Great Presents for a Female Boss

Female Boss

Is it your boss’ birthday? Was she just recently been promoted? Well if it is, it needs to be celebrated. Giving a piece of gift is like sharing happiness or celebrating the success she achieved. It is not bad to give a piece of toke to let your boss know that she is also appreciated.

There are several gift ideas that will definitely make her happy. Here is a list of gift suggestions that she will love to have. Take a look!

Turnlock Evening Bag

This gift idea is perfect in formal occasions and business meetings. It has a trendy and edgy design, that anybody who uses it will look so gorgeous and elegant. It is made of 60% Cotton and 40% silk. It doesn’t only look good but this gift idea is very functional and secure. It has interior and back wall zipper pocket for additional security; to make sure small things won’t fall off the bag. This is a great gift for female boss because this is really useful in some formal events and business meetings. She will love this for sure.

San Diego Wide Brim Sun Visor

It is made of polyester and designed by San Diego Hat. This sun visor is so trendy and fashionable. Its adjustable Velcro is very comfortable for traveling. This visor really is a darling. It shades up your face and neck away from the sun. Since it is made of Velcro it is so easy to keep it clean. It fits really great and it can be worn even your hair is tied up! Your boss will love this because of its stylish design and portability! This visor is perfect for gardening, outdoor activities and even a holiday at the beach!

Ray-Ban Women’s Sunglasses

Ray-Ban is really a good choice of brand. This gift idea from Ray-Ban has a sexy and curvy frame that adds drama on your face. It also has a gorgeous gradient ultra-violet lenses that protects your eyes from harmful radiation from the sun. An integrated nose pads specifically made to give a comfortable use. This gift item is very well made and sure is sturdy. This looks great on small faces. Your boss will really fall in love with this gift idea. Try one for yourself too!

LibbySue Cascade of Flowers Crinkle Scarf

This is really a lovely scarf. It looks so nice and its length is just right. It has many colors on it allowing you to wear it with any color of tops you have. It looks good on jeans or dress. It is made of 100% viscose with flower prints. It has soft crinkle texture that looks great with jeans. It is 70 inches long and 24 inches wide. Scarf never goes out of style, which makes this gift really practical and useable.

Kate Spade “Coated Confetti” Bracelet

This piece of jewelry has playful color and design. It is made of brass and colorful gemstones. It looks so bright and lively. It is colorful that looks like a confetti of beautiful gems. It has no chain and clasp. This beautifully made bracelet is 2.25 inches in diameter and 0.13 inches in width. It is sturdy and looks so stylish. Anyone will love to have this gift.

Silver Hoop Earrings

Add this beauty to your boss’ collection of jewelries. Elle creates jewelries using their unique and contemporary styles. This pair of sterling silver hoops has a fresh elongated oval shape and unique hammered texture for a stylish finish. It also has ELLE’s signature red ruby that is embedded in the back of each hoop symbolizing a woman’s inner beauty and strength. This can be worn almost every day, on casual or formal events. It is perfect to wear with jeans or dress. It has an elegant touch which makes this a wonderful gift to give.

Mini Briefcase Business Card Case

As a professional you always have to have a business card with you all the time. Your boss surely has a lot in her bag. This gift idea is so useful keeping her business cards organized and kept in one place. This cute brief case stores your business cards safely in place. It looks like a tiny version of cash briefcase. She will love to have this unique business card case. It is made of aluminum construction metal and can hold up to 20-25 business cards; just enough to bring in a convention, business trip or meetings. Give your boss something she wouldn’t expect. This is really going to be a great gift!

Justick Electro Adhesive Desktop Noteboard

This gift idea holds notes and reminders in one place. It uses electrostatic force just enough to keep these little notes in place. Your boss’ desk will surely be sticky-notes-free. The electric energy that flows though the surface of it attracts the paper, which is why it looks like they really sticks on the surface just like sticky notes. It works as a cork board without pins. It can be powered by and AC adapter or four AA batteries. It consumes little power that is why four batteries will last for about a year with continues use. Isn’t this a nice gadget to give as a gift? Your boss will thank your from freeing her from tons of sticky notes on her monitor.

Boogie Board LCD Tablet

Let’s go paperless! This paperless LCD writing tablet makes you write or doodle even without paper. You can use any non-scratch tool to write on it like your finger, plastic compass, pen cap stiff brush etc. It also has a pressure-sensitive surface; this feature allows you to vary the thickness of the lines as you write or draw. This is so durable that it can withstand years of use. This is really useful and portable. Use it for your grocery list, to-do list, score board, taking notes at meetings or convention. This gift is really useful to your boss. She can use this to list down all the things she needs to accomplish with in the day or just simply doodle when she is stressed or bored.

Kate Spade Turquoise Watch

Your boss needs to look presentable at all times. She needs to look nice and beautiful on her business meetings or convention. This gift idea has a fashionable design that makes anyone looks neat, smart and sensible. This beautifully crafted wrist watch has a very sophisticated design. It is lightweight and looks good as a bangle too. It uses a Quartz movement that assures you that the time is always right. Besides from looking good this gift item is also water resistant. Your boss will love this gift for sure.

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