How to Save Money on Valentine’s Day Gifts, Flowers and Dates

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Valentine’s Day is one of the most celebrated and commercialized holiday in the world.  According to the U.S. Greeting Card Association, over 1 billion cards are sent each year for Valentine’s Day.  Consumers spend roughly $131 on Valentine’s Day items, with a total of almost $18.6 billion, according to the National Retail Federation.  Basically, this day is not as simple as professing your love for the other half but a lot of cash might also be at stake.   Just to be honest, not all of us can afford over the top gifts so over doing it is underrated.  I still believe that the best things in life are free and simple things in life draw the fondest memories.

Here are some tips on how to save money on Valentine’s Day and to pull it off:

Flowers Can Paint a Smile on Your Sweetheart’s Face

Almost everyone loves flowers.  Flowers may be given as a gift on almost any occasion and it really does bring a certain glow on the recipient’s face.  You can surprise the love of your life in the office or at home and you’ll be regarded as a very thoughtful and sweet Valentine. But flowers, as we know it, die easily and if you do not get the freshest ones, you can end up with ugly blooms that need to be replaced. If you have plans of giving flowers this Valentine’s Day but would want to save money here are the Do’s and Don’ts for you:

  • As much as you can, avoid buying online because these flowers are transported and courier’s trucks are not refrigerated.
  • Don’t buy from grocery and even warehouse stores unless they are kept refrigerated then you are good to go.
  • You have to look for flowers that are at the bud stage because they’ll blossom in a few hours and will stay that way for many days.
  • If your flowers don’t come with a tiny packet of flower food, ask for it.

How to Get the Best Deals on Jewelry?

If you have plans of giving jewelry this Valentine’s Day but has limited cash to burn, here are some tips:

  • You need to set your budget and don’t go beyond that.  You need not to invest your life savings on jewelry for one occasion.  You just need to buy a beautiful piece of jewelry that you can afford.  Especially if the situation is not as important as a marriage proposal or an nth long anniversary since Valentine’s is celebrated yearly, its weight is not as important as they are combined.
  • You can use the internet as a pricing reference but don’t buy from it because online diamond dealers all claim that their stones are certified, so you don’t need to see them.  Since you will spend money on this piece of jewelry, comparison and screening under magnification is a prerequisite to ensure its genuineness.
  • Diamonds come with certificates that attest to their “Four Cs” cut, carat, color, and clarity.  You better look for these certificates before purchasing a diamond.
  • Don’t get certificate crazy since the recipient isn’t going to wear the certificate.  Just buy the prettiest stone that would suit your budget.
  • If you experience hard selling from a jeweler, consider the carats comparison.  Most importantly, you can go to the next place if you don’t feel good about the store you ran into.

How to Save Bucks on Your Valentine’s Dinner Date?

Dinner dates at restaurants can be pricey especially during special occasions like Valentine’s Day.  But don’t despair; you can still cut down on your spending while dining out.  Here are the top tips in dining out:

  • Choose a small, local restaurant with romantic atmosphere.  Beaten path, local restaurants are not that expensive compared to the hottest downtown restaurants.  The food is also competitive and you’ll definitely get value for your money.
  • Visit sites which combine great deals from major couponing sites.  You’ll definitely get great discounts in top restaurants and most of these deals cover the main meal with drinks and desserts.
  • Use your credit card rewards when dining in.  This is like couponing without the fuzz.
  • If you really have little money to spare for your Valentine’s date, why not do your celebration at home.  You can have a scrumptuous meal at the comfort of your home and add up some romantic candles or start-up the fireplace to add more romantic lighting.  You can also play your couple soundtracks and enjoy reminiscing the memories of your relationship without getting worried of staying up too late outside.  In addition, your home cooked Valentine’s dinner can look pricey and exotic if you buy several flavors.  You can also have a picnic on the floor if you feel like going beyond the traditional dinner.  Lay on a soft blanket on the floor  and have your romantic dinner on the floor.

Do You Want to Try Something New Without Spending Much?

If you are tired of the stereotypes and want to try something new this Valentine’s Day, you can do any of our suggestions below:

  • Go to a local art show.  Some local art shows are offering traditional and nontraditional approaches to genre that would definitely bring out the artsy side of you.  Most importantly, some local shows are free, so you have nothing to lose here.
  • Spend your quality time together by taking a hike.  It’s a great way to bond and be one with nature.  On top of it, you can bring the family too.
  • If you haven’t tried Karaoke, give it a shot.  Karaoke is fun and cheap at the same time.  Just don’t spend much on the food and drinks and you’re all good.
  • Have a treasure hunt on Valentine’s Day.  You can leave trails of special Valentine’s Day notes around the house leading to your surprise gift.  You can also make it kinky and put some of your personal touch to make your partner become more interested in your treasure hunt.
  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day after this day because everything is half of the price tagged on this special day.  From chocolates, to stuffed animals or even on dinner reservations.

As the saying goes, the best things in life are free.  Always remember that the amount of the gifts that you’ll give on Valentine’s Day will not measure the love you offer put the time and the effort that goes with it.  Most of us are strapped for cash so you need not to overdo it.  Material things will not last but the memories and the sentimental gestures last a lifetime.

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