Passive-Agressive Gift Ideas for a Frenemy

Frenemy Gifts

Do you have a friend who makes your life miserable but you can’t seem to live without? Gift giving is quite a difficult task and it may get even more difficult if the recipient of your gift is quite hard to please or is quite hard to deal with. On the contrary, you can actually use any gifting event to get back to your so called frenemy.

Help yourselves up on the list below as it is carefully collaborated and brainstormed to give your frenemy a bit of hinch that they might not be your most favorite person after all.

A Scented Candle. Scented Candles as a gift would signify that you haven’t thought much of what to give them. On the plus side, you can choose the least fragrant scent of the candle and use this to your advantage. You can choose exotic blends of aromas to piss your frenemy the more. For sure, every time this candle would be lit, they will suffer a bit.

A Low Valued Gift Card. Give your frenemy a low valued gift card let’s say a $5- $20 worth to an expensive store. Can you vividly imagine the look on your frenzy’s face when they come to the store to use the gift card you sent them? They’ll soon realize that the gift card is close to being useless and would end up spending a fortune on that store or empty handed if they really can’t afford.

Foot Spray or Hygiene Kit. Let’s admit it, we all have that friend who has hygiene issues and loves to crash in our house and use our slippers, clothes and other things and we hand them because we have no choice but to be hospitable. This holiday season is the time for you to give your frenzy a hint that they badly needed to shower and their hygiene issue is alarming you already.

A Box of Chocolates. Everyone loves chocolates, right? Certainly not especially if your friend is on strict diet and is maintaining a waistline. Chocolates are very tempting to eat and you’ll certainly make your dieting frenzy go gaga in battling their temptation to eat. Who knows if they’ll end up eating the whole box and blame you for the tons of calories consumed? That’s really, really evil.

Thighmaster. This is a good gift for your narcissist friend who is a self proclaimed goddess. You’ll definitely give your friend the Grinch and would ask you a hundred times if you find their thighs humongous.

Wedding Book. This gift idea will work for a frenemy who’s dating forever up to a sore point. And you’ll just pretend that you’re innocently wishing them the best of luck and sincerely hope for the best that their relationship would end up in marriage. It’s never too early to plan, right?

A Self Help Book for the Oldies. You’ll be hated much for this gift especially if your friend is just middle aged. If asked why you gave a self help book for old people to them then just politely answer that you got caught with the title and didn’t realize that it’s for the oldies. Your explanation comes with the giggles of course.

Any Off Brand Item from the Dollar Store. Have you heard of Devil’s food? It only costs a dollar. It’s not only cheap; it also gives your frenzy a hint on how you see them. Talk about hitting two birds at the same time.

Dirty Doilie Cards. This one phrase straight up mean cards would definitely get your frenemy to see your point. It also works for your ex and in laws.

1000 Piece Puzzle. A complicated 1000 piece puzzle is such a time consuming and tedious activity to swallow. It is a brain twisting diversion that your friend would definitely enjoy. To add some fun, why not ask your frenzy to send you a picture of the puzzle once done.

Toilet Mug. Is your friend a coffee junkie? Why not let your buddy start their day with a cup of aromatic goodness straight up from this beautiful toilet mug. Your thoughtfulness and sincerity would be warmly expressed through this holiday gift.

You can easily pick an item to gift to a person you care about but gifting a person that you least like in the world would be more of a challenge since the likeness is not there to begin with. We hope that the list above would passively convey your message to your frenemy. Who knows, you might end up becoming friends after all or maybe not.

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