The Origin of Christmas Gift Giving

Child Under Tree

Every Christmas we are looking forward on receiving a gift from a love one, a friend and for some Santa Claus. But have you ever wondered how this tradition started?

Everything started 2000 years ago. It is when Jesus Christ was born. This custom of giving gifts every Christmas is a way to remind us how the Three Wise Men offered their gifts to the Son of God. They offered Frankincense which is a perfume used by Jewish to worship God, Gold that are only given to Kings during that time and Myrrh which is a perfume used on dead bodies, this is given as a gift as there is a prophecy that Jesus will suffer and die for mankind.

Christmas is really to celebrate Jesus’ birth and for us to remember the greatest gift God has given us. He gave us his only son to save mankind from the wrath of mankind’s earthly sins.

All over the world, friends, families and colleagues give gifts every Christmas as our custom of showing our care and love. We give gifts to people we love and care about. Just like how God did it. He gave his only son for us because he loves us.

In some places gift giving is done in many different ways. In the United States and some places the leave gifts under the tree or even put it in stockings or near the fire place. In Europe Christmas presents are left inside a shoe or boots that children put out night before Christmas. In Japan Christmas presents are opened on Christmas day instead of Christmas Eve.

There are several ways to give gifts. You can put them in a box and wrap it with colorful papers with bows; you can put them in the stockings hanging on the fireplace or treat someone you love with a surprise treat. Gifts can be everything; it can be something useful or something to experience. It can be expensive it can be cheap. What really matters most is not the value but the thought you incorporate with it. It is why we give gifts to people that we value most. It feels good to see how happy our love ones are when they open our gifts.

Christmas is not just for children. It is for everybody to celebrate. Gift giving is for everyone. Santa wouldn’t mind if you send him your wish list. All he wanted is for everyone to be nice and all the naughty ones will be taken off his list.

Christmas is the season where we share love and care to everyone. It reminds us how lucky mankind is having Jesus Christ to sacrifice his life to spare us with an everlasting wrath because of our sins. It is the season that everyone shows their love to each other.

Giving gifts this Christmas is sharing a part of your love. Make your love ones smile and you will feel absolutely good whenever you see them happy.

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