How to Find the Perfect Gift for a Co Worker

co-worker gifts

Gifts are the best way to exercise our generosity and thoughtfulness.  However, gift giving can be tricky especially at the office. We have all been in a situation when we were not sure what to get, when we surprisingly received an over the top gift from a co- worker whom we don’t like or haven’t spoken with much and is now bothered on what to give in return or the worst part could be, which was forgetting someone on our team.

Situations like these are avoidable, so don’t despair you can get away with it by following the tips below, these tips will help you pick the perfect if not, the right holiday gift or your co-workers.

First, be organized and make a list. Santa does this and it works for him so why not give it a shot.  Before getting on the shopping wagon, think of the people who you want to buy presents so you don’t leave anyone off and be frenemies forever. If you can’t afford to gift everyone in the office, make a list of people who work closely with you on a day to day basis.  This may include people on your department, people who usually help you out like the utility people or technicians or anyone whom you think you should never miss out on your list.

If you work in a small company and you really want to do something for everyone but can’t afford it, you can use your talents like making several batches of brownies, cakes or cookies.  Divide them up and distribute them to your co-workers before they leave for their holiday vacation.

It would always help to do some research. Before you buy a gift for someone, ask them around. Let’s face it, holiday celebration is not for everyone.  Remember culture diversity and religious affiliations?  These factors should not be left out so that your efforts would not be neglected or be offensive.  For example, your gift may wait for few stretches until the New Year to make it their New Year’s present if they don’t celebrate Christmas.  In addition, a little bit of research is also a way to know what to get them.

One size does not fit all.  Always choose individual gifts for each recipient by keeping in mind what your co-workers like, religious affiliations and general appropriateness. Playing it safe in what to give would make sense, which leads me to my next point.

Avoid controversial gifts.  A good sense of humor is not expressed in gifts because jokes may fall flat.  You’ll be the talk of the office if it does and your efforts of expressing kindness would not be reflected.

Spend the same amount on everyone.  Gifts should not be pricey because they can make your recipient feel uncomfortable. They can also feel like bribes if given to your superiors.  Most people would spend more on gifts for their loved ones over their co-workers, so keeping the price at a low amount is ideal and practical.

For holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day or  St. Patrick’s Day, give everyone a gift or give no one.  If you are going to give gifts in your team, gift to each of your team members because nobody likes to feel left out. An exemption would be personal occasions like birthdays, housewarming or baby showers.

You may give your boss a gift from the whole team. Don’t be a brown nose and buy your boss an over the top gift.  The members in your department may chip in to buy the boss a gift so that nobody out does anyone else on the team.  You may apply the tips given above in choosing the best gift for your boss.

Gift giving  is a great way to show good will, kindness and appreciation for all the collaborations you’ve had in your team in the office throughout the year.  Choosing to give gifts to your co-workers says a lot about you. Your gifts may not be the greatest gift but you’ll definitely feel better giving this holiday season.

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