Our Top Picks: Cheap Gifts for Mom (Under $10)

Happy Mother

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and sadly of all the days that you would be unlucky, too bad you are broke! You desperately need to give Mom a gift because you love her so much and she’ll be pissed for not gifting her anything on this special day for Moms. Don’t despair! You can still give Mom a special gift even if you have only few dollars to spare. We got your back on this one and if you really want to surprise Mom on Mother’s Day without spending more than ten dollars then you have to stick around and check out the items below.


Sparkling Mom

For the sparkling mom who loves shiny blings, likes to accessorize and takes care of herself well. You can give her items that would suit her personality even if you are on a very tight budget.

Leather Charm Bracelet

If Mother loves the bling and you would want to gift her additional keepsake to her collection then this would be the perfect gift for her. This Leather Charm Bracelet is a modern update to the traditional European Charm bracelet. It is triple wrapped that can be doubled if to be used as a necklace. This can be a wonderful gift for Mom who loves to look marvelous.

Mother & Daughter Necklace

If you want to give Mom a piece of jewelry that you can both have then this Mother and Daughter pendant in the form of a heart in halves would be the perfect gift on Mother’s Day. Mommy can wear this everyday and remind her that your heart belongs to her.

Nebula Nail Wraps

Mommy is always elegant and carries herself well. She is fond of beautifying herself even in small details. If Mom is fond of painting her finger nails then this would be a great gift idea for her. These nail wraps are so easy to use and waiting for nails to dry is already a thing of the past! Always on the go moms would love this. Being fashionable for a fraction of the cost is possible with these nail wraps.

Avid Gardener Mom

If your mom is fond of spending time in the garden and you would love to give her something that she could use in her green sanctuary then it’s better to gift her garden tools or accessories that would benefit her. You can purchase gardening tools and accessories even if you are under a ten dollar budget.

Colorful Flower Watering Cans

Mommy is an avid gardener and you would want to give her something that she can use in her greenhouse. These cute and colorful flower watering cans are fully functional that Mom can use to hydrate her plants with water and love to make them bloom. You can even personalize this with her name or put your statement for up to two lines with as much as 15 characters. There are cheerful colors to choose from so make sure to pick Mom’s favorite. Mom can also use these as vases is she prefers since they are colorful, these would vividly brighten up her beloved garden.

8-Bit Flower Bouquet

You would love to give Mom some flowers on Mother’s Day but you just ran out of cash to buy her. Luckily, the 8 Bit Flower Bouquet comes to the rescue. This bouquet is guaranteed to never wilt and never needs watering. Fresh flowers wither and decay anyway no matter how pretty they are at first. This bouquet looks great on a table or even while hanging on a wall. It is in 3-D with 3 layers of depth. These flowers even have smiling faces on it which is totally not seen in any ordinary bouquet.

The Stay at Home Mom

Mom loves to decorates the home and keep it in spic and span. She loves to make home cooked meals that fills you up and makes your stomach happy. Give Mom gifts that are made especially for her on Mother’s day even if you are on a below $10 budget.

Mother’s Plaque

Mom has a pure soul and a very generous heart. She can almost do anything, from doing the laundry, cooking dishes, taking care of the children and working at the office and so much more. It’s like she is a heroine with invisible multiple hands who can do all these things in great poise. And because of that you have thought of giving her an appreciative gift plaque that summarizes what you would want to say to Mom. She can put this on her desk or at the living room. This would remind her of how thankful you are for being a great Mom to you.

Personalized Pie Dish

If Mother loves to make pies for dessert and snack then the best gift for her on Mother’s Day is a pie dish. This pie dish can be personalized with up to 20 characters. It is made from high quality ceramic with a shiny glaze finish. Mom’s pie would be more popular as her name appears on this pie dish.

Best. Mom. Ever. T-Shirt

You are very grateful for Mom and you want to thank her for everything. For you she is the best mom ever, announce to the world your sentiment and gift mom this Best Mom Ever Shirt. This shirt is super comfortable because it’s made from 100% soft ring spun cotton and is also okay to be washed in the machine so keeping it tidy is not a problem. It is also pre shrunk to minimize shrinkage so that Mom will not think that she has gained weight after each wash.

Mothers are the most versatile creatures in the world. They can clean, cook, tend children and animals or even work and choose any profession that they can. We can call them many names but their most favorite name is Mom. A tight budget of lower than ten dollars is not a hindrance in gifting Mom on Mother’s Day. Let’s show Mom how much we appreciate all her efforts and shower her with our love, tight hugs and tons of kisses on Mother’s Day as we hand her our little token of joy on this special day which is dedicated to her. Happy Mother’s Day Mommies!

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