Lovingly Homemade: Mother’s Day Gifts to Make


Moms are the women who molded us and cared for us from her womb and even as we grow old.  Without her, life would be so much different and on her special day which comes only once a year let’s make her feel loved and shower her with gifts that we made ourselves.  Shopping for mom can be difficult especially if you know that she wants plenty of things but a handmade gift that you have invested your time and efforts on is worth more than any other expensive gift that you could buy in the store.  If you have ran out of ideas on what to give to your mom, well this is your lucky day because we have compiled the top ten wonderful gifts that you could make for the most special woman in your life.  Browse down below for more details.


Mum and Me Shoes

Mum-and-Me-Shoes-4Matching clothes or shoes of mom and daughter are really cute to look at.  If you would want to surprise your Mom on Mother’s Day with a matching shoes then make your handmade designed shoes.  It may be too expensive to buy designer shoes in matching so it’s better to make your very own on her special day.  You would only need few materials to decorate your matching shoes.  You can buy new shoes for this or use old shoes if you have matching shoes to begin with.  It’s adding some twist and a bunch of love to make the Mum and Me Shoes a surefire hit!  For the step by step instructions on how to make this cool gift idea, check out Penelope & Pip.



Mother's Day Locket

Mom can be sentimental sometimes and a simple gesture could melt her heart away.  If you want to preserve some memories or photo of you and Mom then a gift of locket would be good catch.  Materials for this handmade locket can be bought from any craft store.  You would not have a hard time making your own locket since you are inspired to make Mom happy, right?  For the step by step procedure please do check Mike Adamick’s Blog. Since lockets are usually worn in front of the heart, you could be assured that your gift will be placed literally on her heart.  So you would be closer to Mom even when you are away.


Plaid Clutch Bag

plaid clutch

If your mom is a big fan of clutch bags and you have no bucks to spare to buy her a new one on Mother’s Day then make one for her.  Yes, you can make Mom a clutch bag from old stuff that you don’t use anymore.  All you need to do is to follow the steps provided in My White Idea to help you make your very own yet fashionable clutch for Mom.  I’m sure Mom would be happy to see your very own clutch bag.  Making her something out of scratch is really a big deal for most moms especially if she can use it as she goes out on dinner dates or just anytime she would want to use a clutch bag.  For sure, she’ll remember you every time she grabs on this and use it once in a while.


Bracelet with Tassel


If your mom is a big fan of jewelries, then this would be the perfect gift for her. Swell Mayde had the step by step guide on how to make your very own bracelet with tassel.  You can even write your mom’s name and yours or put words you would want to tell her like “I love you” or “thank you”.  Who said that you can only buy gorgeous jewelries from the store, when you can make your own bracelet for Mom which so unique and special because it is made with love.


No Sew Pocket Shirt


Some moms like pocket shirts.  If you want to give Mom a pocket shirt for Mother’s Day but you would want your pocket shirt be different from the rest then why not make her a handmade pocket shirt?  But, the problem is, what if you don’t even know how to sew?  That would be a big problem!  Worry no more, because we have here a great idea for those who are not a big fan of sewing.  You can make Mom a No Sew Pocket Shirt for Mother’s Day by following the set of easy instructions on this blog: Oh the Lovely Things. This pocket shirt is so easy to make that you could create this in just ten minutes!


West Elm Initial Tote Bag

Initial Tote Bag

Most moms like bags, not only as a fashion statement but also for shopping and to keep things handy.  On Mother’s Day, why not make a Tote Bag for Mom with her initials on it.  You can even put her whole name if you feel like doing so, the choice is yours to make.  This tote bag would be a great hit for moms who love to go shopping or just wants a tote bag with a pinch of style.  This is a unique and awesome creation that you could give her to make her smile on Mother’s Day.  Feel free to check out Henry Happened for the step by step guide on how to make your very own West Elm Initial Tote Bag.


Homemade Lemon Scrub

Lemon Sugar Scrub

If you want to give Mom something that she could use to make her skin look more glowing and radiant, why not make her a homemade lemon scrub? It is so easy to make and even a kid can do it! There are only basic materials needed to come up with your very own lemon scrub and what makes it different from the scrubs available in the stores is that you have handpicked your ingredients with utmost love and care. Please do check out I Heart Naptime for the complete set of instructions.


Rosette from Duct Tape

You can now make your Mom some rosette to make her pretty earrings, ring or brooch by using a duct tape.  Yes, you heard it right!  With only few materials needed and a dash of creativity, Mom would not even recognize that these rosettes were made from duct tape.  For the detailed procedure on how to make these wonderful rosettes, please do check out Brit & Co.


DIY Pipe Clothing Rack

Our moms are like the tidiest people in the world.  She wants them all prim and proper and hates it when our clothes are scattered in the room. Make her proud by tidying up your room and by making your very own clothing rack to keep your clothes in place.  Materials are almost from scratch; spare pipes will now be useful and will help you in organizing your things or mom’s clothes.  To check out the set of instructions to help you out on this project, please do see this blog: Black Oak Vintage for more details.  Impress Mom on Mother’s Day that aside from being creative you can also be organized just like her.


Homemade Tablet Holder

Mom uses her tablet often even as she works in the kitchen but she doesn’t have any tablet holder yet.  Mother’s Day is coming and you want to give her something that she could use often, so you decided to give her a tablet holder.  But unfortunately there’s a problem, tablet holders online can be pricey and you do not have much time to check and scan everything.  Good thing, you can give Mom a tablet holder that she always wanted by only sparing few bucks.  Make your very own tablet holder from materials that can easily be bought from stores and create your project for the very dear woman in your life.  Check out Mamie Jane’s Blog to help you out in making your homemade tablet holder for Mom.


On Mother’s Day, our Moms will be celebrated and hailed for the wonderful job they have done in every day of every second without even daring to stop.  They do work hard and was recognized for having the toughest job in the world.  So on Mother’ Day, let’s make her feel special and cared for.  Let’s thank her for everything that she has done for us.  There is no amount that could suffice for the love and care our Moms have showered us but a special handmade gift coupled with warm and tight hugs plus a bunch of  kisses could somehow ease her weariness from her everyday tasks and make her feel that we love her so much.


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