring the relationship or how close the couple is to the gifter may play a huge factor on how much to spend on a wedding gift.

If you are attending a wedding of a distant friend or a co-worker, it would be acceptable to spend at least $75 to $100 on a wedding present. Co-workers or even the boss are people whom you interact with everyday and hopefully a long lasting working relationship with them would be cherished. For a distant friend or a neighbor or a casual acquaintance, a decent gift worth around $50 to $75 would be acceptable although you can spend more if you have the cash but there’s no need for you to spend much since as you tag them, there’s not much affinity or close relationship at hand.

According to and on a 2009 survey, couples unanimously suggested that a gift that is nothing less than $50 would be acceptable and appropriate for a wedding gift. While the average among the respondents expected a $70 worth of gift from a friend and the average cost of a gift from a family member would be around $129 or more. A friend or a close relative are the people whom you interact most and have a prevailing deeper relationship. You do bump into each other every once in a while especially during festivities and other important events and celebrations, spending a minimum of $100 on their wedding gift would be appropriate and spending a little more would not hurt since they are worth spending for. Imagine the future and like 20 years from now, you would all look back and seeing a timeless gift from you would bring back the memories of your thoughtfulness and love for them.

Setting the specific amount for a wedding gift may be an awkward and difficult task to accomplish. We all want to share the elated feeling at the moment and gifting is such an appropriate gesture in a wedding but we do have certain hindrances and restrictions mostly due to financial matters. The amount may vary subjectively but the thought should really count more that the gift itself. Wedding is a celebration of love and a start of the couple’s journey to forever. Sharing a moment in their milestone in life is already giving us a step ahead on the gifting wagon. As a common practice in all gifting season, our present should not just be a representation of ourselves in the occasion alone but also a way of saying thank you for the invitation and best wishes for the couple’s upcoming life ahead.

Who knows how many wedding days you will attend this month or the coming month or so on? Imagine the burden and the fast depletion of your bank account. Aside from the gift itself, you need to consider also other expenses that are related to the wedding like transportation, board and lodging and so on.

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