Ten Best Minecraft Gifts for the Minecraft Addict


Contrary to what many people believe, there are many Minecraft gifts and merchandise out there. In fact, we had a hard time picking out the best.

If you are looking for a gift for the Minecraft addict of your life, whether he is an adult or a child, no worries. We have compiled the best Minecraft gift ideas for you.

Have a pixellated look at these:

Minecraft Diamond Pendant

This is perfect for teenage girls who like the game. Since real diamonds are quite expensive, give her a pixellated one. This is sure to look nice on casual outfits. This is also quite inexpensive: a little under fifteen bucks. This includes a durable chain.

Creeper Necklace

A great gift idea for the younger boys and an alternative to the item above. This awesome Creeper necklace will surely be a hit to those who love the game and your Minecraft addict will surely brag this to his friends.

Minecraft Pickaxe Bottle Opener

This officially licensed Minecraft gift is sure to make any adult fan of the game happy. Especially those who drink a lot of beer! This product is made of durable Zinc alloy that makes this popular gift item a good pick.

He might recognize this one too, as this became a viral topic on Cheezburger and other image sites.

Light-up Redstone Ore

Looks so damn good! This looks like it jumped out of the game. This redstone ore replica also doubles as a nightlight for those who cannot sleep well in total darkness. There are three settings, each one accessible by tapping the product. Costs a little under $25. Super cool stuff!

Minecraft Shirts

Crafters rejoice! There are many, many good looking Minecraft-inspired shirts out now. Let your Minecraft geek wear his addiction to the game proudly with these awesome Minecraft t-shits.

Creeper Baby Doll Shirt


Minecraft Union

Minecraft University Hoodie

Awesome hoodie! Since fan hoodies are becoming more and more hit, why not give him this awesome Minecraft hoodie as a gift? It looks cool with the creeper logo at the center and “Ad Gloriam et Porcos” (For pigs and glory) as motto. With its 100% cotton make, two front pockets and ribbed cuffs and bottom, this is a really functional and comfy to wear. The zipper pull is a cute green pickaxe as an added touch.

Creeper Face Mug

Scary, scary creeper! If he drinks coffee while playing the game, why not give him this really awesome Creeper mug? It is a 5×5 inch square mug and can hold up to eight ounces of hot, delicious liquid. This heavy duty mug is an officially licensed Minecraft merchandise.

Minecraft Pickaxe/Sword Keychain

Does he drive a car or carry keys to the house regularly? If yes, then he will appreciate a Minecraft tool inspired keychain.

Creeper Plush

Hissss…. Boom!

Get them this super adorable Creeper plush toy. Maybe the reason they come to destroy your masterpiece is that they only need your attention and maybe a hug? This Creeper plush will not explode, though. Looks kinda cute IMHO.

Minecraft Torch

This looks like the torch from the game. Sure, it may not keep away real hostiles (like an angry mom) but it does look cool and can light up the room in a really fancy way.

(A Minecraft themed bedroom? Me like.)

There you have it! Our top picks for the best Minecraft gifts. There are more at Think Geek (click here to get there) and Amazon (click here to check them out) if you are looking for more!


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