Sweet Framed Love Poems You Can Give Your Lover on February 14th


It is easy to say that you love the person but the challenging part is to make it last. This gift idea is something that will remind your loved one how much you love him or her. Framed poem is a simple reminder of a great love you have for that person. It is a gift idea that is so easy to make and cost you less compare in buying other gift ideas that cost you a fortune. Look at these samples of sweet framed poems that wouldn’t just remind your love one of your great love but it will also melt their heart.

“The Reasons I Love You” Custom Cut Framed poem

The Reasons I love You Framed Poem

As a wife I find this poem so romantic, and if my husband will give me this poem I will fall in love with him 100 times more than I love him now. If you are going to be told why your husband or your wife loves you, you will surely feel like you are floating in the air. Any one will feel great to know that they are being loved and why they are being loved. This romantic framed poem is a wonderful gift idea to surprise your loved one on Valentine’s Day. If you want to check this out, visit Amazon to give you more details about this wonderful framed poem.

Grow Old Along With Me / Handmade Framed Poem

grow old with me

You can make one yourself! Pick a nice fabric as your background, print out your favorite love poem and find a matching frame and you are good. This is an easy handmade gift for your love one. Handmade gifts are the most special gift you can give him or her. It is a gift that they will appreciate more rather than those you buy in the store. If you can’t really make one then there are still personalized framed poem you can order the one above online at Etsy.

“I Love You” Poem by Roy Croft

I Love You Poem Roy Croft

This is the most spoken words that only few were able to do right. It is so easy to say these words but it is so hard to do. Only true love lasts forever, assure your better half or your partner that you are keeping that promise. This framed poem is a perfect way to let them know that they are loved and those words that you utter are true and you really mean it. You can buy a copy at Amazon.

Once In a Lifetime

once in a lifetime poem

This is an original poem by Genie Graveline. It is sentimental and romantic poem that can be given as a Valentine gift for a special person in someone’s life. I like this poem because it reminds me of those poems I wrote when I was in high school. How I wish I have them framed like this one. This poem looks gorgeous in a double-matted frame with a watercolor graphics as its background. This framed poem makes a romantic gift for a special person in your life. You only meet your Soulmate once in a lifetime, so when you finally found your Soulmate you better take good care of his or heart. You can purchase this at Amazon.

“I Love All of You” Framed Poem

i love all of you

This is a nice gift for the one that owns your heart. I like its colorful background; the colors are bright and vibrant. Reading it makes me feel good. This is a perfect gift for your better half. I wonder what will my husband feels if I will give him this on Valentine’s Day. The frame is made from 100% Iron-Clad which I like best because I am sure that it is durable and will really last long. It is nice to give something thoughtful to your loved one. Your wife or husband will love to have this. If you want to check this framed poem you can see it in Amazon.

I Love You Because… Love Notes in Dry Erase Board
save the last ice cream

It is not a framed poem but I find it romantic. It is a Valentine gift that will make your love one feels like Valentine’s Day every day. It is a handmade gift idea that is so easy to make. I wanted to make one for my husband too. I love leaving him notes everyday and this is a perfect place where I can leave notes for him. All you need is a simple frame and a nice fabric for your background, letter cut outs and you are good to go. You can also buy the framed message above in Etsy.

Framed poem is a sweet way to convey your thoughts and feelings for your loved one. It is also a nice idea if you can create a poem yourself and frame it. It’s more romantic and heart melting.

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