Six Outstanding Gift Wrapping Ideas that Astound the Recipient

gift wrapping ideas

Gift giving is not only a generous act but can also be a way to showcase your artsy side.  The gift you have presented would be astounding not only because of the person who handed it over or because of the nice gift wrapper and bow.  Your gift wrapping would also convey your message or your personality.

There are ways on how to wow your recipient before even opening their gift.  Just read through the mentioned tips on how to astound the giftee below:

Personalized Wrapping Paper


In this style you could hand write or print the words that you wish to say to your recipient.  If you can’t think of the exact words to say, especially if you are courting someone, you may also write a poem stanza, a song lyric or a verse from the Bible.  You may do as you please, in order to convey your hidden message behind your gift.   The gift, along with the gift wrapping would give your recipient a warm feeling and some butterflies on the stomach because it signifies that you took some time to customize it. You can read more about this in the blog, The Creativity Exchange.

Simple Paper With a Floral Touch

Plain Floral Wrap

Simplicity is beauty.  The simple white gift wrapping paper may be enhanced by using a fresh flower.  You may also add gold ribbons to line the flower and make it look more sophisticated.  Check it out the awesome tutorial in Under a Blue Moon Blog.

Go Green and Thrifty With Some Cloth

cloth gift wrapping

If you are an environmentalist or simply hates to trash paper, you may also use cloth as a gift wrapper.  Colorful prints would definitely be an apple of the eye of the recipient and aside from catches the attention, it would also invite curiosity and anticipation for what’s inside your gift.  You may also use a pony tail to tie the gift for added attraction and your recipient could use also afterwards. Boxwood Clippings has other photos of this gift wrapping idea to inspire you!

Cute Reindeer Gift Box for the Kids (and Kids at Heart)


If you have the talent for arts and crafts, you may want to try this favorite icon during the Christmas season.  The reindeer gift bag needs a small box, some paper, marker and tape.  You just need to put the materials on its proper place to produce a reindeer gift bag. How to make this? Yummy Mummy Club breaks it down step by step for you.

Duck Tape is Beautiful


Duck tape comes in different patterns and colors.  It may also look like a gift wrapper at first sight.  The only difference is that it sticks and may be re applied.  Every duck tape comes in rolls; you may use this to wrap a bigger present.  To accentuate the beauty of the gift, add a plain ribbon to tie it up.  For more ideas on how to use duck tape as a gift wrapper, check Yummy Mummy Club again!

Use the Back Pockets of Old Denims

denim pocket gift wrap

I just adore the idea of reusing  the back pockets of old denims (Which probably died from chub rub, at least for me.) and glue them to the gift wrapping or paper bag. Add small stuff like candies or an engagement ring (whoa!) for added thrills. Older and Wisor has a complete tutorial and more denim gift wrapping ideas.

Beautiful gift wrapping works not only to cover the hidden gift, but it’s also another way to show how much you have prepared for that someone’s gift.   The detailed and more beautifully presented gift signifies how special the recipient is to the sender.  The prettier the representation is, the more the gift would be anticipated and look forwarded to be opened.   An eye candy would serve like the tip of the iceberg.  It gives the viewers and the followers some courage to take a second look and to keep guessing what’s inside.  Once your gift has reached the hands of its giftee, the smile from your recipient’s face and the warm thank you would encompass the tedious work and effort you have exerted for this gift.  Sharing is indeed caring after all.

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