Best Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gifts for Husband (Under 15 Dollars)

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Valentine’s Day is coming and if you don’t have an idea what to give your husband, don’t panic. You are on the right page. Looking for a nice Valentine gift for your husband doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. Here are some inexpensive gifts you can get him that will make him happy and let you show how much you love him.

Here are my top 10 choices of inexpensive Valentine gifts for your husband.

Heart-Shaped Cufflinks

These beautiful cufflinks are made from brass and high quality plated white steel. The design is simple and they have a shiny finishing which gives them that stylish and expensive look.

The heart shape design is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Your husband can wear this with his favorite long sleeve shirt. They easy compliment any formal attire he has in his closet because silver perfectly matches any color. Your husband will surely appreciate this gift.

Best Husband Ever Mug

Married life is fun if you spend more time together. One way of doing this is by eating breakfast together. This gift is a perfect way to say how much love your husband and how proud you are of him.

This nice mug is made from ceramic with a high gloss finish. The words “Best Husband Ever” is printed on both sides. Remind him everyday how much you love and appreciate him. This gift makes a meaningful present to give him on Valentine’s Day without spending a lot.

The Romantic Coupon Book

This is a cool surprise for your husband. Well, actually both of you can stand to benefit from this gift idea. This is a fun and romantic coupon booklet filled with simple but romantic gestures that he can redeem at any time.

This book is packed with 22 beautifully illustrated coupons that grants him things like breakfast in bed, date nights and foot massages. The great thing is that the coupon booklet only costs $7 but there may be a lot of work involved on your part fulfilling the coupon obligations. However, if you don’t look at your part as work but rather as your commitment towards a loving relationship, this could be the best Valentine’s Day present ever.

“Once In A Lifetime” Framed Poem

This poem is an original composition of Genie Graveline. It is framed in a double-matted white and navy frame with watercolor graphics. It is a thoughtful and meaningful gift for your husband, reminding him of your love for each other.

This is an inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift you can give your husband that is both thoughtful and romantic. You only meet your soul mate once in a lifetime.

What I Love About You Hardcover

If your husband loves reading then this may be the best inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift for him. It is a touching personalized gift for your husband that will deepen your love for each other.

This fill-in-the-blank book helps reveals your inner most thoughts and feelings for him. Sometimes we are so busy with our lives, we seldom find the time to say our thoughts and feelings to our partners even if the words are just at the tip of our tongue.

You will need to put aside a few hours to fill out the entire book but the hours spent will be worth it. It adds a personal touch and is really romantic. The book helps you remember the details of why the both of you fell in love. Many of the questions in the book are deep, thoughtful, and loving but there are some fun and wacky questions that will no doubt bring a smile to his face.

DC Comics Superman Apron

I love this apron. It is also my secret dream for my husband to cook for me every day. It will be fun cooking with your husband during your free time. You can get a DC female comic character like Wonder Woman for yourself.

You and your husband can be a good team fighting enemies in your kitchen. Cooking is a nice way to spend quality time with him. This apron is made of 100% polyester, machine washable and most of all it will look good on him.

It is a simple gift but a sweet way of saying how much you love him. This is a sweet Valentine’s Day gift you can give your loving husband. What sets this keychain apart is that you can add a photo of the both of you to make it more memorable and romantic.

He will definitely love this gift. The photo keychain is inexpensive but the quality is good.

Tell your husband that you love him in 30 different languages. This gift card is a simple and inexpensive card to give him on Valentine’s Day.

The phrase “I Love You” is written in English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese and 25 other languages. This lovely card is printed on heavy duty card and has a glossy finish. It is a simple way to tell him how you feel but it will mean a lot to him.

“You’re Sweeter Than Chocolate” Teddy

This is a cute gift for your husband. Actually I would love to give this to my husband as well. He likes to give me cakes and chocolates as a surprise and in return, I’ll like to give him this cute little bear as a Valentine’s Day gift.

You too can create your own surprise with this cute bear. Your husband will surely love to have this. No one can resist this cute and adorable bear. Great gift for your husband and inexpensive too!

You don’t really need to spend that much just to surprise your husband and show him how much you love him. Any gift idea is perfect as long as you are there. Just assure your husband that you will love him forever and that will be enough for him. Hope you and your husband will have a wonderful and romantic Valentine’s Day ahead.

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