Personalized Baby Shower Gift Ideas for the Parents and Baby

baby shower gift ideas

Make your gift more special and memorable. Making your gift personalized makes the recipient remembers it more than the generic gift ideas. Personalized gift ideas make the recipient feel special as this gift idea is only made for him. No matter what gift item it is as long as it is personalized gift it becomes special and the recipient value it more.

Giving a personalized baby shower gift is fun and wonderful thing to do because your friend or family member who will soon have a child will feel special to have this gift. It gives them a special item to remind them of how wonderful parenthood is and how great gift their new baby is. I prepared my top 10 choices of personalized baby shower gift idea that will mark this special day.

Thank You God Plaque

There is no gift greater than a prayer. Shield the newest member of your family with a prayer. This baby shower gift is simple but it shows how much you care for the baby. A newborn baby is so fragile. They are open to sickness and harm. They cannot protect themselves but praying for their safety is the best protection you can give this little angel. Your friends or family member will appreciate this gift for their new baby! This plaque has a shiny finish, colorful design and has a classy style. This is absolutely a great baby shower gift idea.

Baby Quilt Collection

Make your baby shower gift exclusive! Make it personalize to make it special. This quilt is so comfortable for the new baby. It is soft, colorful and warm. If you are looking for a baby shower gift that is special, then you are looking at the right gift item! This is a nice quilt, made from heavy fabric, durable and has variety of texture that baby will have. If you already know what the new baby’s name is then it can be added on the quilt, just make sure it is spelled correctly. This makes a lovely baby shower gift for the newest member of the family.

Baby Take Me Home Set

This gift will make the mother-to-be feel happy. She will feel excited to see her new baby. She will feel blissful when she sees this gift idea, it will mean a lot to the recipient. An expectant mother feels anxious when they are about to give birth but this gift idea will make them feel excited and happy as well. It will wash their fears in giving birth and will be replaced with joy.

Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby, Elmo Storage Caddy

For sure this new baby will be receiving a lot of gifts and his parents will sure be having a headache where to place all of them. This gift idea will be a blessing in disguise for the parents! This Sesame Street storage is a nice gift idea where toys can be kept in order keeping the play room safe and neat for the new baby. It will also encourage the baby as he grows up to always keep his toy room neat and in order. It is easy to assemble and has a perfect size to carry around. Place the new baby’s name on it to make it more special.

Cross Nightlight

Have something practical to give on your friend’s pr sister’s baby shower. This cross nightlight will make the new baby feels cozy and comfortable when he sleeps. It creates a cozy ambiance conducive for the new baby to sleep. Too much light will wake up the baby and a room that is too dark will only frighten the baby. This personalized porcelain nightlight gives out enough light in the new baby’s room for him to have a comfortable sleep as well as the parents. With this gift idea baby will surely have a goodnight sleep.

ID Bracelet Frame

This baby shower gift idea is something that will keep a wonderful memory for the mother-to-be and the baby as well. As the baby grows older he can look back at this wonderful memory. It is a keepsake that will remind the mother-to-be of the great gift they received from heaven. This sweet white wood frame is a perfect spot to display baby’s hospital ID with his first photo. What a memorable gift to keep. Baby’s name can be placed on this frame making it super duper special.

Baby’s First Photo Album

This first photo album gift will encourage your mother-to-be friend to keep all her new baby’s cute photos for them to have something to look back when their baby is already a grown up. This will also keep their favorite baby pictures of their new baby. It is a great baby shower gift to give new parents to help them organize baby’s photo. It is common for everyone to have digital copies of their photos but it is best to have a printed copy of their baby’s first photos. This will keep photos of baby’s milestones. What a memorable baby shower gift.

First Tooth & Curl Set

For parents’ their child’s first tooth and curl is such a wonderful treasure to keep. It is a priceless treasure that keeps precious memories of their baby’s early years. This gift idea is an elegant place to keep these priceless memories. The new baby’s name can be engraved on these cute and elegant boxes that will make this gift special. This is a gift that will be remembered and valued by the parent’s. This is a little keepsake that can keep many good memories of baby’s lovely milestones.

Sonogram Frame

This gift idea will give the parents a chance to share their baby’s first photo. This sonogram frame displays a sneak preview of what the baby’s looks may be. His parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles can have a guess who will he be like. This is a heart-warming baby shower gift for the parents; it is where they can keep a wonderful memory of their baby’s first photo. For sure baby’s parents are so excited to see him. This is a lovely keepsake for both parents and the baby.

Soft and Sweet Lamb Blanket

There is something in blankets that babies love. Just like what Baby Bop loves to sing “…She loves her yellow blankey in the day and night.” This gift idea will make sure that baby will be comfortable in her sleeping time and even on playtime. This will be baby’s best buddy. Making it personalized makes it even a great gift idea. This will be baby’s best friend, playmate and comfort buddy. Great baby shower gift!

Personalized gift makes simple gifts really special. Make your gift memorable by making it a personalized gift. Add a little effort to know what the baby’s name is and make sure it is spelled correctly.

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