Ninja Themed Gift Ideas: Best Stuff for Great Warriors

ninja gifts

Ninja or also called Shinobi in Japan. They are known to be very good warriors but at the same time they are also known to do bad things like assassination and sabotage. Ninjas are specially trained spies and mercenaries. Despite having many folktales about ninjas but with historical studies accounts about ninjas are scarce.

They have good skills in fighting that is why a lot of people like to be a ninja. If you are looking for a gift for a friend who has a ninja themed party or who likes ninjas a lot then feel free to check this list of Ninja themed gift ideas.

LED Light up Sword

Ninja LED light up sword is a nice gift for kids who loves ninjas, for ninja stuff collectors or simply for young at hearts. This cool ninja sword has a silver and black handle and blade made of transparent plastic with different colors. This is also a perfect addition to a ninja costume for a ninja themed party. Just press the button on his handle and it will light up the LED lights in assorted colors. This gift item includes 1 sword and 3 AA batteries. This is a cool ninja themed gift idea.

Ninja BBQ Set

Are you ready for a full of action Ninja barbecue day? This gift idea will prepare you for stabbing meat and sausages. This is a set of BBQ fork and spatula with a ninja sword handles. The looks of these BBQ utensils are like real ninja sword when hidden on its black carrying case. This Carrying case also functions as an apron. It’s like having three gifts in one gift idea.

Sword Handle Umbrella

Ninjas are always ready on any type of situation, ready to fight even on rainy days. This umbrella has a unique handle that looks like a handle of a real samurai sword. It also has an adjustable shoulder strap made from nylon scabbard. Always remember not to over pretend that you are a real ninja. Use and carry this umbrella in appropriate places. This umbrella has a handle that really looks like a samurai handle so people might think you are really carrying a real one, so avoid bringing this in areas like airports, campuses and some public spaces.

Ninja Star Coat Hook

“You have been attacked by ninjas!” This might be your friends will see whenever they see these Ninja stars on your wall. This cool coat hooks looks like real ninja throwing stars. It is specially design to look like it really stabbed through the wall. One corner of this stars designed into a screw and the other has a smooth and coat friendly hook. It is made of high quality nickel-plated zinc alloy that has a shiny look just like a real ninja star.

Shuriken Fridge Magnet

These ninja star magnets are designed to easily lock onto a metal surface with a look that it did really penetrate the surface. It can be used on keeping memos on the door of your fridge. People will really be surprised to see this , it looks like your fridge is really hit by these ninja stars. Besides this gift idea being a real magnet this will also be attracting complements. This is a ninjariffic gift idea for a ninja wannabe.

Sword Letter Opener

This is truly a special letter opener. This Samurai sword letter opener is made from solid cast metal blade and with a wooden saya handle. It also has n antique bronze look finish and some gold accents. It has the classic katana wrap and has the same details a real samurai has. In our modern day we can still be a ninja and fight against your envelopes with the use of this samurai sword letter opener. Pretend like a real ninja and fight your envelope foes!

Ninja Garden Gnome

Are wondering if gnomes really move when you’re not around? I remember the film Gnomeo and Juliet I had fun watching how groovy and playful the gnomes are. This ninja actually reminds me of the part where in Juliet disguised as a ninja. This gift idea is hand painted and made from great quality resin. It is well designed and even its smallest feature is detailed well. This is an addition to a friend’s gnome collection or maybe a ninja collection. Good pick for a gift idea on any type of occasion.

Steam Samurai Shirt

To be a robot or to be a ninja warrior. Which is a better fighter a robot or a ninja? But what if we put them together and make a Ninja robot? Well whatever the result is it will surely be interesting and fun. Well it sounds impossible so just better have a shirt printed with a Ninja robot. This is way much cooler! This shirt is made of 100% cotton tee in cream color that has a print of a robot in samurai armor. This is a cool shirt to wear and a nice gift idea.

Ninja Star Necklace

This is a wonderful and great looking stainless steel ninja star throwing energy circle pendant. This is a cool gift for an aspiring ninja warrior. Well as we know if there is really still a ninja in our era but if you are looking for a gift for a friend who loves ninja or wanted to be a ninja, instead of breaking their hearts saying there are no ninjas anymore, better yet give them this ninja inspired gift idea. This necklace pendant comes with a 20” stainless steel box chain. A nice gift box is included in this gift package. This gift will be appreciated for sure.

Dooni Designs Monsters and Alien Designs Coffee Gift Baskets

This gift idea is a ninja inspired gift basket that includes coffee goodies. This gift basket has one 15 oz. coffee mug, four soft coasters, five bags of 2 oz. of gourmet coffee. Such as French Vanilla, Kenya AA, Decaffeinated Colombian Supremo, Chocolate and Italian Roast Espresso. And for additional treat you get 1 Biscotti cookie. This is perfect for gift giving because it comes in an elegant gift basket. Ready for gift giving. Your geek friend can now do stupid things faster and with more energy!

Until now there is no enough proof that ninjas still exist. They have exceptional fighting skills and even though they are known to be assassins for some they are a hero.

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